Body Consciousness

To have a receptive relationship with ones earth suit, it’s important to view our body from a broader perspective, beyond the flesh and bones and sinew. We are a mass of subatomic particles and there are many layers to this body consciousness. Etheric body Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial and Ketheric

Etheric Body: Its the closest layer to the physical body and what state it is in indicates the health, sense of security and survival of the physical body (Root Chakra)
Emotional: Represents our feelings, emotions and state of mood and has an influence on the Etheric and the physical over time. (Hara)
Mental: Thinking, cognitive processes (Head, neck and shoulders)
Astral: Love, connection and intimacy (Heart chakra)
Etheric Template: Our bodies blueprint, Our sense of identity and unique personality. (Throat chakra)
Celestial: Our connection and receptivity with spiritual beings (Third eye Chakra)
Ketheric: One with Great Mystery (Crown Chakra)

There are twelve body layers in all but the above are the primary layers that most of us are familiar with.

In noting the above it’s important to understand our bodies beyond the flesh and know that we are a many-layered being and some layers may seem fine while other layers might be out of whack and in time that will affect the others to go out of balance as well.

Viewing the body’s imbalances from a broader perspective can help to understand the messages it offers. On the shaman’s path, we tend to view everything as living energy. In that, the approach is looking firstly at what is energetically out of whack to see if from that angle we can bring some ease and help to rebalance the physical.

Some physical body ailments may need intervention by medical professionals and some may be leftover woundings from other times that in this life is not be able to be healed due to that person needing to learn through that particular ailment. It also may indicate that one is clearing karma via living with the ailment. Each person’s story is different as each person is unique.

My relationship with my earth suit has been quite a journey.
My tally of some of my earth suit challenges goes like this.

Eyes: I arrived in my earth suit with a turned in shaking left eyeball. My ability to see the 3D reality was blurred and lopsided. As i grew I was given glasses to ‘see better. I often lost them or broke them unconsciously. At three years old the cord behind my left eye was severed. Years later it became clear to me that when I was tuning into spirit while journeying others, I would often place my palm over my left eye and when doing this I could see their journey from within and pick out things that felt out of whack. The left eye on a spiritual level sees better than my right. People in sessions often find me looking away from them as I am receiving from spirit, that’s my left eye tuning in. My eye is something I cannot change due to the nature of the operation. But my relationship to it, my understanding that I can see differently through it on a celestial level is hugely valuable.

Body: At the age of seven my earth suit body was invaded by a predator. Due to shock it froze in time and stopped developing. My lower body shook involuntarily when I felt unsafe and invaded. Years later I understood that my body was protecting me by not developing as well as convulsing. Now I know the signs when my body is out of balance and I am leaving it. The shakes rarely appear nowadays. I learned how to call myself back in and what things I needed to do to help my body and spirit realign. Although I can’t change what happened my first soul retrieval healed so much on so many levels I no longer live in that memory or the fear and it does not dictate my choices.

Kidney: Between seven and eleven my right kidney started going into renal failure. After slamming it with lots of big pharma tablets, treating it for cancer, multiple tests of horrible invasions into my little body, several operations and hormone treatment, I was left with one healthy left kidney and strong etheric right kidney energy. Years later via Chinese and Tibetan medicine, I learned what the kidney needed to be in balance, that it represented fear, and the importance of monitoring my adrenal health, how to harness willpower to overcome fears that arise and to nourish and hold space for my insecurities. I have one kidney and that’s a fact but I have been told (they didn’t know I had lost one) by several seers that I had two healthy energetic kidneys. So spiritually I work with both. I am gentle in how I overcome my fears and keep in mind the wellbeing and health of my kidney with Chinese Medicine and my body consciousness nudges me when it’s in need of more nourishment.

Vision: I woke up one day and everything was spinning out of control. I saw eight of everything. I had to walk with a stick and a random doctor told me I could have a brain tumour or possibly Menhirs disease and die (and yes that was her bedside manner to a tee!) Overcoming my fear of someone else’s assumed diagnosis, I pulled myself into the centre of the spinning whirlpool and the words Cranio-sacral nudged at me from within. After three sessions of balancing the brain and spinal fluid via an expert practitioner, I saw clear again. I was in a relationship that was literally spinning me out of control and I could get any footing. I took a long hard look at what I was creating for myself and resolved it. I have learned to pace myself and give myself more energetic space as nourishment, not as a punishment to others.

