Your Core Truth


It can be very difficult at times to define your core truth in the midst of the search for it.

There are many pathways in the world of alternative modalities and just as many pot holes. A new type of healing is advertised and you head that way. You meet a friend that comes back from a wonderful retreat (that suited them) and you head that way. Someone advertises themselves as a ‘master’ and a ‘Healer. And you get pulled in that direction thinking ‘will someone just fix me please!!’

When one calls himself or herself a ‘master’ or a ‘healer’ they better have proof to back it up! I have rarely if ever met someone I would give that title to. I have met incredibly wise beings, teachers, and those that can help to move your trauma out of the way so you’re being can naturally heal itself, yes. But the former is incredibly rare.

The want to heal is deep and it can take a person to a place of desperation and some to a place of giving over their core truth in the hope of being saved. This is what happens to people who are drawn into fanatical cults. There is a slow eroding of the inner self to the point that the so called ‘Master Healer’ has you harnessed by the spirit and you look to them for ‘their’ knowledge and truth.

You know ‘your’ truth better than anyone no matter how stormy or fragmented it looks.the-head-in-a-cloud-1382391574_b The core of your being knows the truth that resonates with you the best. Of course that core can feel damaged, split, torn. But it’s usually the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that have manifested due to trauma that makes it seem hard to source.

In all that I have learned and encountered over the years. I tend to dive into thing fully and as I swim through it I feel a nudge from within that is my core self calling me to listen. What I have learned adds to my ways and expands my mind but my core stays stable. Not blocked. Not stubborn. Not rigid. Stable and grounded with flexibility.

A little practice in getting to know your core truth.

  1. What if anything brings me a sense of calm? (Feel free to use your imagination.)
  2. When I sense this little moment of calm, where in my body do I feel it?
  3. Now put your hand on that place, take your breath into that spot on your body and that feeling of calm and add the picture of calm to it.
  4. Now ask yourself ‘ If I go in this direction how does my soul feel?’
  5. What happens to your sensation? What happens to your breath? What happens to your feeling of calm?

Your core truth has a sense of feeling like a settled place when something fits like a glove and your body is at ease and your mind is quiet. Sure it can also feel excited and passionate too, but underneath all that there is a calm surety about it.

You are the best healer you know. You are the best inner teacher you know. Sure there is guidance out there to help you find your way and there are lots of detours on the journey so its great to have a guide.

Much like you’re in a country you have never been to and don’t speak the language and a_85199721_c0177669-black_hole,_artwork-spl guide is very handy so if you do get lost it’s more like an adventure! (I like to think of myself much like one of those types of guides)

So please don’t let anyone rob you of your core truth even if you are still trying to find it. A good warning sign is :If they harm or manipulation or make you feel small, or shame you, they are not a good guide. They may be talented, gifted etc. but that doesn’t mean they are a good guide for your wellbeing. Healthy guidance comes with love. Sure it can be tough love in times when something needs to be gotten to the bottom of, but it is always done in a compassionate way and not with any personal agenda or harm intended.

Your core truth is who you are beyond the trauma’s, beyond the patterning, beyond the dysfunctional behavior, beyond the undermining, and beyond your low self worth.



Ask to speak to your inner child.

Ask to speak to your wise self.


Your wise self is not arrogant and your inner child will tell you what you need via what he/she needs.

In connecting with them both on a regular basis your core truth will become more visible and you will enjoy the journey much, much more.


Odette Nightsky



© Nightsky March 2017




Living And loving The Earth Suit You Are In.

6048904_origWe all originate from the same source (whatever you choose to name it) and in my view, far beyond the rights and wrongs of duality.

In my understanding we all chose to come here, maybe not knowing how things would play out exactly, what experiences and challenges we were in for, but on a deeper level a part of us said yes to another adventure on this earth called Gaia.


An adventure in what I refer to as our ‘Earth Suits.’

Our spirit began to incarnate at a certain time during our earth suit development. In some tribes they believe that the spirit of the child does not come in till a certain age, where as others would challenge that and say it is as soon as the spark of fertilization engaged that the soul came in.

Regardless of when the soul actually incarnated inside the earth suit, the baby arrives into this world after being housed in a womb.

