Shifting the Energetic Density

The Web CoverThe following is a partial excerpt for an new book coming out in 2019

The Web Between Worlds
Navigating Other Worldly Sensitivities

It is an update from my original book

‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity’ and so much more.

It will be valuable to anyone crossing the bridge to non ordinary reality and offer many more tools and ways to view this wonderful inter-dimensional shamanic journey on earth.
(It will be available in paperback)

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I used to think that people deliberately drained my energy with conscious intention. However through experience I have realised that in general the majority of people who do suck energy from others or leak energy are not fully aware of what they are doing.

Drainers and Leakers

The first are those who appear to be ‘overly’ up beat happy people who tend to talk a lot without listening well.

These people are not big on conversation. They tend to like to tell their story more in a lecture format. So you get slammed with a tsunami overflow and feel like you are their audience. Many of these people have been labelled with a complex personality disorders, acute narcissistic traits or people suffering the high peaks of mania.

An analogy:  The top part of the ocean is coming in full pelt while the bottom level is pulling out and sucking away from the shore.

When they leave you are completely drained and exhausted. These peole have little insight that they are draining as they have so much energy flowing through them they don’t see that they are drawing anything from anyone.

They vibrationally have an empty hole, much like a vortex inside their core that cannot be filled no matter how much information goes in. That’s why they never seem to tire of needing more, be that listening to themselves or getting their energy fix. This hole needs filling from within. Its like there is a rip in the energetic field that needs to be sewn up.

The second is the very depressed person. If you have been around people who suffer from depression for a good while, you may have found that its hard to keep your level of positivity up especially if you are highly sensitive and or empathetic.

The depressed person isn’t draining so much as leaking out what they cannot process. On of the biggest components of depression is anger and self loathing towards ones self.

If you find yourself getting angry which is out of character, it may be due to picking up on what is being leaked or because you yourself are frustrated that you cannot save them from the swamp.

If you are close to to someone suffering depression you really need to take regular time out for space especially if you live with them. Go and do things that boost your life force. They are not consciously leaking, they are just trying to stop themselves from drowning and dont know how to manage what the feel, so it leaks out.

You can also be drained by walking the street and having a great deal of sympathy for others. You see a child wailing and its parent more preoccupied with their phone, a homeless person on their knees in abject misery with nothing in their hat, watching and elderly person forgetting themselves and nobody caring

254dde9bf70db05b24d4bbee13bb0cd9These things can all be emotionally draining and none of them is deliberately aimed at you personally. Not the manic talker, not the depressed family member, not the person your heart goes out to on the street. They are just trying to survive the only way they know how. Its an energetic behaviour that is based on a pattern of survival.

(There will be other chapters to assist those that want to stop leaking and or draining, all in the mode of no blame)


In regards to abuse, energy can be lost, stolen and or leaked. But to be very clear here, Your energy cannot be used by another.

It can be held (stolen) via the abusers invasion in relationship to the victim experiencing a robbing of their sense of self which can manifest into PTSD amongst other things.

The person that is the drainer/abuser cannot really benefit in anyway other than their ego thinking that he/she has rightous control over the one who was abused. They cannot use your stolen energy. It’s actually useless to them.

The energy/fragment is in wait,  available to be resorted if you really want it back.

I know that by experience, both via my own story and in working with clients.

It absolutely can be reclaimed.

If I have felt I have lost a part of myself in someones story, anger, issue or agenda, by being too empathetic or to absorbent or even too gullible. I often find that I have leaked and/or I have been unconsciously drained.

