Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanism

From an earlyTibetan-shaman-tour age I felt naturally drawn to a different path. When you are a kid and you like exploring graveyards, it kinda leans that way!

I always knew reincarnation was a fact. To me, it made practical sense. I think I came in with this inner knowing as there was never a moment that I saw or remembered things differently.

Religion held my interest for a very short time as the stories belonging to a supreme invisible god or son of God just didn’t resonate, other than thinking Jesus seemed like a really good guy and pity those that followed his teachings were not so kind.

As I curiously explored different paths and beliefs I found some helpful practices here and there and then the shamanic path connected me to a deep and resonating knowing that none of the others had. I have never been a cult follower. I am more of a lone wolf. Shamanism for me, a person who was traversing other worlds in crisis, made total sense and has been my greatest navigator in dealing with issues or encounters that arise in my life. It was not viewed originally as a religion which I have shared before and neither was Buddhism. However, humans have a way of idolising so many things and putting them into a nice and neat controlled box that they can look up to.

250px-ChodIn the last years I have been strongly pulled into researching more of Tibetan medicine and practices. I remember years back being led into non-ordinary reality to find I was smack bang in the Himalayas as a monk in a long wooden building, very high up. I can still see it now as clear as day in my mind. I was seated in my layered burgundy red robe, my head shaved but for a little covering of dark hair growing on my scalp. I was sitting in front of a long very thick slab of tan washed paper and writing with a thin brush in dark ink. The many movable doors straight in front of me were open to a spectacular view and the sky before me, clear blue as the mountain peaks jutted out all around with snow pouring off the peaks. In the sky to the right was a gleaming silver craft. I felt calm as my hand wrote across the slab of paper. I kept looking up and back to my writing and the craft simply hovered there, seemingly patient without moving away. The amber gold lights spun in a circular motion around and around the head of the craft.  I knew that my job was to write what I saw as a scribe and to record these sightings. Returning from the journey I was pleased and somewhat surprised as I loathe being cold and I am complete shite at climbing up mountains.

Sometime later an astrologer was looking at my chart and told me that I had come from a very secular past and had experienced some of my most recent lives in monasteries and spent a great deal of time in isolation in one way or another. In this present life, I was to embrace my individual originality and share my knowledge in the path of service, actively and creatively.

I still need to retreat in this life as I am primarily a sensitive empathic introvert. I  previously found that solace in meditative silent 10 day retreats until I was majorly tested and spirit gave me a loving kick from within to say ‘That’s enough!’.

Now when I am looking for that nourishment of solitude, it is spent in the heart of nature without the umbrella of a monastery experience. Occasionally I still get that pull to a monastic way of life and the vibration of peace those places emanate, but I know it’s in the past even though the teachings still intrigue me in the subject area of my interest. One day I would like to be of service to young girls at a monastic retreat in Nepal for a bit, but not in winter!

Tibetan Buddhism pulls on my curiosity strings. Not the religious disciple path at all, more the techniques and exercises that can assist with navigating non-ordinary reality and being the witness to your experience which is often what my path of service involves.

Before Buddhism came to Tibet, Shamanism (Bompo) was the way of life and you can still see the shamanistic flavour within the Tibetan practices of today.  Standard Buddhism does not advocate the practices to include these insights.

Padmasambhava the Buddhist Master and Milarepa the Tibetan Yogi when encountering invading spirits sought to educate them by negotiation and by cajoling them. They didn’t seek to destroy them or want to harm them. Compassion has always been the primary path to release those from spiritual invasion and disturbance whether living or dead. That insight and practice has my total respect.

Tibetan Medicine, represented by the blue Buddha includes the importance of the Buddha-Weekly-00-Best-Medicine-Buddha-2influence on the spirit as well as the mind, emotions and body. It acknowledges entity invasion and psychic illness and how it can detrimentally influence the persons mental and physical health. To me, that kind of approach is wise and holistic. The doctors today that advertise themselves as holistic, really have no idea what that word really means. They are not looking at the person as a whole at all.

I did a study retreat on Tibetan medicine a few years back and it confirmed so much of what I instinctually know in relation to how my mind, body and spirit work together. One of my all-time favourite research books was ruined in a flood and although I let many of the past books go I felt compelled to reorder this particular one because its full of jewels, insight and knowledge that I want to refer back to when need be. It’s called81GcZ4MIMeL

The Diamond Healing.
Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry
by Terry Clifford

Tibetan Buddhism does not negate that other worlds exist. I mean look at the concept of the Bardo. The dying person is moving through all matter of dimensional worlds as the monk guides them through, keeping their fearful and agitated spirit calm and chanting for them to be released in peace towards their next life. I wouldn’t mind that when I leave my body, a little help to navigate. Maybe that’s why I assist people to navigate the inner worlds in daily life. It makes total sense to me.

