The Journey

JourneyMore times than I can count I see people wanting to be ‘fixed’. They want what ever is their life challenge to be healed. I remember when I was younger wanting the same. I remember wishing that I wasn’t that sensitive and wanting to be ‘normal’ like everyone else. Like that was ever going to happen! Ha!

What people seem to miss when doing any kind of inner deep work is that its a journey. The inner work is not the western model of ‘fixing’ something.

As a soul you came here and agreed to certain challenging lessons. It didn’t say ‘hey! give me a dysfunctional family to be born into.’ But your soul knew that coming into this life you would be learning and discovering and it would be a life journey (however long that may be).

Every inner discovery is a deeper step on the journey. Every opening will lead you deeper and to see more than you did previously.

I know that my soul came purposely to be challenged but I also see the beauty in my journey. The depth of experience has increased ten fold, not because I have succeeded in anything…more that I have not given up, ever. I am tenacious and if I am still here I still have more to learn.

Feeling uncomfortable on the journey is an opportunity to be stretched from within. This is the time to meditate (however that feels right for you to do) clear the mind debri’s by writing what is churning within and then practice your tools. Nothing will be gained if you don’t take action.

bilbo-bagginsLike in the Hobbit movie. It begins as an adventure and then challenges have to be overcome and fears confronted. You like the Hobbit have spirit kin (friends) within that can assist you, just like Frodo does, but ultimately its up to you to find the inner soul strength. Bilbo and Frodo were not big on confidence, yet they had good hearts, courage a sense of humour and great persistence when things were at their darkest.

If you want something to change you will need to take daily action. You will need to tether your camel. (In brief is from an old parable about a camel herder who was too tired to tether his camel and told Allah to take care of it for him. He awoke to it gone. The learning then was ‘ Tether your camel because your hands are the hands of Allah)

When you fully take responsibility for your own journey without blaming another then you will grow and gain insight, if however your don’t put the time into it, then you may be constantly spinning in confusion.

Will there be resistance to doing these practices, journeying within and taking responsibility for your souls journey in this life? Of course! Resistance is part of the journey of learning to trust in yourself and your choices. Thank the resistance (the protector from within and step forward)

Time: When you look at a season like Autumn, the leaves don’t let go all in one go, it 58690ed0fda9fce2dfb2cb3eab0417f2happens gradually and in natures time. Letting go is a process and honestly if you let go all at once there is a chance that you could not cope with the shift and end up in massive out of body crisis….so please don’t be in such a hurry. Allow yourself to grow and learn by experience. Each step is hugely valuable along the journey of the soul.

Stay in the journey of the moment that you are in. Sit in it. Write down the things that feel out of balance in your life right now. There may be situations where you cannot change the outer circumstances, but you can change the inner responses. You can change how you respond or react to what is out of balance. That is in your control.

Clear any debri’s by using tools like recapitulation, cording, clearing projections and clearing your aura, Meditation for sensitives, inner house cleaning etc. Journey to your inner child , hang out, listen to him/her love them up for a time….

You are exactly where you are meant to be. You have not done anything wrong. This is your journey and you are where you need to be in your life to stretch and learn and find insight.

a607fc095ff1c2532045f65b61dd6bd7Wherever you go, your journey will go with you. If you don’t like where you are at and have the ability to change the outer circumstances, do that. If not, adapt and find ways to self nourish, debrief with someone you trust (not your partner or parent) and take each day as an opportunity to grow and be stretched.

When I was young, I thought it was all about the destination. Time and experience has shown me that the destination will take care of itself, the journey is right here and right now and its up to me how I engage with it.

Gratitude is something that enhances the journey, no matter how challenging. If you find it difficult to pick 5 things a day you are grateful for, its telling you that you need to journey within more and nourish.

We are all on a journey

You can see it as an arduous sentence or a challenging adventure.
Attitude is everything.


703b05d31620bd157ff60d5907a29ae4.jpgAs Helen Keller said: Life is either a great adventure…or nothing.

When you see the inner life as an adventure and wounds as souls challenges to be balanced you are well on your way.

Life as a soul in an earthsuit is a journey that can make your life much richer, deeper and multidimensional.


Blessings Odette

(C) Odette Nightsky 2018



The Art of Earthing The Spirit In Trying Times

1140-mother-earth-nick-wongThere are occasions when you are not able to escape into nature perhaps because you live in a dense city or a cookie cutter wide spread suburb, or maybe all the nature that you do have around you is a tree in a concrete made pothole or a kid’s playground where there is a lot of traffic surrounding it.

Maybe you are driving or a passenger in some vehicle with others that trigger you and it feels like there is no escape and the only place you stop at is a petrol station or some takeaway roadside drive in.

Maybe you have to stay at some relative’s house and sleep in the spare room, which you feel alien to and there is a blizzard outside or it’s just somewhere that seems to have no life.

Maybe you are near a forest but it has been burnt or cut down due to corporate greed and there isn’t an animal to be seen.

Maybe you live in the middle of a city and even taking off your shoes to walk on the grass in a park looms the risk of stepping on a syringe.

Many people refer to ‘Earthing’ as taking off your shoes and connecting your feet with the earth in someway. Sometimes that doesn’t feel possible. Like the person who lives in a high-rise apartment and the only Earthing thing they have is a pot plant on the windowsill. I guess you could fill a kitty litter tray with dirt and stand in it, but hey its not really the same.

So let’s look at another way you can earth yourself no matter where you are or what environment you are in.