So the next step is to look to see how I can personally replenish myself from that experience

Acknowledge that this is a draining issue

  • If anger is rising, write it all out and let it flow, so it doesn’t stagnate or ruminate within.
  • Before you can cleanse yourself you need to check what or who has been draining you. Go inside and move through the day and take yourself to just before you felt zapped. Trust in what comes up.
  • Acknowledge it and then move deeper to see why you chose, yes ‘chose’ to be drained. Find a positive reason, teaching you what about yourself?
  • If there is anything attached to you in any way that you are unable to shake off, use Inner House Cleaning method  or The DPR healing method in this book.
  • Thank the spirit of the messenger (No matter who they are) for the teaching.
  • Now, find the best way to create life force within yourself. For some this can be going for a run in the sun or rain, lying on the earth and breathing her in, meditation (passive or active), yoga, having a salt scrub or bath, burning sage, dancing your butt off to music that makes your heart sing, recapitulation, placing hands on belly and or on the top of spine before neck and emitting some Reiki or life force
  • Thank yourself, nurture yourself in some way and give thanks to any spirit kin you included at any time for assistance.
  • If it’s a bigger issue then you will need to find a down to earth, well-trained gentle practitioner experienced in Soul Retrieval. The reason I say dont do it on your own, is when you have a trigger its hard to see straight and its good to have someone to pick up what you might miss.

the-tree-of-life-series-2-dhananjay-mukherjeeWhen we stop the blame game towards others and ourselves and take up the tools we need, we can clear things so much more easily and that makes for less draining and leaking of life force.

We can then learn to self nourish engergetically

(c) O. Nightsky 2018 both writings and cover photo of  The Web Between Worlds.


Shonky Shamanism

a310561967a21a00ab54c94809ba51adI was asked to watch a video called plastic shamans by a friend to see what I thought about it. Its clearly a fairly old documentary (on YouTube) about the New Age movement ripping off the Native American sacred medicine. There was a select number of indigenous people speaking and honestly the people chosen to represent the New Age practices were in my opinion, pretty lame targets.

I would have been more impressed if those that made the film did their homework better and challenged themselves by interviewing people like Sandra Ingerman, someone who has come from an indigenous background and still today offers guidance and teachings in a compassionate and contemporary manner so she can assist the people of this time, simply to balance out the sharing and garner more wise opinions.

What struck me the most as I watched is the ‘ownership’ of the medicine. To me personally, medicine is not something that one can own. It’s a lived experience by those that experience it and one that is offered in order to be of service.

Of course this made me reflect on my own story e.g: Am I a plastic shaman? Did I come to this path because it was a fashionable thing? Did I jump on a bandwagon of popularity? No.

Completely the opposite really. I got massively slam dunked and found through trauma and a deep sense of fragmentation and ego dismemberment, that this path, when using the tools with integrity, worked like nothing else I have ever come across, still to this day.

Have I stolen anything from anyone? No. Any medicine knowledge I have gained has been freely shared with me to pass on, as its primarily about being of service, not feeding my ego or gaining fame. If I wanted fame I would have stuck with being a theatre actress.

In offering tools and pathways that help people access a more consciousness state of being is not something that is mine to own. It is my service to share.

Integrity-and-TrustworthinessThe earth is not not truly owned by anyone. Neither are the tools and wisdom passed down from generations of medicine learning, whatever culture that comes through.

Spirit shares with me. ‘This is a human thing, to own something’.

I get it though, the language of ownership. Its like I kind of own that I am of strong Scottish blood . I remember when there was an opportunity for Scotland to stand on its own a few years back. I was all for Scotland breaking off from England because I felt that rush in my blood of my ancestors
against the english that came to rape and disable my ancestors from their homelands. But thats my ego pride speaking, well more like shouting, Freedom!! As Mel Gibson did.

The key point is when we die…we own nothing. So lets stop thinking we own it now. We are the caretakers, yes, owners, no. Lets caretake the medicine ways well. Be authentic in what we do. Honour the ancestors that came before both via bloodline and soul line as we walk on.

Look, when you make big bucks off the back of a traditional path then I am totally in agreement. Those big new age money wankers piss me right off!!

