Beyond worry and suffering

When the word ‘suffering’ appears, we automatically think of someone or something being hurt in some way and unless your a sociopath or a psychopath or disconnected from your feelings due to these conditions, most will feel deep empathy towards what we see to be a beings state of suffering. It may be not the case however when we are on a justice walk and someone has made others suffer. We see their suffering as somewhat justified.

In today’s times with social media and corporate giants of the media seemingly running the narrative, we see a great deal of suffering on both a global scale and a personal scale.

When someone I know is suffering, I do my best to not worry about them as I don’t want to send my worry vibe toward them energetically. Looking at the etymology of the word worry, below, no wonder I feel It’s not going to help them in any way.
Worry (v.) c. 1300, wirien, “to slay, kill or injure by biting and shaking the throat” “to strangle.”
I realise that we see this word differently from the original but still, people sending out worrying thoughts are not sending those in need anything positive in any way. Just think about it. When you are worried about someone, what is it you are projecting towards them? Fear.

I am not one for praying either as to me it feels somewhat like begging (look up Stephen Fry and his address to the catholic church for more on that view) but I know many feel a sense of connection when they pray, so each to their own path as long as it’s not encased in worry.

What I have always been moved to do, is to send compassion towards those that I feel are in need and I visualise it infused with starlight. That way I know I am adding something heartfelt to their energy that will be of benefit rather than something that may add to their upset.

Also if I am close to that person I may call on a spirit animal to ‘have their back’.

A dear friend (much like a daughter to me) had to face court due to a horrible situation and I was unable to be there. She was often scared due to the prosecution gaslighting and projecting lots of negative things upon her. The legal matters are never swift and she often said how she could feel me with her at times, due to keeping me in the loop when she went into the courtroom. Knowing this was helpful to her I got quiet and saw her with a large bear right behind her back as she leaned into it and felt safe and protected. When she came out of the court she said she could feel me so strongly supporting her. What she felt was the bear energy that I sent that I work with along with compassion wrapped in starlight. If I sat there worrying, all I would be doing would be adding to her fear and I didn’t want that.

The Buddhists refer to suffering a great deal. They see suffering as a result of us clinging to our desires or running from our aversions. After many silent 10-day meditation retreats and my experiences with Buddhism in this life and from others, I have gained a lot of insight into my inner world and how my mind can be a brilliant trickster.

A lot of my inner suffering arose due to me fighting uncomfortable feelings, running from them or ‘trying’ to ‘fix’ them. And by these reactions, I suffered even more. I’m not a practising Buddhist but I have learned so much from the middle path which has benefited me greatly. I learned that being nothing more than a compassionate witness to my suffering, was one of the most freeing acts I could offer myself. I gained an innate sense of ALLOWING the states I did not like to BE ACCEPTED as they were. The results of that? A massive decrease in personal suffering and insights into what steps to take to enhance growth and healing.

When we look at the etymology of the word ‘suffer’ The definition begins with
Suffer (v.) mid-13c., allow to occur.
We don’t want suffering to occur, we don’t want to even allow it to continue. Because we feel it’s intrinsically wrong. Again playing in the duality of right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light. As far as emotions go, observing and accepting them does help greatly. Firstly because it’s dissolving the inner dualistic battle. Sufferings antidote is compassionate observation.
As far as suffering in the world goes, of course, we want to help. Many are doing that right now in so many wonderful ways out of compassion for those in need.

On a spiritual and energetic level, we can be of help also.
Imagine a large group of people sitting in front of a large TV screen watching horrific things and worrying and projecting that worry out into the ethers, compared to a large group of people connecting and sending compassion and safety. I know which group I want to sit with.

This is what the Buddhists refer to as Metta; compassion loving-kindness. You first fill your own inner cup with compassion (if you have trouble feeling compassion, visualise something that represents pure unconditional love to you that you have no codependent attachment to, and then hold your arms out as if you are reaching for it and slowly pull it towards you to fully breathe it in and merge with it)and then when you are at peace, send compassion to those in need.
This way you are not only easing your own suffering and worry, you are also helping energetically rather than adding to the issue.

May we all practice more Metta for the benefit of ourselves and in turn all those in need.



(c) O. Nightsky 2022

3 thoughts on “Beyond worry and suffering

  1. Totally agreed. Quote: “”When you are worried about someone, what is it you are projecting towards them? Fear.”” That’s something that people do, thinking that they are helping, and their energy it’s heavier than the problem we might have, so now we have two problems…or more. When I have an ” inconvenience” I don’t say anything, otherwise I might have to invest my time dealing with removing negativity from others along with dealing with my ” inconvenience” .Thank you Odette.

  2. Thanks so much for this beautiful message Odette. I have found this true for myself. It’s encouraging me to stay on track.

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