Your body (what I refer to as your ‘Earth suit’) is made uvastu-shastra-5-elementsp of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and Space.


Bones, nails, teeth, muscles, cartilage, tendons, skin, and hair.


Plasma, blood, saliva, nasal secretion, digestive juice, eye secretion, mucus, cytoplasm, cerebrospinal fluid and liquid inside the cell.


Body temperature and responsible for digestion, absorption, assimilation and regulate metabolism.


Movement include muscular movement, lungs contraction, intestines movement and movement in every cell.


Mouth, nostrils, thorax, abdomen, respiratory tract, and cells.

MotherEarth2The mother earth which we reside on has all these elements just as we do. So we are indeed connected to the earth vibrationaly and physically…. one with the earth. The thing that keeps us separate is our monkey mind, full of worries, judgments, opinions, resistances etc.

So just for a moment, I want to imagine that you in your sensory being-ness, the being residing in the EARTH suit body you chose for this life, has the same core elements of the earth.

You can be volcanic and passionate (fire), you can deeply emotional and adaptable (water), you can be present and grounded (earth), you can communicate through a number of ways (air) and within all of these elements that you are….. there is SPACE to BE.

Now take that being-ness and breathe it in all the way down to your belly (the core of the earth that you are) Feel your fire that can transform and bring action, feel your water, strong yet gentle and mutable when need be. Feel your air and listen to what your spirit and your inner child is trying to communicate to you. Feel your spirit coming into your EARTH suit and filling up the space.

Mother-EarthGround and earth yourself within your own being. Hold space for yourself.

This is another way of Earthing that is beyond this ordinary reality.

Take a little time out, wherever you are and consciously breath your spirit into your earth suit which is in resonant alignment with the cosmic Mother Earth that if free of any suffering and just BE for a little while regardless of the environment that you find yourself in.

If you are able to be in the woods or on a beach or somewhere in nature… Go ahead, take your shoes off. But if you can’t you can still be earthed.

Blessings to all


PS: This is a video that can wrap you up in the space of connection and earth you at the same time. The area that it is filmed is where I did my training. It is to me, a sacred space and Satish offers a sacred way of viewing things. One of my favorite Videos! Enjoy













Protection And Foil Hats In A World Gone Mad

671b1851e295afb1861b83590cdfed30--paper-hats-foil-artHave you ever felt bombarded by so much discordant collective noise within and without that you had a thought that maybe if you were to wear a foil hat you may be able to reflect all that discord and it will bounce right off you? No? Well there are people who do. This foil hat tends to show up most commonly in some that have become homeless and who are overwhelmed by the collective invasive white noise. They are attempting to feel a little safer in a world that feels riddled with danger and intrusion.

Odd you say? Cray Cray you say? Well maybe not socially acceptable but personally I don’t find it that odd at all. Have I donned the aluminium paper hat myself? Well no I haven’t (and in saying that I may well experiment one day) but weirdly I can see that in some way it has a kind of logic to it. It’s a need to go under the radar so to speak, to avoid the collision with the collective barrage that seems to seep into acutely sensitive folk. The belief is that the reflection of the foil may help to bounce and reflect what’s invasive. This has been studied and it does help with radio waves but apparently not a lot else, however it seems it’s a symbolic act of trying to protect oneself from feeling invaded. And that is indeed very common with acutely sensitive people.

You see many, acutely sensitive people experience trouble finding themselves in the midst of all the noise. Whether that be auditory or energetically. There are people who have felt a desperate need to protect themselves to the point that they ‘believe’ and feel safer with the concept of a protective, reflective foil hat.

A Jew wears a Kippah, a Muslim wears a Hijab, a nun may wear a habit, the Pope wears a hat called a ‘Papal tiara’ (ok that made me chuckle when I looked that up!) and the list of hats go on. Some say the wearing of a symbolic spiritual hat is about keeping the crown chakra covered (not that the may use that terminology) so there is a clear connection to their god/ the presence above.

So maybe the unwell homeless person wants to protect their crown chakra too and tin foil seems a better protection than a used plastic bag. Fair enough I say! Whatever works. I mean there is a group of seemingly san people who have legalized wearing spaghetti strainers! (Pastafarians/ Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). They are legal to the point of being able to wear their strainers in a driver’s license photo. Fortunately they have a sense of humour about it. Maybe they evolved from the foil gang! Who knows!homeless-tin-foil-man

I remember wearing a pair of sunglasses once and thinking how protective they felt. Like I was out in the world but no-one could see my eyes. I have talked to people with sunglasses on and found it irritating that I couldn’t get a deeper sense of them because their eyes were protected. The eyes show so much. I think sunglasses have become modern day protector wear. I don’t wear them myself as I feel disconnected with them on. Like the block my full seeing and sensing range.

The acutely sensitive person feels invaded through all of the energy bodies that surround the human/earthsuit form.


The Physical Body: How it effects their body memory

The Etheric Body: The spiritual skin of the body

The Mental Body: The mind feeling invaded with collective unwelcome invasive negative thoughts

The Spiritual Body: Psychically feeling beset by invasive entities and drained of life force

The Emotional Body: How you respond or react to the invasion and how it makes you feel about yourself and your place in the world.

The sensitive person is like an open portal that has difficulty in closing themselves down to the collective overwhelm. If they don’t find a way to close off then they tend to lose their sense of self. And in that they lose insight.

One of the most common ways of self protection in todays time is ‘Anger’. We are in the rawness of the fight or flight battle. It seems as if anger has taken a major seat in how things are dealt with in the word today and it often comes out of feeling completely helpless.