Watch an infant as it adjusts to being here in its earth suit. It ‘generally’ sleeps a lot in its first months because the birthing process is usually exhausting and it needs nourishment and growth time to fine-tune inhabiting the vessel it’s in.

220648598-wriggling-0-6-months-hand-raised-cushionIn time it begins to wriggle, use its eyes more, makes noises with its mouth, sucks what part of the body it can, using its mouth to identify things, moves its hands trying to use them, juts out its little legs every which way, bends its back to adjust to the use of its spine etc.

I am always in awe of babies as I view them as souls incarnating into a little body in which it often feels way too big for.

“How on earth do I fit into this thing? Why is it so limiting?”


As the earth suit and the relationship to it develops, the frustration of trying to grab things, learning to crawl, pushing itself to stand, and walk without tumbling soon turns into a thrill when they accomplish what is perceived as a simple task for adults.

The soul is getting a handle on its earth suit and how it works.

Earth suits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some function better than others. Regardless of what earth suit we have we need to make the best of what we are given, what we have incarnated into.

When the earth suit is not all one hoped it would be.

One of my best friends, who left his body to the world of spirit, entered the earth’s atmosphere this time round with a paralyzed body and only a few fingers working on one hand. His diagnosis was Cerebral Palsy. He was put into an institution at an early age as his parents struggled to care for him. He suffered institutional abuse, needed a wheelchair to get him around, sounded as if he was a bit drunk when he spoke and his earth suit seemed to have a jerking life of its own.

However…and this is a big however. When I met him as an adult I met the cheekiest, wittiest, most caring, pioneer in disabilities that one could ever meet. His humorous timing was quick as a whip and he was as smart as they come.

His earth suit was not like everyone else, and didn’t function as well but his heart was huge and what he did for others with disAbilities and in advocacy was inspiring and ground breaking. He achieved well in academia, specializing in his area as well as circumnavigating Australia in an electronic wheelchair!

He admitted there were a few mutinies along the way! As it was a hard journey to fund (Australia is huge and at that time any one with a disability was shunned and or locked up) and he was rather bull headed at times. A determined Taurus to the max! Ha! Through the searing heat and long hours in the wheelchair his earth suit kept hanging in there right to the end.

This was all to promote the cause and understanding of people with ‘disAbilities’. Jacob was never resentful about the earth suit that he incarnated into. Ever. He saw it as a gift. He experienced several sensual loving meaningful relationships and perpetually saw the glass full and life an adventurous opportunity.

A few images I will always remember: His partner clambering into his lap and kissing him affectionately. And the time I was dancing with him on the dance floor while he twirled the handle on his electronic wheelchair with his one good hand and moved his defiant earth suit to the beat. He had wonderful rhythm.

Jacob saw the potential in what he was given and made the most out of it.

I must say that before he passed away he was quite angry at his earth suit for not keeping up with his feisty pioneering soul. Yet he finally found a sense of peace before he left his body and am sure he came back as fast as possible knowing him.

What type of earth suit he incarnated into again….hmmm I wonder? I’m looking forward to catching up with him again in some way.  Such a positive life affirming being was Jacob Baldwin. nma-44066052-001-wm-w685This is one of my favorite photos. I think it sums him up beautifully and I feel deep in my soul that he is more than happy for me to write about him in this way.

Whatever earth suit we get its up to us to utilize it as best we can. I am very grateful for mine that has worked so well for so long. It’s not to say that it hasn’t been challenged. I had an eye operation at three. A kidney removed at thirteen, and more confronting life tests to see if my earth suit could spring back… and I must say it’s done pretty damn well!

However.  I am not my earth suit. I am a being residing in this very functional wondrous human vessel. Sure I may not be the best eater or the best at exercise but I am in good health so far as I know and what does challenge me is up to me to overcome.

The best way I have overcome physical challenges is to look beyond the earth suit and see what else may be blocking its well-being. Then I look at it much like a case manager might. Like a pie chart, each section needs attention. My body, my mind (thoughts), my spirit and my heart (emotions). They all need to work together.

What is my body asking for that I have been ignoring?

What is my heart needing from me that I have been wanting from another?

What is my inner voice (my spirit) telling me to do that I have been ignoring?