There is a blonde guy in the video selling totem astrology. He looks like his ancestors are from Norway or something, yet he is dressed in all the indian tribal gear. I get why the original people feel insulted. There is another bunch that drum and offer sweat lodges. They look pretty laid back but the vibe is kind and they seem to bring people together and it seems to help in connecting them to the earth and their consciousness. But because they all are white and played medicine drums and did a sweat…. this was seen as ripping off sacred ways. Maybe they took these things because it worked for them. It helped them feel more connected. If they charged big bucks then maybe not, but that was not shared or explored.

I remember doing a sweat lodge many years back and it was very sacred, very earthing and very cleansing. No wanky new age agenda at all, nor was the leader of the group full of his own importance and wearing a costume from another culture. It was done with great respect, inclusion and reverence. No one pretended to be something that they were not.

Art: Bruce BeardyIf the medicine is helpful for the people of this time, why is it not ok to practice it? Of course if you are to practice something you need to know what your doing, not just wing it. I have always thought it would be lovely that instead of going to a church once a week one could go into the womb of the mother sweat lodge and cleanse and offer gratitude. Is that not a good thing for anyone to do who feels for it regardless of culture? A place where they could go back to the womb and feel safe to let go of their pain, reflect, cleanse and give thanks. Don’t charge a fortune and do it with reverence and respect to those that came before. Good medicine should be available to anyone.

I have worked with clients that have been abused psychologically and sexually by traditional indigenous shamans, as well as the plastic fluffy kind. The abuse of power and manipulation happens in all areas unfortunately. I tend to attract clients who want me to guide them find their way back to their core and dispel the abuse which was done. In one situation a woman came to me and we cleared her from the abuse that was freezing her and what came out of it is the women of that particular tribe threw the shaman out, as he had been doing this to others and this was the last straw. This woman, when she got her power back was able to move on and blossom.

What my teacher (who has now left her body) taught me, is to learn the core of the medicine and then adapt it to my own recipe. It doesn’t mean water it down or disrespect it in any way. It means make it your own, so it fits you like a glove. I hold strong the core structure that is the essence of the medicine I was taught both via my teacher and by spirit, and the original tools that still work so well to this day. On her death bed, my teacher and I talked and she was so happy that I would continue the work in my own way. You see, she on her death bed saw that nothing of what she taught me was owned. It was a service to give it, to share it and to be of service in this medicine.
In Plastic Shamans they referred to Carlos Castenda, Lynn Andrews and Michael Harner as those who have ripped the indigenous people off. I cannot say I have read a huge amount of Castaneda but what I read didn’t resonate much. I found myself more resonant with Taisha Abelar. Lynn Andrews has offered a few good tips here and there and Michaeal Harner, well admittedly I read him in the early days but even that didn’t rock my boat much. I have had quite a few people come to me after doing his workshops who didn’t get back into their bodies properly and ended up fractured energetically. This is the danger of big group workshops especially if your a sensitive person.

All of these people regardless what you think of them or what they practiced, tried to bring some consciousness to the western mindset. Buddhism has done the same, but those that have brought buddhism across from the east have been welcomed, because they get that they don’t ‘own’ the techniques. They are happy for it to spread for the benefit of humanity. When a monk teaches you a technique he doesn’t say if you share it with others you have to pay me or say ‘its mine’.

I feel this ownership comes out of the wound of colonisation. The medicine that has come through and filtered down and changed, is not necessarily anyones fault. Its just how humanity has adapted to information and new concepts. We of this time are ‘personal recipe makers’ and some say that to take a traditional way and adapt it, is disrespectful.  But we of this time are not traditional people. We are modern contemporary people and we have been taught to adapt or die. So we adapt things to help us continue to thrive rather than just survive.

The main point for me is how I value and respect and honour those that have gone before me and those that have shared their medicine with me. I am always in honour ofimages them and my path is about integrity, safety and offering the tools I have learned to offer to those who need them.

I do not own a home, car, expensive anything. I do a lot for nothing and keep my prices low. I do not turn anyone away who is in need even if they have not a penny. But neither am I a walk over or someone who can be insulted or mocked for the service that I offer. I have walked this medicine path over 20 years (this lifetime) and I will continue to do so beyond death. This is what my ripping apart (dark night of the soul initiation) showed me, that this is what I came for. To be of service.