There can be a great sense of power in being and acting angry and many people are feeling powerless in todays times that they are feeling that anger is a better protector. Its not really, its just more armour that gets heavier and heavier to carry.

It all comes down to not feeling safe within the self.

The person wearing the foil hat is hoping all that shit is going to bounce off their hat and leave them be. Who’s to say a foil hat is any worse than a pair of sunglasses where no-one can see your eyes. Sure you may be more acceptable in the latter, but maybe it’s the top of your head where you can feel it all coming through. You know that soft part at the top of your head that was open when you were born?

In my experience safety is built from within. As you can be in a safe environment but if you have a great deal of fear inside, it will keep you awake, keep your worrying, fearing and no matter what the outside seems like, there is a threat from within.

crown-chakraThat soft part of the top of the head is still energetically open, much like a lotus flower and if its open 24/7 and you are a sensitive being you are going to feel drained.

Medicine Tool Tip.

When in sacred space.

Close your eyes and call in your kin and see a lotus blossom at the top of your head. See it opening wide and flat. See the yellow stamens at the centre, like natural antenna. Rest and connect in this OPEN space and do any medicine work eg: Auric clearing of debri’s. Gently close the lotus when you are done. Not too tight or you will get a headache.

Before going out.

Practice closing your eyes and mindfully visualizing the lotus in gentle closed position. img_7708

In doing this practice mindfully, you will become more alert to when you are being open and being at safe rest energetically.

The intention of this tool is not to close yourself off from feeling connected. In an ideal inner health state we want to always be connected. The intention is to have insight into when you are too open to the point of feeling like you are being overwhelmed with too much energy that is not in harmony with where you are at.

See the lotus at your crown open and close and open and close and open and close….


Practice with intention.



Artwork: Universal Energy Painting

Artwork: Universal Energy Painting. I am the artist.






Exorcism and Mental illness

1b90d0dc75515d9a4b1080eab11baffcExorcism (from Late Latin exorcism, from Greek exorkizein – to abjure) is the practice of evicting demons or other evil spiritual entities from a person or place, which they are believed to have possessed.

All those who were said to be the messengers or mediators of the gods practiced exorcism in many cultures throughout history.  The majority of religious pathways have exorcism practices and those who perform the exorcism are known as Priests, Rabbis, Shamans, Medicine men and Brahmans etc.

They would exorcise the demon or entity from the person who was thought to be possessed.  It was only practiced by those who were seen as having knowledge in this field. They needed a strong constitution and faith in order to rid the person of a powerful dark demonic force. (The origins of the word Demon originated from the Greek word ‘Daemon’ which is a word for spirit, which did not have any malevolent indications)

That mantle usually went to the one in the village that was blessed with, took the orders of a holy man or inherited this ability to understand the workings of the spirit world. Others however tended to use this ritual as a means to gain power and instill fear in the community.

Shamans particularly experience this rite of passage themselves in contrast to Priests or Rabbis. They encounter their own entity invasion, which frequently lead to periods of madness, physical illness, depression and great suffering. Often taking on the pain and imbalances of the village and the land around them.

Recovering from this rite of passage the Shaman would be held in high esteem for their survival with the ability to re-emerge stronger from such an ordeal.  They would then be of service to the community members that asked and needed spiritual guidance and healing. The shaman understood the state of possession, madness and all the elements that attributed to the persons state of torment.  Without walking the path oneself, one is unable understand and navigate the worlds both in reality and non- ordinary reality.

It has been well researched that those who have been possessed by unwelcome energies1ea8461928404a7c78689e23068c7ced have a belief in the possibility of being possessed. So if someone were an atheist, he or she would not be seeking this kind of help.

Parapsychologist and Author Jeffrey Mishlove PHD points out that beneath the attack of entity attachment will be found something within the person which has allowed for the possession to occur [Auerbach, 1993].

In my experience there is always an open vulnerability in the person who feels beset by entities. There is a sensitive predisposition that makes that person susceptible to feeling hosted or equally it could be an awakening or trauma that leaves one open to this kind of experience.

Exorcism was commonplace before the advent of psychiatry took the reigns and with that the belief in spirit possession was shunned and kept to a minimum through the church or temple. Those that practiced the exorcism would not go ahead with the practice until a psychiatrist had seen the person first.

Possession was replaced by the logic of  ‘mental illness’ a disease of the brain. ‘No you are not possessed, you have a mental illness and what you experiencing and seeing are called delusions and hallucinations’.

Throughout history both the church and the psychiatric body have gone to extremes to justify their beliefs. Far too many people were burnt, hung, and tortured and in the not so recent times, murdered in the name of cleansing the devil from someone’s soul. And even today there are reports in Africa that children are being exorcised in a harmful and hurtful way to cleanse them of evil.

Interesting to note that the Catholic Church did revise the rite of exorcism in 1999

In January 1999, the Vatican issued a revised Catholic rite of exorcism for the first time since 1614, reaffirming the existence of Satan and revamping his image for the millennium. Officials stressed that the church was not revising scriptural references to the Devil or suggesting that people should cease believing in the Evil One. But priests who conduct exorcism’s should now deal with evil as a force lurking within all individuals, rather than one that threatens people from without

10174787_720356041343592_5565996922117565176_nHowever, flipping to the other side which is chock full of medication. People are afraid to talk about spiritual encounters of any kind, as it constitutes various conditions related to mental illness. The Hearing Voices Network is doing much to debunk this theory. As you can have experiences of hearing voices and altered states of non -ordinary reality and still find your way to a state of balance without a label to go with it.