The reason I chose this subject today is that I read another wonderful and inspiring book years back that made a huge impact on me and my path of insight. It was about an English woman who went to Tibet and after some training lived up in a mud cave dwelling for 12 yea41IB3f3WwtL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_rs on her own. The book is called

‘Cave in the Snow’ and her name is Tenzin Palmo.

I found through beautiful synchronicity that she is visiting here, in the city where I am residing, this weekend coming,  to lead a two-day gathering to teach her understanding of mindfulness and meditation and how it can be used in daily life in the western world. I must say I am so looking forward to what I will experience and learn.

Mindfulness combined with shamanic practices and a few other techniques from other sources is my stable, deeply rooted oak tree backbone. When you are in journey space and traversing different dimensions it’s really important to be the witness to your own experience and the challenges that may arise. In this way, healthy integration becomes a deeper experience and a longer lasting sustenance.

Blessings and still learning and loving it.


(c) Odette Nightsky 2019


When Sensitive Folk Travel

220px-RWS_Tarot_00_FoolWhen we set off on adventures to places we have never been or haven’t been for a long time we tend to forget that we will land on a different vibrational energy to what we are used to.

This is because vibrations differ from country to country, state to state and from one place to the next, on the earths surface. Different locations vibrate at different frequencies. This can be due to multiple reasons, from what has happened on that part of the landscape in early years of history to what is happening upon it in current times as well as how the lay of the land is and its structure.

I remember when I visited Europe many years ago. I was touring all sorts of ancients sites and landscapes but didn’t feel a great deal of difference energetically until I walked into the coliseum in Rome. Suddenly felt faint and it was as if the blood was leaving my body. I could hear the animals screaming inside my core and had to get out of there fast. The person I was with was worried as I looked deathly pale. Once outside and off the grounds I was fine. Now of course we all know that the colosseum is rife with pain and torture from the past but there have been many other instances where I have felt the strong underlying energy of places both enjoyable and confronting without quite knowing why until later.

My first memory of a place that really effected me was at the largest Buddhist Temple in the world, Borobudur in Indonesia. I can still sense the vibration from there to this day. Even as a seven year old climbing up all the steps and putting my hf4024c571e5e09ce5e4049bc181500b1-borobudur-templeands through the holes in the bells to touch the buddhas, there was this incredible sense of deep inner calm.

Flicking the switch to a not so joyous vibration was in Norwich England, years back before my shamanic training. I was staying in a lovely thatched house in a lush country area with friends, with my own room which was delightful due to bunking down in hostels as one does when one is young and exploring. However, every single night was not so delightful. I awoke to horrific heart palpitating terror shredding nightmares. I did everything I could to change the direction of how I slept, move things, cleanse etc (I was an amateur at cleansing in those days). The terrors kept coming night after night, waking me up in lathers of sweat and fear.

The nightmare fragments that I could recall were of women being harmed in some way. The only solace I could find was in the woods where I would fall asleep on the moss-covered tree roots in the warm late spring afternoons. England is wonderful like that. Australia, not so…ticks, spiders, snakes, leeches….yep you get it.

HexenverbrennungAdmittedly, I wasn’t very conscious of my inner psychic abilities and insights in those days and I wasn’t about to insult my hosts by telling them I was freaking out with night terrors in their lovely home especially as the woman I knew who’s place it was, was pregnant. I didn’t find out till I was leaving via some conversation that Norwich had a history in being one of the major places for the trials and extermination of witches. If I was with someone on a spiritual path maybe they would have told me more about it and the internet was not as common as it is now in regards to looking things up.

The thing was I had been travelling and staying in other parts of England and never felt that. Norwich was literally haunting me and hunting me down like a witch hunter would have. I felt somewhat stuck there even though I knew I should go. When I did finally leave I headed straight to Devon to begin what would be my shamanic training and although the shamanic work was very emotionally taxing, I slept like a babe without issue.

I am very sensitive not only to the inner world of people’s issues but also to landscapes and vibrations on the whole. In stone circles I can pick the mother stone without even thinking. On landscapes where battle has happened I can see the blood inside me and flooding through intwined with the pain.

