The Inner Gardener


I have often been told and even just recently, that I am a really good gardener of the mind and psyche. Personally, I am grateful that others see and acknowledge that trait in me because I have worked hard to get here and yet I know there is so much more to do and grow.

 However, I have yet to evolve as a good gardener of a 3D earth garden. Maybe in my next chapter I when I resettle again I will take that challenge on as well as my procrastination for playing the guitar.

For now, let’s just stick to the inner gardener analogy

If we view the mind and psyche as a garden from a deeper soul perspective we then can view our wise self, our soul self as the inner gardener/caretaker. Let’s use the inner sanctuary as an example of one’s state of mind or psyche and a reflection of where one is at on a deeper level.

Initially, when people first encounter their sanctuary it is an image connected with what they see as a place of peace and safety. So the first vision is usually quite beautiful. After a while, though things change. They arrive expecting it to be exactly the same but they find the forest is no longer a forest but now a desert, a clear day has become dark, a lush landscape is now dry and brittle, something is there that doesn’t feel right, what once felt abundant is now barren….and on it goes. The first thought is usually quite negative often a sense of self-blame, but with a little encouragement, things can and do transform especially when they realise that they are the primary landscaper and gardener of their inner space.David Brusa

Here is a bit of Inner Landscaping Guidance.

You may be disappointed or uncomfortable with the way it appears or feels but just for a few breaths sit with how it is and accept it, be receptive to the state that it’s in. Look around, feel out your instincts. You may want to call on a guide or animal kin to ask what’s happening if you need clarity. If they don’t turn up, don’t panic. They may be just stepping back so you can learn on your own. Fear may be in your way, so put one hand over your heart and the other over your belly and say hello to the fear, take a deep breath in and a long breath out literally smiling into the fear as a loving parent would do with a scared child. This opens up the trust receptors so you can receive the support of your inner kin and helps you connect beyond the thinking mind.

If you are naturally intuitive, you might pick up that this reflects a part of where you are at in life right now…. How you feel and think via your thoughts and or feelings.

After sitting in acceptance (you don’t have to like it, just acknowledge it )
You can move into being the cosmic gardener/landscaper/caretaker of your inner sanctuary.

  • If it’s dark, would you like to bring out the sun?
  • If it’s dry, would you like it to rain?
  • If it’s barren would you like to plant some seeds or seedlings and grow flowers, plants, trees?
  • Is there something in there that you would like to be removed (remember to acknowledge it, say thank you for coming and if need be get assistance to get it to leave. (If you have great challenges with this make an appointment to see me. )
  • If its a desert would you like to explore the new terrain? Or create an Oasis?
    If everything is overgrown, would you like to make a clearing?

Think of yourself as a spiritual landscape artist in how you want to transform the spacemind-garden-Igor-Morski. Get creative! There is no limit to your imagination other than you thinking small.

Some people who have a lot of fear find that their sanctuaries are initially more like rooms or pods underneath the Shamans Tree, this is not uncommon. They think they need an enclosed place to feel safe and protected. So I often gently suggest they create a window, hole or door to that connects to the outside sanctuary. Once they are out of the room or pod, their vibration shifts quite a lot and their ability to receive kicks in so much more. If they still need the room or pod that’s fine, but almost all of those I have journeyed don’t seem to need it anymore. The inner sanctuary via the Shamans Tree has its own natural energetic boundaries and as a landscaper, you might want to grow more sturdy trees, or bring mountains closer, or surround your sanctuary with sacred stones….Be naturally creative as you like.

What about weeds you ask?

Well, if you are surrounded by gnarly weeds, would you like to pull them out? Maybe make it rain first so all the soil is soft, or get out your cosmic singing whipper snipper, and then if you feel called,  put them into a pot and drink the juice. Weeds have great medicinal properties and they are appearing for a reason so you might research the weed perhaps for its properties.

Your mind without a purpose can be a negative slave master or with a purpose a creative cosmic landscaper. The mind loves a job, give it a creative one and get gardening.

Me in the woodsBlessings


(c)Odette Nightsky 2020)

5 thoughts on “The Inner Gardener

  1. Thank you Odette, I really enjoyed reading this. I do a guided meditation with students whereby we visit our inner temple which works in a similar way but the idea of a garden that you can tend and change gives me another alternative.

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