Spirit has called me to this path and initially I bucked it like a bronco for a good while until the wake up slap was so hard I had to pay attention. Was I called to this path? Abso-bloody-loootly! So no its not a costume I wear to fluff my ego. I am but a part of the service of spirit. I am but a hollow bone.

I honour all the traditions. But I do not live in that time. I live in this time. And I offer what works for me and am more than happy to share it.

So yes there are plastic shamans, for sure. But there are also people of good heart and integrity who find this path a blessing in their lives and want to share it, who honour what they are doing and from who they learned it from, may that be through spirit guidance, teachers, or helpers on this earth.

I have been writing this for a blog post on and off for the last few weeks as have had a run of clients being messed with via so called medicine men and women healers. Then this morning I got a message from an arrogant man who sat on his seat of judgement looking down at me. He knew absolutely nothing about me or my path of medicine but he was happy to judge me and belittle me. I kind of had to laugh and kindly reflected back to him what he projected and suggested he do better research before he stuck the knife into someone he knows zip about. So hence, this blog had to go up.

This is a contentious subject, I get that. But that should not prevent me from speaking from my heart how I feel about it.

I would like to hear your thoughts and feelings on this, with kindness.

If your path is to be of service in this way, choose to be a lighthouse.

Stand strteaching-is-like-a-lighthouse-2-638ong in your truth and be a guide for others with your light of integrity. Don’t suck the light from others. Emanate your own.

Beyond the Battle


Most everywhere you look nowadays people are in battle. Religions are in battle, politicians are in battle, and people in general are in battle with others and within themselves.

Some of these battles are happening because conscious caring people are trying to fight against injustice or unfairness. We have been taught that we must fight for our rights, fight against cancer, fight for our children and the list goes on.

Depression and anxiety has become common place and within that, there is a great battle within the self. People with mental health/acute sensitivity often feel that every day is a battle to just get through.

We come from a history of war fought on many fronts. Some wars came out of needing to protect the vulnerable but most nowdays, come from the need to win over and beat another and to profit in some way. The word battle comes from the Latin ‘battuere’ ‘to beat’.

This is primarily what battle is about, the winner beating the loser.

Trapped in the duality of choosing or being, one or the other – If you dont win, you lose and if you lose, you didnt win….

Through religion and superstition,  history shows that we have been reared and suckled through the duality of GOOd vs EVIL, the DEVIL vs GOD, the LIGHT vs DARK and MAN vs WOMAN.

This perception has been handed down from one generation to the next by both men and women and and due to this people have become polarised, believing  that it has to be one or the other.

Even in these modern times with all the wholistic based new age therapies there is still this underlying ‘battle’ that many assume they need to fight.

If you come across a shadow being in non ordinary reality, in this state of mind, people still often perceive it as ‘evil’ and that my friends, sets up a battle from the get go.

Again I am reminded of one of my all time favourite stories ‘Angulimala meets the6153562566_725db94d9a_b Buddha’ (link to a simplified version of it @

Story telling has always been a way of teaching lessons in some way. And the story of Angulimala, to me is a story of moving beyond the ‘Battle’.

At the core of the original Buddhist teachings, being in the state of the witness and being in the state of compassion are the two primary practices.

One learns to move beyond the battle of the mind and become the viewing witness without an agenda. In being in this witness state of mind, there is no good or evil. It simply just ‘is’.

Add to that being in a state of compassion and the dualism, the battle dissolves. This to me is the teachings of when Angulimala meets up with Buddha and Buddha does not go into battle with him, nor seeks to win.

I am not saying we all need to be fluffy mung bean and peace about everything. Believe me I get beyond cranky at injustices, meanness and cruelty of any kind and I stand up and speak up when I feel its important. I also stand up in non ordinary reality to anything that I find of imbalance that may want to suck from me.