The spiritual relationship one has with their body is so very important. It’s not about starving oneself on a lettuce leaf or going to a boot camp to torture yourself each day. (Hey if you really like boot camp go for it, I myself would end up running off in exhaustion or telling the instructor to….)

It’s about ‘caring’ for the self. It’s about respecting, nurturing, nourishing and listening to the needs of your earth suit, and then doing what is indicated a ‘little’ each day. I little loving goes a long long way. My body nudges me to things it needs. I know the differencetenor between the craving (the wanting of sugar for example) and the needing of nourishment now. The nudge does not beg for anything it just gently leans towards what it requires. Like at the moment a few chopped bits of cold pineapple before breakfast (pineapple very good for moving bacteria through the intestines).

In the heat of the Australian summer, my body needs hydration. Not only by drinking plenty of clean filtered water but also by being immersed in it. So in the hotter days to come I am planning to head to a river to give it what it needs: A good deep emersion for a good long while, till I feel happily water-logged.

My earth suit and my spirit self loves to swim in fresh non-chlorinated water!

How about you? What does your earth suit need?

We are all spiritual beings residing in wondrous earth suits.

energy-bodyNurture and nourish the wonderful vessel that you arrived in, no matter what shape or ability it may have. You can’t take it with you when you go, so make the most of it while you have it here and now.



 (c) Odette Nightsky 2017

Ps. give it a hug or a nice caring caress daily or when you remember…it deserves it.



Sessions with Odette in Contemporary Shamanism

safe-practicesDear Kin I have been asked to share what I do in sessions of service so I thought to take a few moments and offer some insight into my ways.

Before each session I clear space both on a practical level and an energetic level.

I then become quiet and invite spirit and my spirit kin to sit with me.

I ask Great Spirit-Earth Mother and all my inner kin (this includes guides and power animals that have chosen to be of service in my medicine practice) for assistance in helping me get out of my own way so I may be of service to whom I will be having a session with.

I then focus on the energies of the client to come. I drop in and receive both statements and images.

When a client has confirmed their booking via payment for a Skype session, I ask them to take some space beforehand to write down any questions or queries they may want clarity on. Often things don’t arise in the moment and its frustrating to come away thinking that they wished they would have asked something that they forgot. This can be anything from being unable to cope with grief, otherworldly experiences, blocks, mental health challenges, inner child healing, death, guilt, fear, child abuse, trauma, feeling possessed, issues with addiction and how to deal with it from a spirit point of view, entity attachment, feeling haunted navigating, learning safe practices in contemporary shamanism, how to be a more authentic practitioner….the list goes on.

When we begin the session I invite you to share with me your most prominent issues/questions and ask a little about your cultural background as its important to me that I don’t offend where you are coming from, nor what your beliefs are. In saying that if you have come to me to talk about sinners, condemning others or the relevance of the so called devil, I am not sure I can be much help unless those are beliefs you want to move away from.

In this sharing I listen within and feel you and what you vibrate. What you put out energetically can be quite different to what you say and I usually receive images of contemporary shamanic tools, images, other lives, blocks and more than anything, the primary wounding that lies underneath all that is shared.

At times spirit will stop me and want to speak (this is not any one spirit so much as a collective of those of the medicine way that have chosen to be of assistance). At these times I generally close my eyes and translate what comes into my consciousness. This does not happen all the time, as I am now able to work hand in hand with spirit, my own experience and intuition to bring things forward that need to be heard. But when spirit does want to send a strong message they keep nudging me until I go quiet. In one Skype session I could not stop coughing. This was spirit trying to come through and I needed to drop in and share, as it was a very powerful insight to the story that needed to be told of that person’s other life and the relevance to their current life. The coughing stopped instantly as soon as I moved over to let them through. These messages can come through with a strong vibration but always with a sense of loving compassion, which is totally beyond judgment.

I am not a healer or fixer as such. Primarily I have been asked to be of service as an educator in safe contemporary medicine practices and my natural talent of wound tracking with a gentle touch is what I am known for.