For years I travelled the world looking for where I felt a resonance of belonging. Finally in my late 30’s I arrived upon my fathers birthplace which is included within a huge caldera from a once active volcano. After several months myself and a friend decided to climb up to the top of the volcanoe (now dormant) and sleep up there. Its illegal to do it nowadays but then we could get away with it. That night I awoke to an aboriginal man outside the tent. I can still see him now. He wore very little and sat before a roaring fire. He asked me what I wished and to be honest I can’t remember my answer. I awoke again inside the tent and scrambled to get out whilst waking my friend who was wondering what I was on about. As I came out of the tent all was still and the stars were bright in the night sky. No sign of the aboriginal man. I could have sworn I was wide awake when I encountered him. Later I found out that the volcano is where many earth energy linesmt-warning-caldera-470x264 (song-lines, dreaming tracks, serpent lines) converge. Its considered a holy mountain to mens rituals and has a history of throwing women off it ( they have accidents etc). This being was clearly a spiritual caretaker of the mountain and I felt fully welcome to the land like no other, the land of my fathers birth. The synchronicity’s that happened that day going up and coming down…were uncanny and confirming. When I return to this particular area for my downtime from counselling and being a full time carer, tears fill my eyes when I see the volcano from the plane as there is a sense of deep belonging that I have rarely ever felt anywhere else on this earth. I have been and lived in places I know I have lived before in other lives, but none that feel like home this time around.

Another little story. I was on a train travelling to my homeland caldera from the south and I encountered a very agitated aboriginal grandmother that had three fingers bound up (due to some injury). She was trying to sort out two small children and a baby and was clearly overwhelmed and her patience was thinning. Others on the carriage looked at her with distain. The woman next to me who I didn’t know I stood up at the same time as me and offered to help hold the baby so she could sort herself out. She burst into tears at the kindness. As we chatted and played with the kids she shared that she felt wrong in the area that she got on the train from and couldn’t wait to get home to ‘her country’ (Aboriginal Australians refers to their country as the area their people caretake and come from and this can differ from state to state).

At another stop she asks me to hold the baby again so she could go and get some food and honestly she looked so ill. She shared that the area that we were passing through was a bad place for her people. When we got into ‘her country’ and close to mine she lightened up and her mood shifted. Her face had transformed into a state of peace. You may think that maybe she was just superstitious but I am not one to deny that certain places hold different vibrations for people that can be very disconcerting regardless of their beliefs. I had no idea about Norwich before I stayed there but it effected me deeply.


Artist: Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

I have tones of other tales of different landscapes I have been on and how they have effected me. What is important to remember is to be prepared for the shift in vibration. Even if you forget, which happens to me quite often (you think I would have learned by now! Sheesh!) you can call on some tools from within if need be.

In travelling as a sensitive its important to know that it will take you time to adjust to the vibration of the landscape that you are on. It will be a combination of many factors. Where you are in the world and what is occurring for those that dwell there, currently. What history has gone before that may trigger you. The collective of the indigenous peoples imprint on the land and how they were/ are treated/ honoured. Just to name a few.

So it’s important to take a number of things in your little travelling medicine bag.

  • Sage ointment/oil that you can rub on the back of your lower neck and belly (the lower neck is where stuff gets in and the belly is where you leak out energy)
  • An Amulet of some kind that you can hold onto that represents a peaceful energy
  • A flower essence or rescue remedy to raise your vibration
  • To mindfully call your spirit into your body and pat your heart chakra or solar plexus repeatedly while telling your inner child that its ok, you will look after he/she on this adventure.
  • Take a journal with you (better than typing on a computer as its more personal) and write out how you are feeling. Keeping track your inner journey.
  • Pick up some dirt or leaf or something natural from the ground and honour the ancestors of the place that you are visiting.

Fortunately when I recently went overseas I had many of these tools with me and I didronpippin.com hit an energy bump when I first arrived. I am grateful that I took some basic tools with me and had others inbuilt inside to call on. I trust this gives you a little insight to the importance of what you need to be aware of when you travel to different earth frequencies and to maybe think about how places you have been to or the place you are currently living in vibrates and how you adapt to it.

(c) OdetteNightsky 2019

Plant Medicine & Safety

earth-motherWhen we look into the indigenous cultures of traditional shamans it is common that there is use of hallucinogenic ethnobotanical’s (plant medicine). In traditional shamanism the medicine plant journey (which would move the subject into an altered state) was taken underneath the all seeing eyes of the shaman and guided all the way through. They would do ceremony to call in helping spirits and focus intent, watch over the spirit of the journeyer and deal with any entity invasion that may arise be that through something that needed to be healed via abuse, negative thought forms or something that they had picked up during illness or conflict.

This was a journey of the student, guided by their teacher. The student would never think to venture this type of journey alone. The shaman was actively present during it all and knew how hold space for the student and help them when terror gripped their mind, as they travelled the unknown realms, facing their fears and becoming one with the cosmos and nature. The shaman had already walked the path and recovered so they knew what the student would face and sensed intuitively what was needed during the experience.
Witches were known to use plants for different altered states and they also knew the importance of dose and danger in their use, chines medicine is based on the healing properties of plants, and many of the drugs of today started off from plants before they created the chemical copy. The use of plants for healing is wide spread and valuable. As a journey plant however we need to be careful in our approach and the reasons that one may feel the call to ingest them

These days there is much less sacredness in taking plant medicine for shamanic journeying. It is often done in a large group with a hefty price by people who take it upon themselves to be facilitators or invite a shaman from overseas to lead it. Individuals are often not contained on their journey due to the large numbers within the group and some do fragment severely. (There is no mental health assessment on people coming into these groups) I say this because many of my clients have been victims of badly held so called sacred medicine events.

