Enlightenment for sale. Or not.

96d262e00e87596b3f17730e8cec5403Enlightenment: A state in which the individual transcends desire and suffering and attains nirvana.

Nirvana: a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.

New Age movement: Relating to a complex of spiritual and consciousness-raising movements originating in the 1970s and covering a range of themes from a belief in spiritualism and reincarnation to advocacy of holistic approaches to health and ecology.

Comparison is a common yet corrosive way of thinking for many and it comes from a sense of feeling not good enough. One looks at someone who seems to have that touch of enlightenment/transcendence and within a blink of comparison there oozes a desire of wanting to be more like them. Within seconds as comparison takes a further hold one tends to feel some what low and then begins to look down even further on self, feeling they are falling short of this level of transcendence.  In thinking that… they instantly feel lesser than and are in the pit of comparison. This happens in all areas. Comparison of beauty, wealth, intelligence, others having what you seemingly are unable to obtain. The media has fed us full of comparisons and it is not letting up.

In this time of developing human consciousness, I feel it is of more value to support (not enabling or rescuing) each other on the journey rather than looking behind and saying ‘Oh see them, well they are just not up to where we are’ (Judgment of others as less) or looking in front saying ‘ Oh see them, that’s where I am heading cause I don’t like myself compared to them. (Judgment of self as less = I am not good enough yet).

The new age advertising model has unfortunately manifested is own class system via its followers. This class system has high spiritual expectations. It has also created its own pseudo religious model of who is closer to the top of the mountain. People are again looking up into the skies to get closer to their god. God may just go by a different name. The New Age click has manifested its own religious parameters and it certainly helps if you also happen to be visually beautiful.

There are advertisements with glossy people promising the world and the fast track way to the top of the mountain gurus_enlightenment_seniority_1521935with a whack of corporate pricing to go with it. ‘The New Age’ has become its own advertising corporation of products, super foods, seminars, workshops and product buying festivals.

‘Roll up, Roll up, buy your enlightenment here today!’

Unfortunately there is no money back guarantee.

If it didn’t work for you that’s your karmic issue not ours.

Signed the spiritually wealthy 1%


There are elite groups of people who are psychic readers to the rich and exploit their insecure need to see them every week if need be, while dangling carrots of hope.enlightened-competition

Spirituality is being exploited to the highest bidder. I may have mentioned this before but years ago I asked a wonderful practitioner and presenter about how could poor people be helped in this regard. He was very honest and looked at me blankly and said ‘I really don’t know, I guess they have to work on manifesting the money’. It was one of those moments where I thought to myself. Arn’t we of the conscious path meant to be  inclusive rather than exclusive? Is someone to be penalized and shamed if they cannot manifest enough money to do the course that they feel they need?

There are people out there and grass roots movements that do take the less financially fortunate into account by offer volunteering, no pressure payment options or exchange and bless them for being so inclusive. I have no issues about making money, its about when money becomes the priority.

A great many unfortunately are not assisting others up the mountain when they could. I did not say ‘carry up the mountain on your back or drag them behind you cause you think they should’. I said ‘assist’.

We are all climbinge1b5d7819da7d33d9ea870b46bc8efc4 the mountain to consciousness to overcome the density of suffering, we are all doing the best we can, regardless of however many lifetimes or seconds that may take, or how much money we have. There are no golden tickets to the top and if your going to look down on people on your way and suck up to the others who you assume look like they might reach the summit faster, then your missing the point and are likely to trip over, fall down a ravine, hyperventilate, get sick and even more importantly miss the incredible view and the journey moment to moment looking into the eyes of all the other people from all walks of life who are also on the journey and supporting each other along the way.

On a personal level I feel enlightenment has been advertised mainly through the masculine stairway to ‘God’ archetype. I guess that’s why I also have issues with the word ‘ascend’. I prefer the phrase ‘Conscious’. It just sounds rounder and more inclusive to my eccentric viewing mind. As you can see I am quite anti dogma in many ways although I honor and respect anybody’s individual personal faith regardless.a922d7c9d6e0826a0c9011e6d67b10c9

Each flavored movement has its own merit to bringing people into a more conscious state of being. I have no issue with the movements themselves, I just want people to have their eyes wide open and to know that you are unique and you have your own inner medicine. A little less looking up with your neck crocked, to the priest, mentor, guru, master, and the next massively expensive workshop and a little more into your own heart and your own personal journey up the mountain along with those who love you and who you love. Your soul instinctively knows the way; the lesson is in being intuitively receptive and allowing your soul to guide you deeper within towards your sovereign self, the self that is part of Great Mystery where enlightenment resides within each and every one of us.