However standing my ground is very different to going into battle. I witness within myself that if I move fully into the state of ‘Battle’ I don’t emanate a good vibration. I moon+horns+deer+fantasy+art+glowing+artwork+stag+1920x1080+wallpaper_www.wall321.com_66don’t like myself much and nothing productive comes from it. Purge my anger, sure. Go into battle….no.

This is what made the difference when I was battling a storehouse of entity invasion when I was in my late 2o’s and and different times after that till I really got a hold on how to deal what I refer to as ‘Uninvited Guests’.

When people contact me saying they are being invaded by ‘evil’ beings. I know they are in ‘battle mode’. This mode is totally draining and detrimental to ones health both mentally and physically and its based in fear and reaction. I can hear a thought pop up from someone who would say “So do I become a doormat and surrender to it?’ No, not at all. That is the duality of seeing ones self as ‘losing’

The remedy is not lying down and saying ‘beat me’.

The medicine is

Standing strong in your core self

If you do not have a strong inner core then build your sanctuary within, practice recapitulation daily, work with your power animals that help you feel safe and protected, meditate on a warm light emanate from your centre, practice inner house cleaning, clean your space regularly both energetically and physhically and practice the meditation for sensitive’s.

Moving into the state of the witness

If you do not have a strong inner witness learn simple non religious based buddhist mediative techniques e.g.: Vipassana or Mindfulness.

Emanating compassion

If you do not have a strong sense of compassion then you may want to learn a mediative technique called ‘Metta’ (compassionate loving kindness) which moves one into a state of caring for others without attachment and or begin working with your inner child, which moves one into a state of compassionate awareness)

When these three gems are united there is no need for battle. One can stand in ones own strength. The dark is simply the unknown until its known via the witness and the light of compassion is what dissolves that which is out of balance.

This is how we move beyond the battle within and without.

One can stand strong, speak up, hold ones space, reclaim anything that has been lost within and clear off anything that does not belong.

So lets drop this word ‘Evil’ and replace it with the word ‘Imbalance’
And lets put the weapons of battle down, stand in our power and emanate compassion both for ourselves and for those that are lost in the dark.




The Shamanic Experience

Born to be wildWhat defines shamanism in comparison to other paths of consciousness??

The main thing that separates shamanism from other spiritual pathways is it is not based on a academic or religious philosophy or belief, nor is there a particular leader or gods or goddesses to worship and there is no one common story or mythology that  was born out of its knowing.

In that is completely different to all other pathways. It combines well with other things to an extent but because it’s not based on ‘belief or doctrine’ it tends to stand alone.

Shamanism is primarily about the EXPERIENCE. And its not something one can intellectualize in the thinking of the mind, it’s a wholistic experience that effects all parts of the being, mind, spirit, soul, body.

In todays times humanity is big on what sells, what one can acquire and what one must have. This is about consumerism and spirituality has been sold to the consumer big time. The quick fix does not include experience, its generally either shutting down an aspect of the self or its only touching on the superficial by a fast rush like hit of what could be.

Like teaching a child to walk, one learns by the experience over and over again and then once they have worked out the fundamentals they can walk with ease. Shamanism takes time to learn just like walking does. But the benifits are so worth the time invested.

I have always seen shamanism as a deep diving experience. That does not mean that oneFreeDivingscience_web_1024 chooses to be drowned in the darkness of the unconsious. It means that through intention and skill one can move in to a deeper place and see whats at the bottom of the issue and bring it back to the surface, to the light of acceptance, validation and acknowledgement and in that it transforms and transmutes into a learning experience.

Many people think that diving deep into the experience will create a state of feeling lost in the dark, or going mad as a hatter. It could not be further from the truth if you have learnt the tools that will help you navigate. Once you know the terrain it is not difficult to navigate your way back to the surface. This is why shamanism offers tools to help you manage what in ordinary reality or the western psychology models is not seen or comprehended.