The medicine plants that currently popular are Ayauasca, Iboga, San Pedro Catcus, Mushrooms.Luis-Tamani-e1543255506867-855x1024

Men are most commonly attracted to shamanic ethnobotanical journeying. Maybe its the inner Druid, Magician or the Alchemist that calls them. It can also be a pathway to healing the connection to the feminine via the archetype of mother earth as a living female entity.

Unfortunately many (both men and women) get caught up thinking it’s a bit of a fast track to enlightenment or a way to access other dimensions without hard worn effort. The truth is many enjoy the plant ride but do not fully integrate the teaching when they are back in ordinary reality.

There is talk about things like mushrooms and other plant medicines helping people with mental illness. As yet I have seen no proof of this in any way. Don’t get me wrong I am not condemning any plant as all plants are sacred and have their uses, even the weeds in the backyard, however if they are used as escape hatches and fast tracks to enlightenment its the same as a someone seeking nirvana through heroin. They will be forever chasing the white lady (nick name for heroin) to rescue them from their self-imposed lack of worth.

I remember years back this women who led medicine circle journeys with Ayahuasca (DMT) insisted that she felt it was time for me to journey to the sacred plant and felt that the plant was calling me. I really did not resonate with doing it. If the plant had called me itself, maybe…. I said that if I ever did it, I would honour the plant by going to where it originates (South America) and seek a traditional shaman of that culture to guide me. I really do not agree with taking plant medicine from a different landscape and culture in a place that the plant does not originate. I have for a long time felt very strongly about this, like its an innate law or something that is inbuilt in my knowing.

Don’t be fooled into thinking I am a purist, heck no. I have had my time with all sorts of recreational drugs in my youth and have experienced taking mushrooms, a small amount of Acacia wattle (the Australian version of DMT) and the sacred green herb that grows well here in Oz, marijuana.

Oqa7GyUI like marijuana. Not the horrible hydro stuff, just the naturally home grown mother earth loving herb. However when I do smoke marijuana its for pleasure and relaxation, not for shamanic work. Things do arise when I smoke but I would never do medicine work when I am stoned nor journey anyone else…because I am not fully present, I am between worlds enjoying the betwixing of it.

You see I learned to shift into shamanic altered states without sacred medicine. And because of that I don’t feel the need to use it for those purposes. Some people recommend it because it bypasses your mind and your need to control things. Sure I can see that could be helpful but I am all for relinquishing your mind naturally without ingesting anything but oxygen.

The shamanic breath pumps so much oxygen into your system that it automatically puts you into an altered state. If you have ever experienced rebirthing its very similar. You are breathing deeply in and out without pause. You are not breathing just into your chest (which leads you to hyperventilation) you are breathing your whole body. And by doing this you mind takes a back seat and you open up at portal within yourself and move into non ordinary reality with ease.

There are a very small percentage of people who cannot journey and thats because they are terrified of losing control. Just imagine if they took plant medicine. If they had the right guide to hold space for their terrors it may well benefit. If they didn’t….they may end up in the psych ward.

I have seen many people who were so deeply into it and praising its wonderful benefits but they did not integrate it at all and after time they became depressed and their cognitive ability to bounce back became less and less.

To me ethnobotanicals for shamanic journeying should be done with a guide that is very experienced within its culture and medicine, preferably indigenous to the land and has a strong connection to the plant and by example shows (not just tells) they have integrated the medicine. Otherwise its just another new age western wank.

My ex partner was immersed in ethnobotanical’s and loved the ways of Terrance McKenna, Timothy Leary and the rest of the ethno men and I didn’t judge that, but what I did notice is that it was all lovely when he was in it but it didn’t translate to ordinary reality. He just wasnt able totumblr_nf9nzafHIH1so2bdno1_500 integrate the wisdom gained. And I have seen this with many others.

If the plant helps you to be more present thats great.
If the plant helps you to feel more connected in daily life, wonderful.
If the plant helps you to heal and wound and this healing continues in ordinary reality, brilliant.

But the truth is you don’t need the plant to help you be present, feel connected and heal wounds.

We are not here to be fragmented between worlds. We need to weave these worlds together so what we do in one benefits the other.