In face-to-face personal sessions I tend to move into doing much more shamanic journeywork. It’s like you have a midwife with you supporting and guiding and leading you in a state of deep relaxation as you move throughout it all. Knowing what to do when you get scared and offering your supportive strength to take the next step. There is no force here in any way. You will never be forced to do anything that does not feel right. Your being and your pace is to be respected at all times

With strong trauma I make it a priority to assist you in establishing a safe place within so you can access what safety actually feels like and be moved to create a state of sanctuary within you.

I do not see myself as someone to put on a pedestal nor would I ever want to. I was fortunate enough to come across ways to bring light and repair to the shadow wounds in our lives. To embrace, love and find understanding. The more I trusted in my own unique way of doing things which at times can seem somewhat eccentric the more spirit assists me.

Through my own trauma I sought out practical, yes practical ways to honor and embrace that which we run away, suppress and hide from. I am not a traditional shaman by any means. I am more akin to being a midwife and a wound tracker with a grounded shamanic approach.

My tools and knowing comes from many cultures that I have lived, experienced and studied through many lifetimes. They all have a shamanic flavor.

tumblr_ng1zoxvy281tdmwb4o8_1280I am often called Witch. True translation a wise person by both adults and children yet my path of service is deeply based in shamanic practices. There are people who are very good gardeners with their hands, I am more of a soul gardener with my intuition, assisting you to pull out the weeds, and tend your inner garden so you can find the medicine that you need to nourish you on your own individual medicine path. (Re: weeds. They can be great as tonics once you have pulled them up!)

Depending on what your needs may be you might need more than one session. Trust and safety is often not built within one session but in saying that I have a reputation for supporting others to feel safe very quickly and my aim is to offer and teach you the tools so you no longer need me to guide you, or not as much as you initially did.

When I was first initiated into this work over more than 15 years ago now, the practice of Soul Retrieval was like a multidimensional door opening into what my spirit came her to really do. Soul Retrieval is a path of healing deep wounds. In the traditional way a shaman travels through non-ordinary reality to seek out lost fragments that split off due to trauma. I was trained to travel along with my client to where they have fragmented. My teacher offered impeccable guidance and held space so brilliantly that it was actually easy to do.

This pathway of learning was so empowering and self affirming. There has never been a client who I have guided in Soul Retrieval who has not willingly retrieved that which was lost. Which says a great deal about the way in which I was taught both by my teacher and by spirit.

I have also trained small groups of those in the path of service of Soul Retrieval and it is something that I totally love doing. Nothing gives my more joy than to offer the seeds of experience and knowledge that I have learned in this practice and other lifetimes, to others who want to be of service in alternative pathways.

Sessions with me are pretty grounded, practical, often times humorous but above all they are steeped in honoring and caring for those I am helping. It’s my calling to be of service on the path of assisting you in finding the best recipe of wellness for your unique path to balance.

My blog posts, my Facebook page post and my path of medicine service are a way of being of service to those in need. I do not do this alone. Spirit kin is behind me all the way with each person I encounter. And I am so very grateful to be able to be of some service to those in need especially in these challenging times than we have chosen to live through.

I am taking some time out from Skype sessions for the next six weeks or so to be in nature and offer some face-to-face personal sessions. I will be back in the new year, so if you wish to make a Skype booking in advance you can find me through my website or inquire about a group training or sharing’s in the basics, of building inner sanctuary, working with power animals, other lives, or soul retrieval and we shall see what we can co-ordinate.



Be gentle with yourself.

You deserve it.









Seven Tools For Tense Times

new-drum-sunWe are very fortunate in comparison to our ancestors in that we have access to many more tools to help us keep balance. There is so much available now to access ones particular needs in this regard. The challenge that we face in this era is the pace, the extremely fast pace of everything and the energetic overwhelm of the collective crisis that comes with it. Here are some tools of resilience that may assist you.


  1. Fill a glass jar with rock salt or sea salt (not crap table salt) put it in the coolest spot in your bathroom. After a long day where you feel drained hop into the shower and lightly scrub your body with the salt. Rub it between your palms and move your hands over your crown chakra in a circular swirling motion. Make sure you rub salt on where your neck meets your back and on your belly. Rinse off and do some deep relaxing breathing in the shower as it washes away, then continue to do what ever you do cleansing wise. (This helps to clear your aura and clear dense build up energetically)
  1. Recapitulation: (look to the blog post titled thus) Recapitulation helps in breathing your energy back and letting go of others energies you have absorbed.


