Beyond the Battle


Most everywhere you look nowadays people are in battle. Religions are in battle, politicians are in battle, and people in general are in battle with others and within themselves.

Some of these battles are happening because conscious caring people are trying to fight against injustice or unfairness. We have been taught that we must fight for our rights, fight against cancer, fight for our children and the list goes on.

Depression and anxiety has become common place and within that, there is a great battle within the self. People with mental health/acute sensitivity often feel that every day is a battle to just get through.

We come from a history of war fought on many fronts. Some wars came out of needing to protect the vulnerable but most nowdays, come from the need to win over and beat another and to profit in some way. The word battle comes from the Latin ‘battuere’ ‘to beat’.

This is primarily what battle is about, the winner beating the loser.

Trapped in the duality of choosing or being, one or the other – If you dont win, you lose and if you lose, you didnt win….

Through religion and superstition,  history shows that we have been reared and suckled through the duality of GOOd vs EVIL, the DEVIL vs GOD, the LIGHT vs DARK and MAN vs WOMAN.

This perception has been handed down from one generation to the next by both men and women and and due to this people have become polarised, believing  that it has to be one or the other.

Even in these modern times with all the wholistic based new age therapies there is still this underlying ‘battle’ that many assume they need to fight.

If you come across a shadow being in non ordinary reality, in this state of mind, people still often perceive it as ‘evil’ and that my friends, sets up a battle from the get go.

Again I am reminded of one of my all time favourite stories ‘Angulimala meets the6153562566_725db94d9a_b Buddha’ (link to a simplified version of it @

Story telling has always been a way of teaching lessons in some way. And the story of Angulimala, to me is a story of moving beyond the ‘Battle’.

At the core of the original Buddhist teachings, being in the state of the witness and being in the state of compassion are the two primary practices.

One learns to move beyond the battle of the mind and become the viewing witness without an agenda. In being in this witness state of mind, there is no good or evil. It simply just ‘is’.

Add to that being in a state of compassion and the dualism, the battle dissolves. This to me is the teachings of when Angulimala meets up with Buddha and Buddha does not go into battle with him, nor seeks to win.

I am not saying we all need to be fluffy mung bean and peace about everything. Believe me I get beyond cranky at injustices, meanness and cruelty of any kind and I stand up and speak up when I feel its important. I also stand up in non ordinary reality to anything that I find of imbalance that may want to suck from me.

However standing my ground is very different to going into battle. I witness within myself that if I move fully into the state of ‘Battle’ I don’t emanate a good vibration. I moon+horns+deer+fantasy+art+glowing+artwork+stag+1920x1080+wallpaper_www.wall321.com_66don’t like myself much and nothing productive comes from it. Purge my anger, sure. Go into battle….no.

This is what made the difference when I was battling a storehouse of entity invasion when I was in my late 2o’s and and different times after that till I really got a hold on how to deal what I refer to as ‘Uninvited Guests’.

When people contact me saying they are being invaded by ‘evil’ beings. I know they are in ‘battle mode’. This mode is totally draining and detrimental to ones health both mentally and physically and its based in fear and reaction. I can hear a thought pop up from someone who would say “So do I become a doormat and surrender to it?’ No, not at all. That is the duality of seeing ones self as ‘losing’

The remedy is not lying down and saying ‘beat me’.

The medicine is

Standing strong in your core self

If you do not have a strong inner core then build your sanctuary within, practice recapitulation daily, work with your power animals that help you feel safe and protected, meditate on a warm light emanate from your centre, practice inner house cleaning, clean your space regularly both energetically and physhically and practice the meditation for sensitive’s.

Moving into the state of the witness

If you do not have a strong inner witness learn simple non religious based buddhist mediative techniques e.g.: Vipassana or Mindfulness.

Emanating compassion

If you do not have a strong sense of compassion then you may want to learn a mediative technique called ‘Metta’ (compassionate loving kindness) which moves one into a state of caring for others without attachment and or begin working with your inner child, which moves one into a state of compassionate awareness)

When these three gems are united there is no need for battle. One can stand in ones own strength. The dark is simply the unknown until its known via the witness and the light of compassion is what dissolves that which is out of balance.

This is how we move beyond the battle within and without.

One can stand strong, speak up, hold ones space, reclaim anything that has been lost within and clear off anything that does not belong.

So lets drop this word ‘Evil’ and replace it with the word ‘Imbalance’
And lets put the weapons of battle down, stand in our power and emanate compassion both for ourselves and for those that are lost in the dark.




8 thoughts on “Beyond the Battle

  1. Bravo Shaman Odette! And thank you, once again. Your writing always falls at the precise time when what you’re talking about is at its peak. You are one the best and I always love reading you! Long life and much Love to you, very dear Spiritual Guide! May your teachings always reach a greater audience of believers in the Universal Truth and realities of all dimensions.

  2. Odette,
    Thank you. Your insight is spot on. I have been checking in on your blog for years now just here and there at random. I appreciate you so much because your topic is always so relevant to the thing I have going on. I am Doing so much core work now. Your words are a huge affirmative encouragement. I truly respect and appreciate you! Just felt I should let you know. I’m usually quiet and don’t comment but respond by try to apply good directives in my way and how to go in life and good goes around that way. Good for you now.
    Love you! MA

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