If you feel a strong pull to plant medicine then do it with integrity. Not as a fast track, not as an escape route, and do it with someone who has time to guide you personally. As a guide for others who travel in non ordinary reality its really important to have someone to assist you in the navigation when you are lost in the experience. Much like the Bardo the Tibetans refer to when someone dies, the spirit of the dead person who has left their body hears the monks read out what’s happening to them and assists their spirit to navigate the dimensions till its free from any bondage of mind, body and spirit.

We need guidance because our minds are so strong and can trick us into getting stuck in fear and terror. The use of plant medicine can really test you on your fears, so its imperative that you get good solid guidance and containment as you journey, if you chose that mode of travel.


Odette Nightsky

© O.Nightsky March 2019

Are We Visitors Here?

the-shaman245977-printsWhen my brother made fun of the lack of photos of me as a child I was for the first time, delighted. Not because there were a lack of photos as such (third child, no iPhones in those days) or what he implied in jest, it was how he phrased it.

He talked about how I must have gone back to my planet during a chunk of my childhood. From that moment I was nick named the family ALIEN and he even went further and made a comical T shirt refereeing to it, which I loved. I felt the smile stretch across my face. On some unconscious level I finally felt seen as I had always felt like an alien in comparison not only humanity but my family and even close friends. A sense of knowing that I was a total stranger visiting an unknown planet.

I have had several strong experiences in my life that have become part of my core knowing that I originally am from somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of lives on earth which I have experience via shamanic other life journeys and no longer seek to leave the planet as such like I did when I was younger. I often felt like E.T trying desperately to phone home but no one came to pick me up. I think there are many that can relate to this.

One of the experiences was a lucid dream of such strength I still see it clearly in my minds eye as I write, like it was just yesterday.

The dream…

I am waiting in a very, very long line. I see a huge spaceship that everyone is getting on. I know in the dream that this spaceship is heading to the Pleiades (otherwise known as the seven sisters) and I feel odd standing in the line but I don’t move. Within a blink of an eye and old Native American medicine woman appears beside me pulling at my sleeve to get my attention. She is ancient, small and robust. I bend down to hear what she wants to say to me.

“ You don’t come from there. You come from the Circle Of Chiefs.”
Her hot breath is so warm in my ear. The sensation and the words fill me and I step out of the line.

With that I awoke with a sharp clap as I do when spirit really wants me to remember the dreaming. I was so curious as I had never heard of the Circle of Chiefs so onto google I went. What I found was its latin name, The ‘Corona Borealis’. The Greeks said it represented the crown of Ariadne, daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur and get out of the Labyrinth.

In Celtic Mythology its known the place where the Celtic star goddess Lady Arianrhod, Arianrhod4joannapowellcolbertlives. And then as I researched further I found to my delight how the Pawnee tribe saw it as a chiefs lodge in the stars calling it “The Circle of Chiefs”. The photos of the Pawnee elder women clicked inside me. The ancient medicine woman in the dream was dressed the same. I felt a definite resonance of what I dreamed was my soul truth and that has not changed over the years. It’s not a belief, it’s a knowing.

I KNOW that is my constellation home in the stars. Does it make me want to leave here. Absolutely not. No need at all, I KNOW I still have much to do learn, share and experience.

Within the path of shamanism we travel with ease beyond the body so we are not stuck anywhere other than our self-created mindset which is why shamanism is so wonderful in accessing beyond your mind and into your souls experience on a multidimensional level.

keep-your-eyes-on-the-stars-and-your-feet-on-the-groundWether you feel your from somewhere else or not, your soul chose to be here on this planet at this time in history, in an earth suit and with the lessons that your wiser self chose to come down and grow through.

Yes, earth is a giant school room. Some are in kindergarten, some in primary, some in high school and others are at university and some are learning along other different stream lines. This is different to the institution mentality here on earth run by the masculine principe. Its not about who is better, who has more, who has achieved more (the climbing a ladder principle) Its more about learning where you are personally at in your own development and supporting others/being of service along the way.  In some areas you might still feel like you’re in kindergarten and in others you might be doing your masters or being a teacher sharing the knowledge of a specialised subject.

Beware of the ego thinking you are superior due to what you BELIEVE  If thats one of your lessons you may well need to repeat it with a massive dose of humbleness and thats ok, we are all learning so be kind and patient with yourself. Don’t worry about the time it takes. Just be mindfuly present within your journey here on earth as much as you can and time will take care of itself

The beauty of shamanism is its not earthbound in anyway.  It honours the mother earth and what she offers and knows the importance of respecting her and learning how to stay grounded, however shamanism sees beyond the third dimension without losing ground so to speak. We are part of a multidimensional universe where other beingss exist both on the level of ordinary reality and beyond. Look at how many indigenous tribes refer to ‘star people’ and what they have left as markers in caves and other places to let us know of other beings from other realms having been here.