  1. Unplug: Turn off all media electronics from the wall. No Wi-Fi, No TV, No mobiles, Nada. If you can do this every night before you go to sleep you will find your energy more restored in the morning. Even do it for one night a week it will make a difference. Choose a day to be totally not in the electronic TV, Radio, Mobile field both for you and your family. Go out into nature or do other things like drum, rattle, sing, play games with each other, read books (not macabre murders or dark things) play musical instruments etc. Take your shoes off and put your feet on the earth. If that is too cold just stand out there for a while intentionally breathing the cold cleanse through you from your crown out through your feet. This helps to restore your natural vibration devoid of the grid. If you live in an apartment nowhere near nature, imagine a tree growing right through the center of your living room or bedroom. See it strong and sturdy and connect with the essence of its strength in non-ordinary reality.
  1. Journal all your dreaming. When you journal you will find that realizations and insights occur more than they do by just remembering what happened. These times are powerful so look primarily at what the symbols of the dreaming has to do with your life. Look at them  from an archetypal viewpoint and even more importantly: What is your response and/ or reaction to what is happening? This will tell you where you are at on an unconscious deeper level.
  1. Go within to your sanctuary. Ask for nourishment from your totems. Sit with them, play with them and invite your inner child to come closer to you if they are not already in your lap. Choose to be in your heart in this sacred place. Always give thanks to those that have helped you. burning-sage
  1. Use your medicine tools, your drum, your rattle, your voice, your feet, your body. As you are singing them up, close your eyes for a while. Then open them look out for a few moments and close them again. Do this three times or more. Moving from non ordinary reality to ordinary reality.
  1. Take a moment of silence and mindfully pull your spirit into your body when you awaken before you get out of bed. This may mean you need to wake up a few minutes earlier just to literally join both your spirit and your body to align to take you into the day.

Odette NightskyDuring these times its very important that we all show our gratitude to Mother Earth for all she has provided. Find loving ways to thank her. Even putting your hands on the earth or intentionally walking on the earth in gratitude and intent. Without her none of us would be here. Make sure you do all you can to protect and honor her sacred self be that in action, word and deed.


Blessings on your journey within and without

Remember that your beaming resonant heart is your greatest ally

We are in this together

Much love



Inner Nourishment. Feeding the Spirit rather than the Ego

b9cb9bb6f63148b47fd9b115a0410d8dWhen we arrive out of our cocoon and into the light of humanity, we experience what it is like to be ‘in’ the world. We get tugged in all sorts of directions via the need for nourishment and support both externally and internally. How this is responded to or reacted to defines much of the way we view and deal with life.

Of course there are other factors, like what we bring in with us on a biological cellular level, gene wise, other life wise etc. None the less what we are taught or influenced by when we are small impacts on how we manage things emotionally as we get older.

Women (in general) have a natural predisposition to care, serve and nurture others. Many have been taught both through society and parental expectations that it is a role that they must fulfill in some way. I remember not long ago talking to a Greek woman at a bus stop and her first question to me was ‘Do you have children? Are you married?’ In the media today, if a woman is single for too long or does not have children she is perceived as somehow faulty.

Many women have been told and taught that they should not be selfish. This has halted many towards nourishing within or really knowing how to go about starting that process. Just to be clear indulging is not the same as nourishing.

I have met women who have gone to multiple workshops,  many yoga classes, do all sorts of therapy etc.…but still there is a lack and an emptiness within because they are still somehow seeking the nourishing connection outside themselves within the workshop experience/participants or the in connection with the therapist or the group class or getting off on the high that these things bring initially. It’s not about the choice of courses or the chosen workshops or therapies it’s about the deeper motivation, the hunger and the longing for nourishment.

dicksee-chivalry-1885Men (in general) are taught to be strong, courageous and brave.  They are not taught to self nourish and this leads to many having a crippling sense of low self-esteem, shame and rejection. They are left feeling depressed, in a state of self loathing and don’t step up when they are needed to. They are weakended both emotionally and spiritually.  Men have never really known how to self nourish either. Instead they are locked inside an inner prison. Trapped inside a place where there negative thoughts swallow them up.