The mental health world is bent on telling people that this experience is a disease of the brain. If it is a disease, why then do people recover?

Look at John Nash (The film ‘A Beautiful Mind ‘was based on his story) he went through great suffering and was medicated for a long time and then withdrew slowly and learnt to deal with his own otherworldly experiences in his own way. Or take a look at the website of there is a great resource of success stories that the mental health industry does not want to be to widely known.

A statement that many hear:

‘You will have this disease for the rest of your life and you will NOT be able to manage without being medicated for the rest of your life regardless of the side (direct) effects of the medication.’

This statement is a death sentence for many and I see it in the eyes of those who contemplate suicide after being caught in the mental health system and being unable to find a way out of what they see as a life long prison sentence with no reprieve. In the last two years I have been to the memorials of two beautiful brothers who took their own lives a year apart for this very reason.

The mental health world condones giving any attention to what is happening on a spirit level as they say it just exacerbates the imbalance. But ignoring, suppressing and referring to anything that sniffs of that world as a delusion or hallucination is clearly not helping, and to now drug children as young as two years old for their behavior being inappropriate is just way to extreme!

I understand for those of you who perceive from the left side of the brain how possession seems ridiculous. But this does not mean we should negate the broader subject of spirit attachment or imbalance and throw the baby out with the bath water.

Demonic possession is not a valid diagnosis and is not present in the DSM-IV manual. It is now identified as: hysteria, mania, psychosis, epilepsy and schizophrenia.  Those that say they are possessed are viewed by many psychiatrists, psyche nurses and mental health workers as someone’s way of getting attention who suffers from low self esteem or who are narcissists.

Here are a few interesting points from a paper written by Marc Bancroft MA which shows you that this concept of spirit attachment is not uncommon even in the halls of psychiatric and psychological understanding.


  • British psychiatrist novelist and author, Arthur Guirdham M.D., who wrote on ESP and reincarnation has concluded after 40 years of practice that every severe mental illness can be caused by spirit interference [Fiore, 1987].


  • In Thirty Years Among the Dead Dr Carl Wickland writes, ‘Humanity is surrounded by the thought influence of millions of discarnate beings. A recognition of this fact accounts for a great portion of unbidden thoughts, emotions, strange forebodings, gloomy moods, irritabilities, unreasonable impulses, irrational outbursts of temper, uncontrollable infatuations and countless other mental vagaries’. [p.17, 1974].”


  • Dr. Edith Fiore published a book on spirit attachment and its effects on mental and physical health.  Her book, The Unquiet Dead, generated new interest in the possibility of spirit attachment from therapists and the public alike.  Spirit attachment is the term used to describe the presence of entities “attached” to a living person who affect the person’s thoughts, actions, emotions or behaviors to some degree. Fiore’s work on spirit attachment came as a result from her work in past-life regression therapy.  Discrepancies in past life repressions revealed that many of her client’s past lives were really the past lives of discarnate entities attached to the client.  Out of 30,000 cases Fiore estimates that 70% of all clients have at least one spirit attached to them [Guiley, 1991].


  • Some investigators in the field claim that between 70-100% of the population are affected by entities at some time in their lives.


  • An exorcist seeking to dialogue with possessing spirits is far less likely to encounter the traditional demonic behaviors of hissing, convulsions, foaming at the mouth, and the screaming of obscenities, as is the exorcist who believes he is “doing battle with the forces of hell”.


  •  William James, a psychologist and philosopher who was found to be the 14th most eminent psychologist of the 20th Century, also believed that if there were entities they would have to enter through a cracked or fragmented self. He was one of the strongest proponents of the school of functionalism in psychology and of pragmatism in philosophy. He was a founder of the American Society for Psychical Research, as well as a champion of alternative approaches to healing. He challenged his professional colleagues not to let a narrow mindset prevent an honest appraisal of those phenomena. In an empirical study by Haggbloom using six criteria such as citations and recognition, psychological factors are discussed which inadvertently bring the notions of spirit possession and psychological explanations much closer together.  Baldwin’s observation that “most attached spirits do not make their presence known to the host [Baldwin, 1991]” is indicative of how the subconscious mind typically operates.  The author goes on to elaborate that entities “seem to function at the level of the subconscious [Baldwin, 1991].


  • Carl Jung said: The chief danger is that of succumbing to the fascinating influence of the archetypes, and this is most likely to happen when the archetypal images are not made conscious. It may even happen that the archetypal figures, which are endowed with a certain autonomy anyway on account of their numinosity, will escape from conscious control altogether and become completely independent, thus producing the phenomenon of possession


Carl Jung was a man who moved through his own states of madness. Seen as a Shaman of his time, he found his own truth in working with archetypes.  He said  ‘these images need to be made conscious’. I heartily agree with that. Whether on not the client feels that it is a spirit possession, archetype, disowned self, thought form or even the psychiatric term dissociation. The purpose is to bring the truth of the story and the players to the surface, to expose the wound in safety as something that may seem separate from you but as you work with the lesson it brings you to a deeper understanding, including your part in it as well as working on clearing the entity and embracing that aspect of the disowned self.