In the shamanic path we know there are other beings on other dimensions and on other we-are-stardustlevels of reality, so the idea of other beings on other planets is a no brainer. We know that we are part of the universe and the universe (Great Mystery) is made up of multiple galaxies and worlds that we can access, however we are here on earth to GROUND the knowledge that comes through us to assist us in really BEING HERE. We will not be any help to ourselves or anyone else if we are busy flying out of our bodies and fragmenting as we desperately try to escape.

Sa6d25badceff41e6f6891355baa16ee6o regardless of where you feel you come from, here you are on this wonderful planet in these crazy times with a mission, a mission to simply BE HERE. What comes from being here is then up to you and how you live it, experience it, learn from it and plant seeds of what you want to share while you are here.

We are all made of stardust so get out there and twinkle your own inner light with a smile.




(c) 2019









Psychic Purging

shaman8_origWriting on this particular subject, what comes to mind is a memory from years back when I wasn’t fully owning my sensitivity or my abilities.

I have never been comfortable at large parties and am still that way.  Parties to me are a bit of a nightmare. The reason being is I feel I have no purpose and I am generally crap with superficial chatting unless its to a little old lady at a bus stop. At a party there are often lots of people I don’t know and although I am very comfortable training, teaching and speaking I am at a loss on a big superficial social scale. Especially without anything to do.

I am often the first person to offer help or serve as it gives me something to focus on. So this party was one of those. I hardly knew a soul and my inner shyness was evident if not to them, to me. I have been known to make people feel uncomfortable as I dive deep quickly into subjects which is not a good party trick! I had something to drink which is usually not my friend, but needed something to do. I sipped on a glass of red wine.

You see I am a natural absorber of people’s energy. I am an empath to a massive degree, always have been, always will be. Back in those days I didn’t see it as a gift because I didn’t know how to manage it.

So after picking up on many people’s energy, attempting to be upbeat casual and friendly, it didn’t take long before I started to feel alone and lonely in the midst of it all.  I walked out onto a lovely balcony under the stars, put down my glass and leaned over the balcony rim, breathing in nature and the starry night sky (no pun intended).

Within minutes I felt a darkness invade me and I had no idea where from. A few people had arrived at the party who I knew better and came out to chat to me. I felt comforted that they were more familiar. The friend that I attended the party with who was a natural social butterfly, joined us.

As we chatted I could feel the unsettling feeling get stronger. I felt like my body wanted to vomit it out but at the same time I was at a party, its just not the thing to do. I was not a bogan late night drunken vomiter that took pride in it, I hated vomiting. I asked someone to grab me some water as I was feeling light headed. (I know your thinking someone spiked the wine but I had taken two sips and others were drinking the same with no effect)

Anyway after drinking the water, I felt insticively to lean over the balcony. I let out a long screaming sound like a banshee on steroids. My whole being wanted to get it out of my system, whatever it was. The party was in high swing and the music quite loud, thank goodness. When that was done I vomited over the balcony into the bushes and it was like a projectile purge. At this point my shyness wasn’t even present. My soul took over, it had to be 079bba7d2e0ab10974ff19b5df10ecaa--purge-trippypurged. I knew when I was screaming it out and vomiting it was a person at the party that I had tapped into energetically.

How do I know? Because he came into my vision as it was happening. He was male of dubious character that had messed with lots of things both substances and practices. (This was what came through for me, not what I knew for a fact)

After I released it. I felt myself in my body and crystal clear in my thinking. The people around me asked if I was sick, was I ok? Did I need to lie down? I was honest and told them I absorbed something from someone and I had to get it out. I got that look of yep she is eccentric. Half humoured smile and half ‘Shit, don’t get on the wrong side of her, she is mad!’ look in their eyes.

There were many more times this happened in different situations until I got a handle on what I needed to do and become more aware of. One time I think I have shared before, I came from a workshop that I was invited to and it was full of shadow energy. Spirit literally hassled me to go up to a hillock during a wet ragging lightening storm and I became the willing banshee and let it happen. No vomiting at that particular time, but thinking back most of the times I have vomited have had to do with other people’s shadow energy invading me and me absorbing it.

In the old days I may have had a hole driven into my head to let the demons be purged out of my opened skull, burned to extinguish the devil or maybe a good dose of blood letting or a horrific punishing cruel exorcism.

In shamanic lore purging is more akin to ‘transforming’ the energy of imbalance. 
The traditional shaman ingests the imbalance/entity, then by ritual and ceremony it is transformed within them (negotiation/confrontation) and then purged out (expelled). This can be anything from vomiting, spitting, burping, screaming, speaking in betwixed world langauge etc. I must say I have come across a few scammers in my time that did a lot of burping, but really to me it was digestion issues, not medicinal releasing.