In today’s times we see more selfishness and more narcissism than ever before. The ‘somebodies’ have their boats, there huge mansions, their private jets, their label clothes, bling, shoes wardrobes etc.

This is what has been mistaken for inner nourishment. images-1This is what the young see as THE way to be nourished. When I have asked young folk what they want in life, many answer….MONEY. That is what they see as the way to fulfillment. If they don’t have that they see themselves as failures.

On my Facebook page many of my posts refer to ways one can nourish the self from within because I see such a massive lack of it in people.

The ego is not the e0ab1fd9c355fd2a386ea1e40b4e8c098nemy as its part of us that helps us survive in all kind of ways, however it can be quite greedy.

It ‘wants’ things much like a child that you take to the shop and says ‘Can I have this?, I want this, can I have this? Or another example might be the child that has way too many presents every time their birthday or Christmas comes around and they rip the present open and then quickly move onto the next without hardly acknowledging it or those who gave it to them.

They have a bent  sense of meaning in what being imagesnourished represents and their parents are just trying to keep up with the demands. The child becomes addicted to what they ‘want’ much like the rich reality lot that the media loves to shove down TV lover’s throats. This is what many of the youth today equate with what they want and what they MUST have in order to survive in society.

Sitting in a luxurious apartment with all the money in the world, all the bling you need and all the connections you need to make you socially acceptable, is a far cry from inner nourishment. It’s narcissistic JUNK FOOD!!

We do have a choice in what we want to feed and nourish on a regular basis.

The spiritual self and the child within, is in need of nourishment. It needs sustenance that won’t come in the shape of anything money can buy.

Feed the Ego or the Spirit.

I am not saying become all pure, righteous and mung bean about it. Balance your needs and wants but choose your spirit nourishment as a priority. That’s were the feeling of contentment, peace and compassionate self-love arises from.

hollysierra16A few steps towards Spiritual Nourishment.

  • Journal your self talk each day for a few minutes. See how much you fill your thoughts with positive or negative statements. This is your daily intake of inner food. What are you feeding yourself? And how can you be happier if you are feeding yourself junk food filled with crap. Then be pro active and jump into some options to change your thinking eg. Mindfulness,  CBT, Voice Dialogue, EFT (tapping) to name a few.
  • Work on building your inner sanctuary within through the shaman’s tree, to a place where you feel safe to be nourished. Where your totems, guides and kin can hold space and guide you. In that place of sanctuary, begin to invite your inner child to come forward. Listen to them, accept whatever mood they are in and be the one who nourishes them. (This automatically nourishes you from within)

Spend time in nature, away from others, take space to feel who you are away from other people’s energetic influences. Soften your mind, walk down to your heart and breathe the medicine of nature into your being.

You are wor43ff66c257dcb8036d958862ad073599th nourishing. You are worth loving and caring for. It is not selfish. In doing this your ability to care, love, and connect increases.

If you feel you would like more guidance in how to self nourish and move beyond the blocks you can find me at my website.


Be Gentle With Yourself







The Cleansing Ways to Growth

kristinfoley_2When you decided to walk the path to be more consciousness and spiritually in touch, you may not have known that it would include times where you not exactly beaming with happiness. Growth can feel painful at times and leave us feeling quite exhausted. However this is what we came for and subconsciously called out for.


This is the giant earth schoolroom and these are some of the growth and cleansing lessons that many of us will journey through.

Growth and cleansing ways appear in all sorts of different forms.

Spiritual Emergence.

End of a Relationship

Loss of a job

Physical illness



Just to name a few.

Often these experiences can seem like indicators that we have failed in some way. To this there are more heavy layers added which may be comparing our own path to other people or having others worry or show deep concern or indicate that what you are doing is wrong.

These are rites of passage and they are sending us messages on a much deeper level. They are telling us that we need to bring change and or a deeper shift in attitude to some area of our life.

