Compassion Loving Kindness & Recapitulation In Times of Crisis


This time in history is like no other. Unlike previous generations, we have not had to live through world wars where all countries are involved. Humanity is facing a different kind of war with this virus pandemic. Many have become fearful and greedy. People are selling rolls of toilet paper for at least $300 a pop, fights are breaking out, people are feeling vulnerable like never before as so many things have shut down, been put off, and mere survival is becoming paramount for many. Some governments are helping those affected, others are not. Regardless, everyone is facing it, together albeit in social isolation.

So what do we do with this new experience, these limits which are enforced for everyone’s wellbeing? How do we manage the collective impact that is keeping many awake at night?

I can only speak for myself, but in my view, this had to happen in a world that has become so deeply disconnected in so many ways. We needed a bit of a wake-up slap to get us to reconnect on a deeper level, and the slap is a huge one even for the young who think of themselves as superhuman.

Cultivating your inner world

This is where I feel the practice of shamanic techniques a real gift. Over the years of journeying within and using the tools of inner world connection and clearing, I have built up this inner link which is a blink of an eye away when I need it. The inner resources feel infinite and nourishing. Its something that all of us can access if we give it time and dedication.

The well of abundance is full on the inside the more I connect. I don’t pray, I don’t plead for help, I simply choose to connect. I imbibe in the inner waters of the sacred, just by being present within my sanctuary and learning from what comes forth and trusting in what I need to learn from. The other day I went into my sanctuary and cried with happiness at the connections with my kin. My inner child, her little hand touched my face so gently, it was so real. Tears dropped down my cheeks. One of my animal kin who I had not seen for a while (some go and come back depending on one’s needs) flew in and their sound echoed through me like say a singing bowl might do close to your ear.587746ff6320613e33bbe5dba0deac7f_XL Never underestimate the power of the inner connection and how it can nourish. I encourage you in these times of isolation to feed yourself from within. You may be a parent and or carer like me and me somewhat limited in time but simple things like putting down the social media addiction before you go to bed or when you wake up and give yourself ten minutes of a journey can make all the difference.

Compassion Loving Kindness

There were times in my younger years where I used to get really shitty that others didn’t reach out to me and connect as I always seemed to be the one making sure others were ok. ‘How come it’s always me that calls people!? Hmpf!’ It was all about what I wasn’t getting rather than looking at what I could give…unconditionally. That has been humanities model, what can I get out of this as a consumer. It’s a one-way street mentality. The me, me, me, mindset.

What I discovered was that in giving and caring without needing my own poor me agenda met, the connection vibration flowed easily and it didn’t matter if they reciprocated. The giving was unconditional and nourished me at the same time and they always seemed really touched by my reaching out.

The beginning of the light bulb learning went off when I did a Compassion Loving Kindness meditation retreat (Metta) on the top of a mountain on a beautiful Island in 11817245_1150990671583209_1476485602801779405_nAsia. Each time we meditated we first cleared our minds to then move into the state of self-compassion (Not narcissistic me, me me, love. Let’s be clear about that) then and only then did we intentionally fill our own inner cup to then emanated this vibration out to those in need, be that family, crisis, the planet, animals etc. You see compassion loving-kindness is not being a passive doormat who gives away all their own energy and is then left empty. Compassion loving kindness is becoming a channel of loving life force. So this practice teaches us how to unblock that flow so we can be of service without losing any of our own life force.

Lots of people in the conscious movement are sharing about t sending love out to the world and those in need in these current times of crisis, which is lovely and heartfelt, however, say for example you are in a stressed headspace or you have some fear running round in your mind and your nervous system is quite jittery because of it. You sit with good intention and you think you are doing the right thing by sending, emanating love and healing out there, yet you have not yet brought your own mind to a state of quiet and have yet to fill your own inner cup. What you send out will be mixed with your fear, your jitteriness, your swirling mind. Is that going to help?

Of course, we need to send loving vibrations out there, but we need to clear our own stream first and refill it before we do, simple as that. Do you need to be a Buddhist nun or monk to do that or have meditated for years and years so your mind is as quiet as a mouse? Not at all.

This is where the shamanic technique of ‘Recapitulation’ can come in handy. I love a good complementary blend of practices. When you do some rounds of recapitulation, by blowing out the fear, the stress, the overwhelm or whatever is in the way of the quiet mind, and then breathing your own life force back, you will be able to sit as a clear vessel and fill your own cup so you can then send it to those in need devoid of debris.

Recapitulation is one of the oldest and easiest shamanic techniques that has stood the test of time and can be done premeditation, pre-sleep, on the loo, in the shower, in a parked car, in the bath, while you’re weeding etc.

Below is the exercise from my workbook for you to practice during these times before you move into the quiet mind state pre-filling your own cup and sending your compassion out there, or for any other build-up you want to release.

Recapitulation Exercise

Remember the situation with the person
In your mind make it as real as you possibly can, with feeling, images and thoughts and keeping this in focus….
Start with you head turned fully to the left, turn your head as slowly as you can all the way to the right, breathing IN, breathing your energy back from the situation with the person.
Then turn you head slowly, back to the left, breathing OUT all the way, breathing out any energy that is not yours.
Continue these head turns, breathing as slowly as you can, IN from left to right and breathing OUT just as slowly, turning your head from right to the left. Notice your breath, don’t force it, just notice if you are breathing more on the IN breath or more on the OUT breath. Are you taking more energy in or giving more energy back? It is not important which of the breaths is the stronger, it is just energy and there is no right or wrong about the situation. Keep turning your head and breathing this way until your breath is mild and gentle and equal in both directions. Then turn your head from LEFT to RIGHT to LEFT with no breath at all, this acknowledges completion of RECAPITULATION with the person. Cut cords with the person and all of the feelings and thought from that time

Practice you’re medicine tools now more than ever in the service of yourself and others.

Plant good seeds within and send loving seeds on the wind to those in need.





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