Professor Jeffrey Remain who served as devil’s advocate for the 1991 televised exorcism seen on 20/20 proclaimed, ‘It (exorcism) means that we don’t have to take responsibility for the conditions in our society that breeds crime and violence and other forms of evil. We can blame that on the devil as well. So I think it’s a counsel for irresponsibility’. [Exorcism, ABC Nightline, 1991]. ‘ Exorcism can easily be perceived as a quick fix for genuine physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

In today’s society it’s imperative that we do all we can to take our own power back. We tumblr_n0yilb0ZLZ1r9agqbo1_1280have moved into a ‘fix it’ society where if there is not a tablet for everything one will be found.

The quick fix isn’t the answer to taking self responsibility, nor is it leaving it up to a psychic healer, Iman, Rabbi, Priest or Shaman that you found in the yellow pages to exorcise your attachments so you don’t have to face you own unconscious prodding’s.

‘It is not for us to judge who is and who is not really ‘possessed’. If someone is in his own cultural milieu, generally considered to be in a state of spirit possession, then he (or she) is possessed’. [Lewis, I., p.46, 1971].    

The work of the Contemporary Shaman is the path of learning how to clear the emotional body of its debris and working within the astral plane, as that’s where these unbalanced energies take form.  Taking responsibility for all that you have attracted (that doesn’t mean becoming a victim) is vital along this learning path.

That’s not to say that you can’t be supported on your journey, held, guided and given a good clearing of the energies surrounding you initially. In the long term however you can’t just expect someone to regularly give you an exorcism when you are playing the victim to what ever attaches itself to you. When you can empower yourself to challenge any visiting energies and learn tools of how to master and communicate with these vibrations of imbalance, you will be able to empower yourself in spirit, mind and body.

The energies/entities are coming to you or through you for a reason; there is availability within your emotional/astral body that they are attracted to. You are the most significant person in moving these energies into the light, as their relationship is with YOU.

Still, like most things being educated in how to stay safe and how to develop insight and skills can take time to learn.  I am not talking so much about intellectual based education, it is more developing emotional and spiritual intelligence. The key is to realize that in giving your fear and your power over to these energies of possession or harassment, you continue to stay the victim of their games.

The Contemporary Shaman after teaching you ways to use healthy grounding tools can guide you in how to embrace and remove these energies. They can guide you in how to work with the spirit world and empower yourself, but the true responsibility lies within you and you are the one that needs to learn how to be the master of your own spirit body rather than the entities, thought forms, archetypes or daemons that appear to possess you.

People are at their wit’s end in regard to getting help from the various mental health systems around the world and know that medication is not enough. So those with a strong conviction in the laws of good verse evil or those that have lapsed in their beliefs are heading back to the traditional Saturn based pathways of monotheist religions and the like.

Religion is coming back big time, as the world gets more chaotic. In some ways people are going back to traditional beliefs for a sense of familiarity and belonging. There are also New Age groups that are incorporating similar laws familiar to more traditional religious groups.

I find it interesting that there is little found documentation on priests themselves getting exorcised, but I had to laugh to discover that Mother Teresa was exorcised in her latter years, because she had trouble sleeping and was somewhat grumpy. Obviously it had nothing to do with old age and serving people all her life!

I am curious to know if the priests who have been charged with child abuse said it was the devil that made them do it?

Again, this belief that something or someone has more power over you is giving yourself over to something outside yourself. Rather than looking within to connect to your own divinity which is part of the greater whole.

I am not saying religion is to be shunned for those that have a deep connection, but it has brought so much shame, guilt, and judgment with it and lets face it behind every war there is a strong religious backbone.

I honor those that walk the path of compassion whatever path they belong to and do not argue your right to believe in a God, Goddess, Jesus, Allah, etc. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want. But why do we have to be so black and white about everything?  E.g.: this is the only way and those that do not join us will go to hell, stay sinners, be forever lost on the path, not ascend, be left behind, be given no mercy etc.

Today we have a healthy model called Spirit Releasment Therapy, which is akin to the Contemporary Shamanic work that I mentioned before. It assists in making contact with the interfering energy, identifying its attraction to being attached and to assist it to move on and for the client to integrate the learning experience so as to feel more whole.

This fast paced world that we are adjusting to throws us back upon ourselves to be our own healers. It is one of self-responsibility, self-empowerment and that is the path we need to take in dealing with this type of experience.

I can understand the need to clear the person of the surrounding entities as an initial starting point, but there is a relationship of sorts happening and just getting them moved off for a moment will not solve the issue.

Known actor Stephen Fry did a documentary and interviewed people who suffered from what is termed Bi polar (who experience many similar otherworldly experiences when in the elevated stage as those suffering from those labeled with schizophrenia) found that when pushed to answer the question: ‘If you had a choice to press a button and eliminate all the otherworldly experiences and encounters, would you?’ Majority answered that they definitely wouldn’t want to press the button, as it was a gift as well as a curse for them and they enjoyed much of their otherworldly experiences.

07b4ca52b27c2b9ac1dc2329b51dc18dYears back I had attended an exorcism as a witness for a man who was deeply religious and believed in the devil.  The born again Christians asked him to ask Christ forgiveness for him being molested as a child (I nearly lost it with anger at that point, but promised I would just be a witness) The voices returned to him within 24 hours because his mind was still fearful and he still felt shame and guilt from the wounds that pervaded his life, which of course were never addressed. I was doing journeywork with a woman in my training days who felt she was possessed by another being and when all was released she felt better but said ‘ what will I be without him?’ Within a short time of her going back to her old ways and NOT practicing what she had be guided to practice the entity was back. There is always some kind of unconscious relationship underlying the continual harassment that the energies bring.