Something is knocking on the inner door trying to tell us about what we need, but it’s up to us to open the door.the_door_by_machiavellicro-d606f1w

Here is my viewpoint (this does not mean its right, it’s just how from my experience I see it)

Spiritual Emergence: Its it literally a cosmic wake up call that comes after many indications and warning signals. It is something that will rock you to the core of your being on many dimensions so as to realign you with your authentic pathway. It is much like a snake shedding its skin to be renewed.

Spiritual Emergence knocks to say: Rebirth is here. Let go, be gentle with yourself, stay grounded and roll with the adventure that is here. Your inner compass will lead you in the right direction.

If you do not open the door you may find yourself confronted by a multitude of mental health issues, medication and times in institutionalization that could have been brought to balance earlier on.

End of a Relationship: This can be an opportunity to open and clear patterns of behaviour that you attract in your life and play out. This can be an indicator of where in your life needs healing and more insight. The grief one goes through is a cleansing of a dream that no longer may befit you with that person.

End of a Relationship knocks to say: What programs or patterns of relating have you ascribed to that no longer serve your soul.

In not opening the door you could find yourself in a very toxic relationship, addicted to the wrong kind of attention and at worst create a violent outcome. All of this will drain your of your unique life force and a sense of self esteem.

Loss of a job: This can be an opportunity to realign yourself with an occupation or path that resonates with your soul better. It may well throw you into a spin as it will affect other areas of you life, but this can prioritize what is really important to you as opposed to you identity being caught up with what you do instead of who you are.

Loss of a job knocks to say: Are your values inline with who you are and what you do?

If you don’t open the door: you may well drag everything else that you have in your life down the black hole of failure with you and find yourself even worse off and your vibration will lend others to not wanting to employ you.

Physical Illness: Illness has a way of stopping us in our tracks. It tends to move our attention inward to ourselves due to pain or discomfort. Illness can also be a way of telling us to stop heading in a certain direction and come back to a sense of self-nurturing and to learn to receive from others with humbleness.

Physical illness: Knocks to say: In what ways do you need to nurture yourself better?

If you don’t open the door: The illness could become all-consuming and gain strength and then the illness becomes who you are and you become the victim of it mentally and emotionally. This will lead to your immune system becoming weaker and weaker.

Depression is more often than not a resistance to change of some sort joined with deep inward feelings of self loathing and anger that one cannot bring about the change to be able to shift out of that which does not serve.

Depression knocks to say: Begin to self-nurture and befriend (different to indulge) the negative inner voice of hate and self-loathing.

If you don’t open the door: The self-loathing and hatred will push everything away and your perspective of the world will grow to be an isolated dark shadow of misery and spiritual and emotional exhaustion.

Anxiety: To me this indicates too much time in the worrying recesses of the mind and definitely not at home in the earth suit (body). When people have anxiety attacks the spirit is outside of the body in stress and they have disconnected in a state of fear. There is often an element of feeling trapped. The only place that can trap us is our mind.

09c7843ab80a728dd202367ffe167255Anxiety knocks to say: Begin in cleansing and managing the mind better as well as the energetic debri’s it creates.

If you don’t open the door: This may well lead to greater issues of fear in your life and will prevent you from participating and saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. You may stop making decisions all together for fear of making mistakes and this will leave you frozen in fear and worry.

Each of these experiences offers us an opportunity to look on it as an uninvited guest or a friend who is knocking at the door. We can open it up and ask it

What are you doing here?

How long have you been around?

What do you want?

From these questions you will get some indication of the teaching. You may well feel a negative response as that is a mirror of where your head is. So look for the reflection lesson. E.g.: You ask ‘what are you doing here?’ The answer comes to you ‘Cause you don’t listen’. So that can lead you on to what you may have been ignoring for a while that needs attention.

There are of course deeper soul and other life stories connected with these growth times and one can diver deeper as they unravel more of what the pattern is with a good practitioner.

Now if you choose to not open the door the energy of the cleansing and growing ways will build up energetically. If you don’t want to open the door fully, that fine. Choose to open it just a bit with a big rock to block the door from opening too much. Do what ever feels safe for you, just do it with loving INTENT.

Don’t be under the impression that you have to be in a continual state of happiness. We are all here learning the nooks and crannies of human life and all these growing and cleansing times are vital important to our souls passage here on earth.