Without the actual experience it is just information fodder. When you really move into something with committed intent you can experience such profound shifts from the core and no it doesnt have to be horribly hard either. I find shamanism the most fun out of any path I have been on. I recently did a journey session with a client and she came out of it giggling, When she opened her eyes she looked at me with such glee and said ‘Now I know what you mean about not needing to travel so much outside when you have such realms to adventure from within!’ I love the adventure of shamansim. The adventure is the experience and I have yet to be bored by it. Its in my Soul DNA for sure.

Most people when they begin experiencing shamanism tend to learn firstly from the mind (the safe starter position) and the imagination (creative right brain) and then they take a further step and ‘experience’. The imagination is the doorway to experience but one only really ‘knows’ by experience itself.

I was recently telling some of my past challenges to a friend who was visiting as she was inquiring and was curious. I heard myself speak of several challenging experiences in my life and as I shared, I witnessed that there was absolutely no charge on what I spoke of. I shared some very deep wounds that in the past had such a huge impact on my life  and now they are much like other lives within this life that are now at peace. Why? Because every wound that arises has a lesson in it for me to EXPERIENCE and its up to me to ingest it, own it, transform it and release it.

TransformationShamanism is a living experience where worlds are multi layered and time is irrelevant.
Shamanism brought forth my inner family, my inner safety and my calling.

All these things came via me


Take a walk down the stairs from your mind into your heart
Then into your soul
And EXPERIENCE what is occurring.
Learn through the EXPERIENCE.
Transform the EXPERIENCE
and let it go.






(c) O. Nightsky 2018


Recapitulation Reminder

600_451159830Dear Kin

Many of you ask me about recapitulation over and over again. I have posted it before so this time please copy it and keep it. It’s an essential tool to survive in this busy chaotic climate. It is a very old shamanic technique that is easy to do and you can really go deep with it in your own time.

Look and see if the outbreath or inbreath is deeper, fuller, longer when you practice. This lets you know if you are more likely to give your power away or that you absorb too much of others debri’s.

Recapitulation is akin to a mini soul retrieval and can get you through challenging time until you find a good practitioner to work with to do deeper work. You can also find it and other tools and journey tips in my workbook at my website.



Recapitulation is going back in time to recover energy that has been lost. In the past chapters we have been looking at clearing the energy in your home and cutting cords to prevent people draining your energy. Now we are going to go back in time and reclaim lost energy and give back energy that is not yours.

It is obvious why we have to get back lost energy, but maybe not so obvious why we have to give back energy that is not ours. It is a shamanic law that energy can only be used by the person who originally owned it. If energy is given to us, or we inadvertently take energy from another person or even if we try to steal energy from someone else, we cannot use it if it is not ours. If we cannot use it what use is it to us? It has no use at all except to become a burden to carry around. Anything that has no use becomes a burden in time, and burdens drain energy, make us tired and weaken us physically. The reason we are doing this shamanic work is to find out what is really ours, and if something belongs to someone else we need to either give it back or simply let it go and hopefully it will find its way back to where it belongs.

Recapitulation can be an enormous task that takes years for the ‘serious shaman’ or it can be an activity that is done everyday in just a few minutes. We will start off by explaining the easy way first.


Daily Recapitulation

At some time during the day, possibly before you go to bed at night, take some quite time and go over the events of the day. Maybe you would like to write a list in your journal of everyone you had contact with on this day. Then start at the top of the list and focus you mind on all of the interactions you had with this person. Remember with as much detail as you can: the situation; what happened with this person; how you felt at this time and any thought or decisions you made about yourself or that person or life itself.


The interaction doesn’t have to be unpleasant for you to lose energy. A caring and loving friend may give you their energy and call it compassion or healing, but remember you can’t use other people’s energy and no matter how well meaning they are you need to give it back. You can even pick up energy from people in the street who you are not even aware of.