I also went to a workshop that a friend insisted on. At this workshop much was referred to regarding   the subject of Ascension. A woman did what was perceived as a healing on me (I had a little alert button go off but did nothing) and I was getting a cold that day and felt a little weak. I did not relate to many things said and many people in the room were totally enamored of the teacher.

That night and for the next night I felt well, possessed by an energy that was not my own. It was heavy, depressing dark and malevolent. I struggled for a day or two thinking it was just my stuff, as I just didn’t pick up on what was occurring. On the third night I felt like I was spiraling into a chronic state of melancholy and feeling rather spooked and high strung at the same time. A huge storm was blowing, blasting lightening and thunder. Something inside prompted me to get up put my raincoat on and go up onto the hill close to my home.

As I stood on the hillock with all the skies raging around me, I felt to purge whatever this was and the only way that I could do it was scream all the feeling of ‘bile’ out of me. So I went with whatever my intuition motioned me to do. I spat, screamed, screeched, flailed my arms about, moved my body in strange positions and completely let it out.   I did not resist the feelings that I felt and expressed them fully without judgment…I just wanted it out!

To any one watching (fortunately not) I looked like a mad woman possessed doing some evil spell and ready to be locked up. I thought it better to dive right into it and out the otherside of whatever was taking hold.

After it finished (of its own accord) I felt spent and somewhat limp. Walking back to the house another message came though my intuitive self. ‘The stones you took with you to the workshop, bury them in your garden for three days and nights’. I did this as soon as I came in the door, burnt sage in my room with strong intent of sending anything off that did not belong and sat down to meditate. The channel was clear. I felt back in my body and connected. I receive that this ‘Ascension New Age model’ is definitely not my path and that for me it has a great deal of unbalanced energy mixed with it. I am not criticizing the concept of ascension re moving to a higher vibration of consciousness, I am talking about the ascension movement and its cultish pseudo Christian vibration.

In my early days of madness I had to clear the entities from myself and learn about why they had come to hassle me. It’s about empowering yourself to stand up and meet the imbalance head on. There is great liberation in doing this rather than relying on someone to do it for you.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for guides, teachers, path pioneers, and guru’s if that is your path. But these teachers could and should be guiding you back to empower yourself.

Exorcism/ spirit release without dogma is fine if it is part of a longer-term guidance to enable you to clear for yourself. You do not have to bring in the words of religion to be of help if that is not your path and entities tend to get mighty agro when priests say ‘ go back from whence you came’ or an Iman says to the jiin if it doesn’t get out it will be tortured and burnt by the flames of Allah

Whatever the attachment they/it, are lost in a state of imbalance and need guidance in the astral world to freedom.

The best defense is listening and learning what the message is for you. To know where to focus your attention in that area to bring true emotional healing and to strengthen yourself.  Your wound is your gift, bring it into the sunlight embrace it, give it a voice, validate its role in your life and then let it go.

Carry a good bullshit detector, find a good guide in this field, develop an open and compassionate heart, hold onto the sword of truth (not judgment) and you will gain a stronger sense of self and clarity of spirit

Exorcism can be a dangerous ritual to play around with. Wisdom comes from building your own inner grounded truth and shining your light.

Do all you can to balance your world. Nurture yourself with healthy grounded spiritual practices and if you feel you are in need of clearance, make sure whatever you do is totally safe and will not exacerbate your issue more. If you are on medication, jumping off is dangerous.  Good psychiatrists will work with you to lower your dosage as you gain a stronger grounding.



© Odette Nightsky





Trainings Postponed

Blessing-shaman-tree-W-MongoliaDear Kin

As much as I wanted to kick off the online and group trainings in Contemporary Shamanism (Safe Practices) 101 this year, family circumstances have taken priority. Spirit and guidance has indicated to me that I need to hold off till next year as there is a chapter in my walk that needs completion before I commit myself to full time teaching. I was struggling with this due to many people wanting me to teach. But to give you my best I need to honour where my current path of service is.

I am still  and will always be available to do one on one personal sessions and one on one teachings but not groups at this time.

I feel sorry to disappoint and have struggled with letting people down, but as someone recently said to me….

‘If they really want to learn from you they will wait’.

I am eager to teach on a bigger scale and will use the time to build even more on the course to give you the best model of teaching I can offer and with spirit supporting me when the new chapter begins I will be able to travel more worldwide and teach in person.

Blessings and thank you for your patience.





Only when you have walked….


60548788_081f8bc711f68dfa779584c3bd5b93d4Knowledge is power, however knowledge without experience it is just information. Growth comes from experience and the most challenging experiences can offer us the biggest soul stretch if we see it as an opportunity rather than a setback.

Its not the circumstances we get thrown that define us, its our belief about them.

Depth of character comes from diving deeper and you will not be able to really understand the depths without the experience or at least a taste of actually being there. You can read many books and hear others personal stories but until you are there, in the experience…its just a story, someone else’s story.

It is often thought via the clients themselves that the better therapists are those that have walked in the shoes similar to what their clients have. That’s not to say someone who has good skills but no experience can’t be of quality guidance but the ‘life experience’ that is added to that knowledge makes the person not only skilled, but also good at relating to where that person is at. And that can be incredibly valuable to those in the midst of struggle seeking support.

Recently someone very close to me fell off the boat, so to speak

(A persona I am unable to be a therapist for as they are too close).