Shamanism teaches that we are part of the whole. This includes the behaviors, the thoughts, the beliefs and parts of us that we struggle against.

58720_118237204897824_116949758359902_98523_7980238_n1The shamanic way is to welcome the energy that is opposing you. Ingest it, transform it and then let it go onward to the source.

This is the cleansing way to growth.





Regarding Contemporary Training: Due to re-prioritizing my life and finding balance I have made the decision to postpone the training until next year in order to offer the best of what I have.  My apologies to those waiting. I am still always available for one on one skype teachings and guidance.





The Divers and Surfers Of Emotion

underwater_shutterstock_98001155Many people who I refer to as ‘deep divers’ find it challenging to be around people who are ‘surfers’.  When observing the surfer, they seems to have the easiest ride as they lightly skim over the tops of the waves (emotions) and ride them back to shore.

To the observer it’s much like a beautiful moving meditation in line with the ocean.

Now lets really look at the easygoing surfer for a moment. On a practical level learning to surf takes quite a lot of skill and many many times they will fall off the board both as learners and when experienced.

They can get stuck in a rip, get slammed against sharp rocks, be stung by a blue bottle or box jellyfish, get hit with another board and get  knocked out, attacked by a shark, be pushed under by the ocean waves to the point that they feel as if they will never get out from under and sometimes hurt themselves so badly as to be left with great injuries.

So yes surfing does look easy from the shore, but the reality is it takes great skill 4069f7a237396b8d42e1b93b8f3c9bb0and a some courage to deal with all those possible fast occurring factors.

Deep divers in difference tend to see things from deep  under the ocean. They can feel bogged down, encounter sharks and other predators and get stung from pretty but nasty things hiding in among the nooks of the coral. If they find themselves pulled into going deeper, it gets really dark and isolating and they can come across some beings that are quite frightening and ones that create nightmares. The divers can feel overwhelmed and waterlogged due to the pressure of the water (emotions) surrounding them and at times feel so overcome with emotion that they can lose direction.

Whether you are a diver or a surfer. Both are fraught with challenges. Both offer great beauty and learning.

The surfer riding a good wave and barreling into an ice blue water tube to come out the other end still standing, is beyond elated and feels somewhat at one with nature.

c1477833480df73cae65906ddcb3ab15The diver who ‘knows’ how to breath under water with their gills open can swim with ease through the beautiful corals, be tickled by the colorful fish, enjoy watching the seahorses swim by, catch a slip stream to another adventure and be part of the incredible and brilliant wonders of the big blue.

Both the surfer and the diver are innate swimmers. Both have challenges to overcome when moving through the waters (emotions).

If you are looking for guidance in navigating the oceans of feelings, you might like to call upon some ocean medicine.

As a surfer you may like to call in a totem like the Dolphin, a being who is great at surfing and who can teach you how to navigate the waves of life and let stress go with the holding and then the popping of the breath as it comes to the surface.

As a diver you might like to call in the Whale totem who is a deep being of wisdom and dolphin-07is known for its gentleness, connectedness and the keeper of ancient knowledge. The whale’s tail can help direct you as sometimes under the sea its hard to know which way is up. They can burst through the surface of the ocean as well to gain some perspective and to have some fun. This being is great for support when one is diving into deep soul issues.

You may now say ‘Well I feel I am a bit of a diver and a bit of a surfer!’ Great! That’s good that you know that. So you can work with both totems and both perspectives depending on how you feel you are traveling.

5671efb00cfe320e01f89ba3437c442fI myself have always been a diver even when I was a child. I loved the feeling of diving in deep and the peace and quite of the blue. I always looked at things very deeply, probably too deep for some surfers I hung out with. But that’s my natural bent so to speak.

The dolphin medicine is beautiful and I have used its breathing techniques but when I feel into my soul it’s the Whale that comes forward.

You may find that a totem of a totally different ilk comes forward to be of assistance. This is your adventure, your journey, and your emotions. Whatever resonates let it be a support to you when you are being confronted with strong feelings. It may just give you that edge and offer a little more insight and support when you are feeling there is none.

Happy swimming!

Next post will be about the upcoming Online Shamanic Training due to begin Oct/November 2016



(c) Odette Nightsky 2016