The Shamanic Experience

Born to be wildWhat defines shamanism in comparison to other paths of consciousness??

The main thing that separates shamanism from other spiritual pathways is it is not based on a academic or religious philosophy or belief, nor is there a particular leader or gods or goddesses to worship and there is no one common story or mythology that  was born out of its knowing.

In that is completely different to all other pathways. It combines well with other things to an extent but because it’s not based on ‘belief or doctrine’ it tends to stand alone.

Shamanism is primarily about the EXPERIENCE. And its not something one can intellectualize in the thinking of the mind, it’s a wholistic experience that effects all parts of the being, mind, spirit, soul, body.

In todays times humanity is big on what sells, what one can acquire and what one must have. This is about consumerism and spirituality has been sold to the consumer big time. The quick fix does not include experience, its generally either shutting down an aspect of the self or its only touching on the superficial by a fast rush like hit of what could be.

Like teaching a child to walk, one learns by the experience over and over again and then once they have worked out the fundamentals they can walk with ease. Shamanism takes time to learn just like walking does. But the benifits are so worth the time invested.

I have always seen shamanism as a deep diving experience. That does not mean that oneFreeDivingscience_web_1024 chooses to be drowned in the darkness of the unconsious. It means that through intention and skill one can move in to a deeper place and see whats at the bottom of the issue and bring it back to the surface, to the light of acceptance, validation and acknowledgement and in that it transforms and transmutes into a learning experience.

Many people think that diving deep into the experience will create a state of feeling lost in the dark, or going mad as a hatter. It could not be further from the truth if you have learnt the tools that will help you navigate. Once you know the terrain it is not difficult to navigate your way back to the surface. This is why shamanism offers tools to help you manage what in ordinary reality or the western psychology models is not seen or comprehended.

Without the actual experience it is just information fodder. When you really move into something with committed intent you can experience such profound shifts from the core and no it doesnt have to be horribly hard either. I find shamanism the most fun out of any path I have been on. I recently did a journey session with a client and she came out of it giggling, When she opened her eyes she looked at me with such glee and said ‘Now I know what you mean about not needing to travel so much outside when you have such realms to adventure from within!’ I love the adventure of shamansim. The adventure is the experience and I have yet to be bored by it. Its in my Soul DNA for sure.

Most people when they begin experiencing shamanism tend to learn firstly from the mind (the safe starter position) and the imagination (creative right brain) and then they take a further step and ‘experience’. The imagination is the doorway to experience but one only really ‘knows’ by experience itself.

I was recently telling some of my past challenges to a friend who was visiting as she was inquiring and was curious. I heard myself speak of several challenging experiences in my life and as I shared, I witnessed that there was absolutely no charge on what I spoke of. I shared some very deep wounds that in the past had such a huge impact on my life  and now they are much like other lives within this life that are now at peace. Why? Because every wound that arises has a lesson in it for me to EXPERIENCE and its up to me to ingest it, own it, transform it and release it.

TransformationShamanism is a living experience where worlds are multi layered and time is irrelevant.
Shamanism brought forth my inner family, my inner safety and my calling.

All these things came via me


Take a walk down the stairs from your mind into your heart
Then into your soul
And EXPERIENCE what is occurring.
Learn through the EXPERIENCE.
Transform the EXPERIENCE
and let it go.






(c) O. Nightsky 2018


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