They had been cruising and surfing the waves the majority of their life and had little understanding of what those that struggled in deep waters actually felt. This person is a born fixer, a doer, a positive action controller and an impatient optimist who in reality had little time or empathy for others who were struggling. Not because he is heartless and un caring, more because he had never emotionally struggled much before or if he had it was only a bit of a surface gurgle before all his programs of controlled survival kicked in.

When he fell off the boat and struggled against falling deeper and deeper into the dark Hands-Drowning-Searecesses of the ocean (his unconscious) his fear increased. No life vest, no compass, no sign of a lighthouse or land in sight. He used his old programmes to try to sort himself out but none of his old tricks worked. He was falling deeper and deeper down to the the dark realms of the ocean floor and he could do nothing to prevent it, no matter how hard his mind willed him to get back up to the surface. Night sweats, anxiety attacks arising out of the blue, and the wet black dog heavy on his chest 24/7. Being the fixer he rushed out and grabbed at anything he could find to remedy the situation. Paid so much for what he thought was expert advice and found himself impatient, frustrated and more and more desperate. Why didn’t anyone have an instant solution? Why didn’t anyone know how to ‘fix’ him? He tried several costly psychologists ($180 Aus a pop!) but they didn’t ‘fix’ anything and as a working man, who’s work was suffering he needed a solution quick smart! He tried hypnosis and a few others options like a touch of cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness, but was left disillusioned and felt as if he was plummeting deeper and deeper. Some psychologists wanted to scrap back into his childhood and blame his upbringing. But he didn’t want to trawl through all that and go all Freudian for umpteen sessions. He just wanted to sort out what was in front of him right now.  He also found that many of these so-called experts were much younger than him and lacked the experience of life that he could relate to even thought there slick advertising shone like a beacon of instant hope.

In fear and desperation, he grabbed on to the recommended western model of medication to try to at least help him stabilize enough to find out the what the hell was really happening.


I am not one to judge another’s choices in this regard. (Nor should anyone) regardless of what you think you know is a better path or solution.

The gift in inside the pain.

Along the journey which he is still in, he has become a more philosophical deeper being, a more insightful caring compassionate person. A door has opened within him.  It has rocked him to his core and truth be told he a better man for it. He see’s things differently now. He is amazed at how others survive such terrors from within and has not been struggling for that long in comparison but it hit him like a bolder and knocked him flat on his face and in my opinion for the better.

He has now walked in the shoes of many others who struggle within the deep recesses of the unconscious proddings. He GETS IT! He has shown incredible gratitude to those that have held support space for him. He gets that ‘fixing’ things isn’t as valuable as experiencing things that make you a better more insightful person. Of course he still wants it all to go away, but he also sees that the medication is just a holding space for him to really work on what got him to fall off the boat in the first place. And he is determined to get to the bottom of that once he finds the formula that works for him personally.

He has said to me several times ‘You are so lucky you have your spiritual life; I don’t know how you survived what you did!’

Which has made me reflect that everything I have been thrown in my life I have looked on it as a soul growth experience. I am a spiritual being experiencing all these life challenges, and in experiencing them, I have living knowledge of what it feels like to be there.

The other aspect is that in being a sensitive absorber and empath I tend to merge with others vibrations naturally. I tend to energetically step into their shoes, and feel what it must be like to be where they are for a time. I have spent many years learning how to cleanse and transform what I do absorb and that at times that in itself has been very challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Each deep challenge that one experiences offers a hidden gift. The bigger the lesson, the bigger the stretch, the bigger the opportunity for growth. Its not a competition of who gets there first! Stuff that! Remember the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady is good.

Walking in another shoes is an experience. And experience that can change you and empathy-38humble you. Until you have been there, beware of assuming you know where someone is really at.

If you don’t know, try asking them what it feels like from their perspective. Something that many people avoid doing as they are either afraid of making the person uncomfortable or more likely, that they feel helpless and uncomfortable at not being able to fix it.

You don’t have to fix anything. Simply listen attentively, inquire without judgement and show compassion not only in your words but in your actions. That in it self is priceless.


Take your awareness down from your ‘fixing’ head into your heart


Be energetically present in a relaxed attentive manner


They already feel like they are failing, don’t add to the sorrows


This is accepting them as a whole being rather than just when they are happy


When one is struggling they often do not want to be a burden so you calling shows that you really do care.


Do not assume they will call you back or take offence if they don’t return your call. They are the ones struggling. Reach out to them regardless. Let them know that they have someone in their corner. Offer to drive them somewhere to get groceries or leave a nice meal for them as a loving gesture or something similar that is thoughtful

In these times we all need to be supported where we are at.

Blessings on your journey within and without



De-pression insights

Idepression and migraines.jpgt has been recorded that during times of crisis in history people in general did not suffer from depression. Of course then I think “well who was interviewing these people at this time and when you are facing the threat of death of you or your loved ones or your community, who is going to have the time to question how they feel?

Melancholia must be commonplace in such challenging times. Fear, worry and plain old survival would be the priority and looking into your emotions, much more a luxury. During times when disaster strikes people tend to join up, help each other, lean on each other, tend more to be of SERVICE to each other and find MEANING in the moments of reprieve, along with laughter, and a sense of common connectedness.

In my life when I faced the so called black dog of depression (As Winston Churchill phrased it) It arose in several areas that soon joined into a mangled clump. One was around grief and loss (which can be referred to as natural situational depression) and the others occurred due to not wanting to face profound changes that needed action to be taken on or finding myself at a place where there was a deep sense of ‘de-pression’ due to lack of meaning in life.