Breast: I found a significant lump in my breast. I went to get it checked out. The biopsy was horrendous as they didn’t use enough aesthetics. The test results returned inconclusively and they wanted to go in a chop me up. I turned inward and my hands automatically came up to my breast and I saw the Reiki symbols. I put my hands there as often as I remembered, tuning in and turning on the symbols. I also checked my oestrogen levels which were low (which is a good indication it’s not cancer-related) and worked on my developing a better connection to nurturing myself and healthier boundaries. The lump dissolved completely. I have learned the importance of kindness and care towards myself and how being gentle with myself helps things naturally flow better in my life.

Chronic Fatigue: Its akin to walking like a zombie through glue. Everything was a huge effort. This taught me about how much energy I gave away and did not retain for my own wellbeing. How much I leaked and let myself be drained by others needs. My intuition took me via a practitioner who I had trusted in over the years to the invention of ‘Infocuticals’ which rebalances the body back to its natural state. The result? Optimum energy returned and learned tools to keep my centre of awareness within my own energy field. I have learned to monitor my self-care. Taking breaks, time out, massages, spending more time in nature and listening to when my body wants a dose of vibrational realigning help.

The above examples often had to do with my energy being out of balance and not being able to properly nurture myself. As they say, when we don’t listen the body will make us take notice.

I do quite a bit of inner body listening nowadays and have learned ways of tuning in to my mind, heart, and body consciousness to see what they want to share with me and what they need. I get a lot of good results from that. I also listen to my body inner tugging. For example, I may get up and suddenly something in my natural medicine shelf comes to mind and I know it’s my body asking for it. I do what it asks. Does it sometimes trick me? No, not really, due to now knowing the difference between let’s say a chocolate craving and a nudge. The craving has a pulling, needy vibe about it. The nudge is just that, a gentle nudge popping in. I listen to those and take action on them and they are always in sync with what my body needs. How do I know that? My body responds positively to it within 24 hours.

Maybe one of the reasons that I can hear my bodies needs is that a good chunk of my childhood was spent under the medical model where I was out of my body most of the time trying to survive. I wanted to be empowered and make my own choices by finding out what my body responded to best. I am not against the medical model as it can save lives, fix broken bones, repair arteries, remove failing kidneys etc. I just wanted to be in tune with what my earth suit needed from me.

Modalities that I have found my body responds to well.
Chinese Medicine: Herbs especially. (Be sure to find a well-experienced practitioner)
Craniosacral Osteopathy: Muscle, head, bones. No cracking or manipulation, the body just drops in and let’s go to the expert touch. (as above)
Infocuticals: Realigning my body back to natural optimum health (source online)

Now after reading what I have written I invite you to write an itinerary of your bodies challenges, what works, what doesn’t work and what insights you have or now can gain from each physical challenge. What did you need to learn from your body stopping you in your tracks? Put your hand on any relevant part of your body and ask. Listen to the first thing that pops up and write it down, no matter how daft it may sound as it may make more sense further down the track.

Working in the world of shamanism is very much about being able to be in multiple worlds. The body is itself is a multiple layered world The etheric, emotional, mental, astral, celestial, ketheric. We need to tune into more than just our flesh for answers. We need to tune into our whole body consciousness to garner what works for us as individuals.

If you would like to know how to tune in and listen to your conscious earth suit needs more, visit me at my website for a session.

Blessings Odette

(c) O. Nightsky 2022

3 thoughts on “Body Consciousness

  1. Ayurveda Medicine works best for Me.
    I have known and trusted my body for a long time.
    …. sometimes my mind gets in the way if I am dim and vibrating at low frequency.
    I’ve learn to take notice when that happens and adjust my frequency if I can.


    On Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 3:54 PM Contemporary Shaman wrote:

    > contemporaryshaman posted: ” To have a receptive relationship with ones > earth suit, it’s important to view our body from a broader perspective, > beyond the flesh and bones and sinew. We are a mass of subatomic particles > and there are many layers to this body consciousness. Et” >

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