Beyond The Fear & Judgement, I Will Meet You.

I have been listening to people’s points of view on the ‘Vector’ (my nickname for it) for a while now. The opinions have often been very extreme one way or the other depending who your are talking to. Some are avidly pro and some avidly against.

I am writing this because it’s one of the most talked-about subjects at this time in history. I could say nothing, but that’s like avoiding the elephant in the room so to speak. I am not writing this to spark a debate or discussion on what’s right or wrong, I am simply sharing my perspective on this challenge we are all facing.

I have been listening to people’s points of view on the ‘Vector’ (my nickname for it) for a while now. The opinions have often been very extreme one way or the other depending on who you are listening to or talking to. Many are avidly pro others avidly against and like me some are just observing how its all playing out and not rushing to take sides.

A large number of people that are against getting the ‘Preventer’ for the ‘Vector’ have good reasons that I can agree with but what I don’t like is that many seem to be judging others a great deal and view them as blind sheep who wear stupid masks who are slaves to the matrix of system control. Those that find the rollout of the Preventers suspicious (well you have to admit the testing time has been incredibly short in comparison to others previously) and are fighting for personal sovereign rights to not be coerced into taking it are labeled conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, trouble makers and whacko hippy snowflakes.

Humanity is still very entrenched in the dualism of right and wrong – really really right or really really wrong. Family members are in crisis due to differing views, friendships are breaking down due to it, and those people that don’t want it are weighing up their livelihoods against having to get the ‘Preventer.’ How does one survive if the system emotionally blackmails you by saying, “Oh you have free will but you won’t be able to access these things and you would not be able to financially survive, travel, see loved ones, shop for food, get government assistance, insurance, medical treatment and the list goes on and on.

What I have noticed across the board is that very few are sharing that if we are given the Preventer under such conditions in order to have access to all the things above…. then in what way could we possibly transform it?

This is what my inner radio station settles on when I am turning into my own response.

If this Vector is teaching us anything, its the importance of strengthening our immunity and containing our vibration, beyond the fear that spreading like wildfire.

Do I believe the vector is what they say it is? Really, my opinion on that isn’t important. I’m more concerned with how we adapt to what we are being challenged with. For some its vital that they stand up for their sovereign rights, protest, refuse any vaccination at all costs and do all they can to show how wrong it is. For others, they see it as a positive way to get humanity back on track, protect those that are vulnerable to infection, and for things to go back to their version of normal.

In my humble opinion, the earth suit that we came into in this life, is of a magnificent magical design regardless of the challenges that come with it. Sure it has a shelf life but, it’s a wondrous organic working miracle!

What is clear to me is that on a consciousness level, the Vector is a signpost to overcoming the fear that something has control over us in some way and what can do protect, clear and look after our own personal immunity. Both on a psychic and physical level.

Antibiotics have done great good and great damage in the weakening of peoples immunity as has crap GMO food, oodles of screen life, negative thinking, pollution, etc. Yes, negative thinking can play huge havoc on the immune system.

I have dealt with a lot of things via a natural pathway in my life either as an alternative on in conjunction with the standard treatments if I feel thats the way I should go, and knowing me, It won’t be much different this time.

Whatever your choice, be comfortable with it. There is no right or wrong here. Those that judge are of that duality even if they think they are more enlightened cause they know better.

So let me offer to you what my path of intention is with this Preventor and Vector challenge that we face in these quickening times. Take what you want from it and leave what doesn’t resonate. If you don’t agree with my view, that’s totally fine. It’s your body it’s your choice and there is no wrong path no matter what anyone says.

Now, lets take the scenario of me getting the preventer if thats the way it goes.

I will wait as long as possible as I am in a country that is not at a crisis point and to be honest I am in no hurry as I strengthen my immune system.

My personal preference is the preventers without the spiral code if that’s possible.

I will meditate before the preventer and see myself as a beaming star of light, call in my kin to hold space.
I will say to myself ‘I am the master, mother, caretaker, holder, of my own energy throughout the experience and each day to remind myself of this fact, be that in thought, within mediation, and whenever my intuition nudges me. I may even get a small tattoo to remind me that I am in charge of my own vibration.

I will view the preventer as an implant and thank it for coming and then remove the energetic imprint into the bucket of light.

I know that my body is a miracle and can transform anything and is willing to let go of anything that does not serve it. I will trust that my body is so intelligent it knows how to transform and adapt to whatever it is given.

I will seek to keep both my spiritual immunity up by making sure I do not watch things based on fear or judgment regarding the vector from both sides. I will offer myself positive affirmations, meditations with high vibrational sounds eg Shuman Resonance and Epsien Barr clearing (You can find these on Youtube), and meditate on grounding my spirit into the earth to keep my frequency aligned and contained in connection with the shaman’s tree within.

I will use my black stones more as they absorb what is not in frequency with me and be vigilant about clearing them by putting them in soil. I will take flower essences based on trees that have a strong root system. Like Oak, Redwood, Chestnut, etc

I will hold better core space for myself in general, cleanse what mentally is not in harmony by exercises like recapitulation for example.

I will know that whatever happens, it’s ok, I came here for it and either way, this is my walk, and it’s up to me to transform anything that is not aligned with my evolvement.

I will spend more time with my shoes off planted into the earth.

Whether you get the Preventor or not, keep your vibrational immunity
up within and without.
Thats something that you do have control over.
Blessings to you and your inner kin.



2 thoughts on “Beyond The Fear & Judgement, I Will Meet You.

  1. Thank you for your insightful post and sharing … “beaming star of light…” “bucket of light…” particular phrases/reminders that stood out for me…not necessarily key to the whole message but meaningful to me this day.

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