People who suffer depression (in general) seem to have lost a sense of true meaning in regards to their place in the world and their relationship to it and themselves.

Please not that I am not referring to people who suffer from clinical depression.

A possible dialogue of a sufferer of depression

I get a picture of many of those suffering being awake at night after all the so called ‘well adjusted’ people have gone to bed.  The dark time is when supposedly the world has stopped for 8 hours. You wont be getting calls from a worried relative, or being harassed by the credit card company or hoping no-one knocks at the door. The dark time of night is when the depressed person usually feels ‘ok’ to be awake. No one is judging, no-one is watching to see how you are not what you think you should be.

six-common-energy-problems-from-healing-artsSo the night is yours undisturbed. You can watch what you want, do what you want, without any guilt. Then in the wee small hours you fall into a deep sleep and awaken to a telephone call which you try desperately to hide from. You pull the blanket further over your head and nuzzle deeper into the pillow. The phone finally goes silent and you let out a sigh of relief but at the same time a heavy de-pressing feeling weighs your body down knowing its daytime and you are meant to be a participant in it. You pull deeper into the darkness of the blanket and weep a little or rage at yourself a little or a lot. You just don’t have the strength the meet the day. You feel too insignificant anyway. No one will notice if you are not there. Darkness becomes more of a comforting companion and the fear of the light tends to push the person deeper into their own shadow.

The world is chaos and chaos is rampant. The extremes between the poor and the rich are widening and justice, well that has become somewhat of a farce even in the courts of law.  “What’s the point?” The melancholic person says. ‘Its all shit anyway’.

A well known term used by depressed people is ‘But’.  The word “but” is a deep resistance to the changes that are taking place within them.

One thing they do have going for them is an incredible sense of RESISTANCE. It’s like a child standing with its arms crossed over its chest saying ‘I don’t want to, you can’t make me!’ This is will power turned inward.

Let’s look at depression now from a spirit based perspective.

We all have life force (otherwise termed as energy) This life force assists in keeping our body alive and functioning even when we are asleep.

When one is in a state of depression, the life force is compromised, blocked and pushed down and inward. Much like trying to shove too many clothes into a small suitcase.

This life force is symbolically covered with a thick grey and heavy wet blanket.blanket

If anyone were to get up and function with a big wet heavy blanket covering  you day in and day out, you would be struggling like those in depression are.

Depression is a heavy energetic weight that is carried around within the psyche and aura. It dulls the mind, the senses, the passion, and life force in general.

No-one likes being in that place and fight it like a dog gnawing off its leg. Which does the dog no good and just increases the suffering. They don’t accept that this big blanket that has been thrown over them will not go away by struggle or self loathing or blaming others. They may try going to a therapist for what they want as a ‘fix me’ solution and for a moment throw off the blanket feeling the placebo vibe take effect but soon the blanket returns and they moan of the waste of money and why didn’t it ‘fix’ them. The therapist is then put on their judgement list or they judge themselves to be a hopeless case. Most commonly, both.

The blanket, as much as one may not like to hear it, is owned by the person who is de-pressed. It does not belong to anyone else. It may well have been triggered by someone else or got wetter and heavier due to outside circumstances but the blankets owner is the one who is under it.

The blanket is a teacher.

Like the influence of the planet Saturn, it restricts you for a purpose and this purpose has a teaching within it. It is offering you to look deeper within to see where along the line you stopped and became stuck and rather than changing tack you stagnated.

  • It may be due to fragmenting at a difficult time and never retrieving that part of you that you lost.
  • It may well be due to not letting go or forgiving yourself for something that you really wanted but couldn’t have. Like the dream of a relationship that had to die.
  • It may be that at that moment you had to step up to the changes you needed to make you just couldn’t let go enough to do it.

One needs to move to the time before you became depressed when you were ok. Move slowly along the time line of memories and see where it changed. That moment is like a key to a lock. That is the moment where you need to give your attention to.  It’s in that moment that you may have lost a part of your sense of life force and from then on the blanket just got more sodden and heavy. A huge ppastlifeeditcropart of your consciousness may well be stuck there.

Are you able to forgive yourself in that moment? If not, why not? Is it worth holding onto? What is the payoff for keeping the blanket close?

People that are depressed have very low motivation because of the heavy vibration.

So you need to wake that vibration with a few things like

  • Rock or sea salt scrubs (make sure you do the crown of your head, the belly and the at the top of your back before the neck)
  • Lemon in water with a spring of rosemary
  • Warm lemon foot baths
  • Sage burnt regularly esp. around places where you ponder too much
  • Investigating when the blanket first appeared and finding the moment where you lost yourself.
  • Talk to your inner child about why they are so angry and really listen and validate them
  • Recapitulate regularly
  • Alkaline foods.
  • Drum and lie back on the earth and let her take your pain.

There is great power in resistance.

I mean look for example at the French Resistance!

The resistance when in a state of De-pression is turned inward with anger.  Start by pushing the resistance outwards instead of inwards mindfully with the breath so you have some space. I don’t mean push your anger outward. I mean use the ‘but’ and the ‘no’ productively and give it a better job than blocking everything.

People suffering from depression are in general very unkind towards themselves. This is a big learning curve and the hidden message within de-pression. So give yourself a little grace, go talk to your inner child and ask them what they need from you.9a53701e9ec3a8fec018085c717dd34d--inner-child-healing-prayer-images

Learn how to be accepting and gentle with your inner child and in turn you will benefit.

Blessings and gentleness to those in need. May these few tips offered be of service to your growth.