10ca7f2ddbb6a0cd38eb074b9580b72dDon’t let the corporate advertising of enlightenment get in the way of your unique spiritual journey here on earth.

And remember. Nature doesn’t cost a thing to be a part of.


Odette (c) Nightsky 2015




11 thoughts on “Enlightenment for sale. Or not.

  1. Definitely thought provoking.

    I do know People who have made themselves incredibly wealthy on the “Enlightenment Graveytrain”. All of those people, now help others through foundations and trusts. The money they made, Came from genuinely assisting others along their paths, with both skills and tools.

    Money is after all just another tool and a form of energy.



    • Hi Juhl. I do not see a problem with people making money or people having money. But when you work on the coal face you see there is a huge gap at what many people can access. I have seen so much abuse within the new age (as often those are my clients, the victims of that kind of abuse, eg, sexual abuse, being ripped off, shammed, excluded etc) and that is what I am referring to. Those that are giving back and are of good intent, well I am not referring to them at all, they need not be defended. Blessings Odette

      • Cheers Odette, I work at coal face also…I’m really starting to get an impression on where our attitudes need to change, as spiritual people. The way we are thinking about things at the moment, has not helped situations. In fact things are getting worse. We need to take a hand and consciously start encouraging ALL to look at the way their thoughts and intentions are gearing towards Money way the world is run. We are all connected. The Positive energy of one can change the feel of many. If my journeying has taught me anything, it is that spiritual people need to get their acts together around money. Realise it for the tool and energy that it is. We need greater than 1% in control of it. It should be held by people like you with good, and great intention….Think about it. What would you do. There is more than enough for everybody!

      • Thanks Juhl. If I was holding the money I would be opening free clinics that supported peoples health from a holistic perspective. Acupuncture, shamanism, body therapy, orthomolecular treatments for allergies, mindfulness and more. I would also introduce meditation, communication and relating into all levels of schooling. Safe sanctuaries for those who are unraveling and need safety and guidance to do so naturally. I have though about it for a long time 🙂 So hand it over! LOL 😉 Blessings x

  2. We all have the means to be enlightened. I shy away from those charging money for I have found them to be charlatans. They are not interested in spiritual growth but money making. Or the growth they interested in is theirs and and not ours or mine… It’s not for me. So I read, I listen, I step into my power. You help too. It’s great. What good is a spirituality that doesn’t care for those around us?

  3. I hope that my first reply wasn’t seen as unkind Odette. I have great respect for your teaching and appreciate every bit of your Wisdom, including your advise about avoiding the traps of Spiritual Materialism. Please forgive me if it felt harsh. I didn’t intend it to be so. It was kind of a knee-jerk response that wasn’t very enlightened.

    • Thankyou. I do not see a problem with people making money or people having money. But when you work on the coal face you see there is a huge gap at what many people can access. I have seen so much abuse within the new age (as often those are my clients, the victims of that kind of abuse, eg, sexual abuse, being ripped off, shammed, excluded etc) and that is what I am referring to. Those that are giving back and are of good intent, well I am not referring to them at all, they need not be defended. Blessings Odette

  4. Great! And witty … there is no more freedom in new age beliefs than in orthodox religion, it seems to me

    You speak my mind. Glad to have found your website & blog and great that you exist 🙂

  5. Ahh – Odette, if only you lived next door to me the talks and meaning finding we could have together! You have written my increasingly loud but muddled thoughts on the page in a way that I now see them clearly and can understand what I have been struggling with for so long, thank you. The juxtaposition of money and enlightenment and the increasing professionalization and commercialization of spirituality and the begetting of wisdom… The increasing invisibility of older women also plays a part in muzzling our Wise Women and negating their life-enhancing influence… Keep your voice strong and thanks again. 🙂 Blessed be.

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