Vomiting is a vey common way of purging psychically. But as my path and my medicine has grown stronger I tend not to vomit any more, I don’t feel I need to. I have found much kinder ways to deal with energy attachments and I can grok someones energy pretty fast nowadays. I am not saying I wont every again, but I have other ways to purge and clear now.

Know yourself and what you resonate with.

Firstly it’s important that you know you’re particular sensitive areas. Like me it’s a big party. I generally don’t go to them because I don’t actually like them for multiple reasons. I am all for a smaller gang of people in a room or around a fire discussing deeper things and getting up and dancing together, or a jam session with multiple people… that suits me well. I have learned to back out of big party invitations politely for my own wellbeing.

Know how to clean yourself energetically.

There are multiple ways to cleanse/purge yourself psychically. Anything from salt water baths, screaming under the ocean, drumming your body, rattling your body, putting a black obsidian stone at the base of your bed while sleeping and burying it the next day to cleanse it, burning sage and listening to frequency sounds that clear your energy field.

Know how to release and purge deeper and more stubborn attachments.

This is my speciality. As a soul, I came here to go through these experiences so I can be a guide for others. I created The Meditation For Sensitives during the biggest entity invasion in my life and it has stood the test of time, Inner House Cleaning is so practical to understand what the body holds and how to work with what manifests energetically. Recapitulation, a traditionally shamanic breathing restorative practice is such a handy every day tool, along with other tools I teach to remove cellular imprints of energetic connections with others like, Generational Clearing, Distant Personality Release and Projection release.

All the above are ways of purging that which you have absorbed which is interfearing in the natural balance of your energy bodies.

It’s really not about blaming the other person that you absorbed the yucky energy from. Sure you may learn that they are not someone you want in your life as a friend, parent teacher, lover, co-worker, boss etc, but the lesson here is about what you do with it now you have absorbed it.  If you absorb it, it has become a part of you energetically and it’s up to you to release it.

Although Soul Retrieval is not seen as a purging as such on deeper reflection I think it definity is.  In the contemporary version I do, the fragment must be cleansed before returning and if there is an abuser or energetic invader in the story then they are conscously purged from the clients energy field.

I remember my teacher back in the day giving me a wonderful tip. ‘You may not always be able to protect yourself but you can be an impeccable cleaner.’ Its one of my all time favourite sayings and I will keep saying it because its gold, especially for natural empaths and sensitives

1200.-Tone-9-Solar-JAGUAR-SHAMAN-web-1I am happy to say that I can purge just about anything that comes my way ( I am aware that in writing that sentence a new challenge may come! Ha!).

If you want to learn more techniques find me at my website for one on one trainings.


(c) Odette Nightsky

Illness, Intuition & Frequency

psychedelic-spiritualityI recently became very ill during my time out from caring for my elderly mother which left me bed ridden and feeling like I was poisoned. It was nothing I ate nor any signs it was coming. It slammed me flat on my back for days. Being that ill tends to bring back memories of when I was a young girl. I suffered from high fevers until it was found that I was going into renal failure so I had a mountain of tests and truckloads of medication until finally they removed my right kidney which effected my adrenal function long-term. Since then I have had a fairly strong intuitive relationship with my body consciousness and do the best to take care of myself but still being really sick, it’s a vulnerable place to be in, like I am sure many others can relate to especially if you are the one that is generally of good health and is often looking after others in some way. Lettingo into the illness is a challenge!

This time, the pain in my stomach was so bad I had a few paranoid fearful thoughts of things that it could be, horrible things. When these little fear bubbles arise about my health I tend to lean into a righteous self made contract that I created with the universe. Due to being my mothers carer I cannot go before my mother, she wont be able to cope, she has already lost my brother and is just not on, so I literally tell the universe ‘Its not happening do you hear me!’. Yeah I know….but strangely it empowers me.

I awoke on the forth morning still feeling horrid and a word literally popped into my head silence_by_cestica-d85982s‘Arsenic’. Arsenic is of course a poison but used homoeopathically it meets the poison where its at.

I know the difference between my intuition and my fears and I asked a dear friend to get some for me and within a day I started to improve. When I recovered to a degree I went and got some acupuncture and Chinese herbs as that is my go to medicine when things get rough. It makes sense to me that illness clogs up the meridians and natural healing channels and makes it hard for the body to bounce back.

Finally my mind started to clear enough to write. Yippee! As while ill I kept thinking well if I am down for the count I should spend my time writing but my creative channels were completely blocked and tired, just like my body. I had to surrender to sleep and movies as my attention span was crap and couldn’t even read nor could I hardly eat.