There are very fine filaments between you and a person and a situation you were in together, like cords only much more subtle. The process of remembering strengthens these filaments and allows you to take back any energy you have lost. Also it enables you to give back through the same filaments any negative energy that came to you during that time. For example: eating at a busy restaurant. There are lots of energies of different people who possibly have never been cleared from the space. That’s not to say its negative or bad is just wasn’t cleared, and that’s the energy you may walk away with.


How much energy do you pick up in a normal day? How much energy do you lose in a normal day? It’s a wonder we have any usable energy at all with this mixing and mingling so it’s very important to sort out and recapitulate to recover that which is ours and to clear out that which does not belong to us.

Recapitulation With Important People And Situations In Your Life

If you can do the daily process regularly that is great. Now you have gained some of your lost energy and feel you would like to take the next step, set aside an hour or so and begin recovering some of your lost energy, and giving back inappropriate energy from others from your past. Of course you will not be able to recapitulate all of the people and situations that follow, just do as much as you have energy and concentration for each time.

SET YOUR SCENE: find some time for yourself when you wont be interrupted, clear your space and light a candle to make this process sacred. Take a few minutes to be quiet and to focus you mind.

WHO IS THE PERSON WHO HAD THE MOST IMPACT UPON YOU IN THE PAST? It maybe your mother, your father, a sibling, a lover, or an ex-lover, husband or wife, teacher or student, just accept the first person that comes to mind. Don’t try to analyse your choice, trust that your subconscious is in contact with you conscious mind and is helping with this decision. Start with who ever comes in to your memory now.

Go through the RECAPITULATION process, getting the memory as clear as you can, turning your head and breathing. It is important to take you time and go over each scene with this person thoroughly, it is much better than whizzing though quickly so you are finished and can get on to the next person. This recapitulation make take you months or even years, and it is much more effective if you take your time with each step.

Suggested areas for clearing

If you feel the need for making your list one day and coming back to RECAPITULATE it at a later date when you have more inclination for the full process, that’s great too. Just start wherever you like and do whatever you like, whenever you like. Its all part of the process, the main thing is just to start and do it because you want to not because you think you should.

Recapitulation With Important People In Your Life

Mothers and Fathers



Other family members

Lovers, ex lovers, present lover(s)

School, university, teacher, students

Work, workmates, bosses

Holidays, places, people, sports, games.



Make a list of times when you may have lost energy to your mother. She may have put out negative energy by way of feelings, thoughts or beliefs that you picked up. Don’t judge the energy exchange, the process will do that for you, just remember times in your life when there have been “memorable” situations with your mother, from as early as you can remember up to the present. Take your time and go over each scene carefully and thoroughly, turning your head and breathing. RECAPITULATING your energy all the time.

NOTE: Have your journal handy and write every emotion you are feeling and every thought or decision you make about her or yourself at that time. Later when you have learnt Quantum Dynamics you can set to and clear the charge on the feelings.


When you have finished clearing as much as you can at this time with your mother (and that could be a mammoth task) you can begin with your father. Make a list of all the times you were with him or not with him, which may have made more of an impact on a little person. Write on you list as many scenes as you can remember. When you have done that, start with the first scene and bring it to mind as clearly as you can, remembering the situation, where it was, other people involved in this scene, how it came about, and how you were feeling at the time.


Turn you head and breathe, recovering your energy and sending back energy that you picked up at the time. Send back thoughts and decisions that were not yours, letting go of imprinting from your father or others at that time. Remember to write in your journal emotions, feelings, thoughts and decisions you made at that time that are not really in your best interest to keep. The clearing will happen later with QD.


Siblings possibly had quite an influence on you, as would grandparents and other members of an extended family. Recapitulate each one separately taking your time and going over each person and situations that come to mind concerning these people. You may be quite surprised just what memories you uncover in this process.




(c) Odette Nightsky















The Journey

JourneyMore times than I can count I see people wanting to be ‘fixed’. They want what ever is their life challenge to be healed. I remember when I was younger wanting the same. I remember wishing that I wasn’t that sensitive and wanting to be ‘normal’ like everyone else. Like that was ever going to happen! Ha!

