The Astral Planet Guide. Resilience 101.

Astral CoverAm sure you have heard of “The Lonely Planet Guide” and Arthur and his Knights on the Quest for the Grail?

Well this is an ‘Astral Planet Guide’ with a taste of both that will support you in building resilience. The guide offers you a backpack  of insights, approaches and tools to make your inner spiritual quest a more enjoyable and a less challenging one.

Your backpack will provide provisions for resilience along the journey.





Retrieval and Recapitulation


Hope & Trust.

You can purchase this as an EBook, which is great for those who have tablets or as a PDF re-flow able for those on laptops and older computers. The reflowable is recommended for those that may be unable to open Ebooks.

It’s a helpful adventurous read so just request your preference.

I will check in each day and send off the orders please give it 24 hours.

$11 Australian





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