Due to a huge chunk of my childhood being under the medical system I generally feel that doctors cannot help much other than specialist surgeons who do life saving surgery (which I am grateful for). I am not anti doctors so much as I really don’t think they have a lot to offer. Their blood tests are quite basic and they don’t pick up many things that live blood analysis can and tend to just recommend medication that my body doesn’t want. So most of my life I have gone the natural pathway to healing as I feel its in line with my bodies needs.

My mother who is very open to alternative pathways but has that old way of trusting in doctors as authority, asked me over the phone if I had gone to a doctor. I as always am honest and said, I didn’t feel they could do much, but if I felt the need I would. It’s not having my head in the sand at all. It’s following my intuition and my gut instinct about my own body and what it needs. Honestly if I felt like I needed to see a doc, I would.

I was slowly getting my energy back but it was still only in short bursts. I went down to the coast to visit a spirit sister. She wanted me to come along to experience something called a ‘Biocharger’. This is a mixture of frequencies from electrical engineer Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife. Both men were slammed by the system due to their findings and died lonely deaths without credit. Jim Girardbut brought the Bio Electric Stimulator to life but was also deceived by a corporate money maker who took his idea. He went on to create the Biocharger with Colin Bester which was even more advance and this machine has had a massive resurgence in recent times due to it healing capabilities.

I didn’t really bio-charger-energytuneup-600x600know any of this before I went but me being me and open to new experiences in general, I thought, sure, what the heck, I will give it a go. What could it hurt? After a short introduction to it, we sat in a room close to what looked like the inside workings of the Tardis. Its colourful flashing lights went off and it made sounds like the Tardis revving up to maximum voltage. It was set to all over universal earth healing frequency and one other that we chose to do with digestion. I sat there and just let it flow through me. I had no real judgement one way or the other. I get that we all vibrate at a certain frequency and thought if there is a higher frequency that can help my body, why not!

After we left I didn’t notice much but through the day it was clear I had way more energy than I did when I walked in. You see, I am very sensitive to what I experience, I need to experience things myself to truly know them. Was it a placebo effect? Well, my mind wasn’t focused on thinking that it would make much difference, I was curious more than anything else. Regardless, I felt significantly energised. I posted the pic that the owner of the Biocharger took of me and my friend and put it on my FB personal page. Some were fascinated, and a few cynics were telling me (lecturing really) not to go for this snake oil salesmen thing, judging me like I was naive as a lamb. I didn’t react or go into a debate. I just knew that my experience was my proof.

Two mornings later I awoke with a nudge from within ‘Sound frequency’. You see the mornings are when spirit wakes me up with little one statement tips. Some of them are to do with my writings, my posts, what I need to open myself up to etc. When these inner nudges pop up I listen. I didn’t always, I used to brush them away or postpone them, but nowadays I know better.

It makes total logical sense to me that our bodies respond to higher frequencies. We are a mass of sub atomic particles and thats a fact. The bodies natural frequency is gauged between 62 and 68 Hz (Hz = a unit of frequency). The Shamanic drum beat vibrates at 741 Hz. The earth frequency vibrates at 7.83hz (this has changed though due to humanities interference). The meditation frequency as is the chant of OM is at 7.83Hz.

The Universal Earth frequency is 432Hz. Now thats a high vibrational frequency!hqdefault

In these fast paced times we are being slammed by all sorts of vibrational waves from our computers, TV’s, WiFi currents and goodness knows what else. And autoimmune diseases are on the rise everywhere. Our natural vibration is being messed with. That I know from experience.

As a spiritual being I can tell if something otherworldly has been messing with me as I feel a change in my mood, my attitude and my natural vibration. So I need to go within and clear it, which I am very experienced at.

So now due to being slammed down with whatever it was and other body issues arising in the last few years, spirit is nudging me to share my experience in order to show the importance of HARMONISING our natural vibration in a world full of cross counter frequencies.

So, currently I am meditating with a few frequencies but the main one is the 432 Frequency, The Universal Earth Frequency. I am doing it in the morning and the meditation frequency before sleep.

I am experiencing it and journeying with it as that is the shamanic pathway, to experience in order to know. I invite you to do the same if it calls you and let me know of your experience.

I am not a scientist or someone who wants to read lots of technical stuff. I like to take something complicated and make basic sense of it and then transform it into language that people can understand. When I began researching and taking nots for this blog, I kept getting nudged by spirit to just tell them what you are experiencing, your story.

Yep, right, got it, done, thanks.

tumblr_mhifdoEbnH1rtzgumo1_500When we die the body will soon stop vibrating. The life force, the frequency of the spirit is no longer attached to the earth suit. While we are alive we are vibrating energy. We have a frequency that we emanate. We are residing on a living frequency called mother earth and we are part of a universal frequency I call ‘Great Mystery’.

I like the feeling that each day I move into a space to connect with the Universal Earth Frequency. How about you?



(c) O. Nightsky 2018