What people seem to miss when doing any kind of inner deep work is that its a journey. The inner work is not the western model of ‘fixing’ something.

As a soul you came here and agreed to certain challenging lessons. It didn’t say ‘hey! give me a dysfunctional family to be born into.’ But your soul knew that coming into this life you would be learning and discovering and it would be a life journey (however long that may be).

Every inner discovery is a deeper step on the journey. Every opening will lead you deeper and to see more than you did previously.

I know that my soul came purposely to be challenged but I also see the beauty in my journey. The depth of experience has increased ten fold, not because I have succeeded in anything…more that I have not given up, ever. I am tenacious and if I am still here I still have more to learn.

Feeling uncomfortable on the journey is an opportunity to be stretched from within. This is the time to meditate (however that feels right for you to do) clear the mind debri’s by writing what is churning within and then practice your tools. Nothing will be gained if you don’t take action.

bilbo-bagginsLike in the Hobbit movie. It begins as an adventure and then challenges have to be overcome and fears confronted. You like the Hobbit have spirit kin (friends) within that can assist you, just like Frodo does, but ultimately its up to you to find the inner soul strength. Bilbo and Frodo were not big on confidence, yet they had good hearts, courage a sense of humour and great persistence when things were at their darkest.

If you want something to change you will need to take daily action. You will need to tether your camel. (In brief is from an old parable about a camel herder who was too tired to tether his camel and told Allah to take care of it for him. He awoke to it gone. The learning then was ‘ Tether your camel because your hands are the hands of Allah)

When you fully take responsibility for your own journey without blaming another then you will grow and gain insight, if however your don’t put the time into it, then you may be constantly spinning in confusion.

Will there be resistance to doing these practices, journeying within and taking responsibility for your souls journey in this life? Of course! Resistance is part of the journey of learning to trust in yourself and your choices. Thank the resistance (the protector from within and step forward)

Time: When you look at a season like Autumn, the leaves don’t let go all in one go, it 58690ed0fda9fce2dfb2cb3eab0417f2happens gradually and in natures time. Letting go is a process and honestly if you let go all at once there is a chance that you could not cope with the shift and end up in massive out of body crisis….so please don’t be in such a hurry. Allow yourself to grow and learn by experience. Each step is hugely valuable along the journey of the soul.

Stay in the journey of the moment that you are in. Sit in it. Write down the things that feel out of balance in your life right now. There may be situations where you cannot change the outer circumstances, but you can change the inner responses. You can change how you respond or react to what is out of balance. That is in your control.

Clear any debri’s by using tools like recapitulation, cording, clearing projections and clearing your aura, Meditation for sensitives, inner house cleaning etc. Journey to your inner child , hang out, listen to him/her love them up for a time….

You are exactly where you are meant to be. You have not done anything wrong. This is your journey and you are where you need to be in your life to stretch and learn and find insight.

a607fc095ff1c2532045f65b61dd6bd7Wherever you go, your journey will go with you. If you don’t like where you are at and have the ability to change the outer circumstances, do that. If not, adapt and find ways to self nourish, debrief with someone you trust (not your partner or parent) and take each day as an opportunity to grow and be stretched.

When I was young, I thought it was all about the destination. Time and experience has shown me that the destination will take care of itself, the journey is right here and right now and its up to me how I engage with it.

Gratitude is something that enhances the journey, no matter how challenging. If you find it difficult to pick 5 things a day you are grateful for, its telling you that you need to journey within more and nourish.

We are all on a journey

You can see it as an arduous sentence or a challenging adventure.
Attitude is everything.


703b05d31620bd157ff60d5907a29ae4.jpgAs Helen Keller said: Life is either a great adventure…or nothing.

When you see the inner life as an adventure and wounds as souls challenges to be balanced you are well on your way.

Life as a soul in an earthsuit is a journey that can make your life much richer, deeper and multidimensional.


Blessings Odette

(C) Odette Nightsky 2018