Spirit Rescue In Action

In my early days of training I learned something that I feel may be pertinent in these times of conflict, grief and death. Its called Spirit Rescue. This technique is to be done in a group of dedicated people who know how to take responsibility for their own energy and most importantly know how to cleanse themselves of astral debris. This is not for those that want to rescue others in the way that you want to take over and take control this is for those that want to be of service without invading some other beings journey. Its more like an invitation to help if its needed.

The best way for me to share with you is by example. And this is just one.

This was my first ‘Spirit Rescue’ in my early days of training.

When I had traveled and experienced a core number of clearing journeys as well as learning how to negotiate via non ordinary reality, I chose a place of Spirit Rescue. What this means is I chose a place where I felt there would be a lot of discarnate souls who had trouble crossing over.

I chose Bedlam (Bethlehem Hospital, the institute for the mentally insane in London, which is where Liverpool station now stands. The reason for choosing Bedlam? I was incarcerated there in another time, but that’s another story and at the back of ‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds, A Shamans View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity’, if you ever want to read about it.

So as a group of five we gathered, burned sage, lit a candle, named the place at which we wanted to meet to be of service, laid back, called in all guardians and guides and set our intention to be of service to any beings that needed help crossing over, then journeyed consciously and astrally to the site.

When you travel in the astral world for this particular journey its important not to personalize anything or do anything without permission from the one/ones you are helping. Check your inner rescuer at the door, it can make errors by thinking it knows what’s best. Never assume. If you don’t know what to do, pull back, settle yourself and ask for guidance from a guide you have long term trust in. Do not in any way bring religion into what you are doing.This can lead to religious battles of good vs evil. If you find a discarnate soul is religious then call in archetypes they can relate to that may make them feel more safe to head to the source. Do not put your beliefs onto them or you might meet with a bucking bronco.

In the journey to Bedlam, we came across some men but mostly a lot of women that were discarnate and some with babies in tow or deeply distressed because they couldn’t find them. These beings were lost in the between worlds and had no idea how to free themselves. They still felt trapped in the insane asylum.(The etheric version of it.) We offered them safe passage home by approaching their energies slowly with compassion and offered direction, a bit like a kind and patient train conductor, showing them to the source, portal of light we all intentionally opened up.

Some did not want to go due to attachments to earthly beings and if we could not assist in negotiating with them that their loved ones would be waiting once they moved to the source we did not force them in any way. In the end we helped many to cross over by just holding space with compassion and following their lead in guiding them home to source so as to no longer be bound in distress and sorrow.

Once intuitively we felt complete with our service, we journeyed back through cleansing moving waters, thanked all our helpers and mindfully with intention called our spirits back to our bodies.

As a group we all experienced things individually but there were striking similarities that proved we were in the right synchronistic alignment.

We burned sage again, nourished our selves with good food, hydrated well and took good rest.

This was an act of service via negotiation and respect for other beings.

You may feel drawn to do this in a group of people that are on the same journey path. Perhaps for those women and children that have been killed in the middle east or for any group of people or place that is in need of clearing energetically. If its a place that has strong indigenous history you must ask permissions of the guardians of that place. I would suggest in most cases you leave that to the indigenous people to take care of their own kin in that regard.

Make sure you know what you are doing, how to negotiate well, that you have a strong core self and deep connections to your guides, and don’t just do it as a groovy new age gesture. Do it with intention and integrity. If you have good counselling skills, you know that listening and validating ones clients is a huge part of getting them to trust you. Discarnate beings deserve the same respect.

Spirit Rescue is a way of being of service to the unseen and it doesn’t matter what part of the world your group of kindred are located. I would suggest to keep the groups small and in person so you can support each other, be clear of intent and be able to share and compare experiences after.

Spirit Rescue is a great tool of service that can help many who are stuck between dimensions. If you need help or deeper guidance, contact me.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Rescue In Action

  1. Hello Odette

    Thanks for this. I feel like I am doing some of this work at some level, but I wonder if you may have any guidance.

    I read your bio a few days ago, I have been going through alot of changes recently. Similar to you I have been working in the acting industry, but after several break downs and dark nights I have been engaged with spirit work all of the time, unavoidably. I have been working as a massage therapist and I work through feeling, often feeling others physical symptoms. I see very little, it is all sensing and feeling. When I started shamanic journeying etc about 10 years ago I got very frustrated because I felt like I should be able to see more and felt I was doing it wrong, but have learnt to accept I have had to find my own way which creativity mainly leads me too. I felt to message a couple of days ago but didn’t, but this has popped up again so I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thanks for you work it is appreciated.

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