Gratitude In The Face Of Unimaginable Devastation

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 11.45.06 amFor many years this country has been nicked named ‘ The Lucky Country’. The term was actually a derogatory joke, but it was taken on and flipped into a positive as we were advertised as the land of the bright blue skies, beautiful beaches, abundant nature with an optimistic ‘G’ day mate’ attitude. As I sit her with the windows closed due to thick orange smoke and read and watch the devastation in this country of Australia I can feel the collective grief as heavy and thick as the smoke is outside.

These fires are now worse that the Amazon fires and California fire’s put together. Millions of animals are dead, the land is scorched so badly that regrowth in some areas won’t happen. And we have more of this apocalyptic disaster yet to come. The firefighters and community front line workers are our humble hero’s while our current prime minister is being ripped to shreds, and deservedly so, but that’s another subject and at the moment it won’t help reading my righteous rage.

What I find coming up for me in this devastating heartbreak is… Gratitude. Gratitude, when I see a video of someone on a bike giving a desperate koala a drink who is hanging on to their leg for dear life, gratitude to the dog and the firefighter that helps find the injured koala’s and other animals in the ravaged bushland, gratitude to all those donating from overseas and here at home to the firefighters. Gratitude to the man who saved a family and their dog on a boat from a flame that was going to wipe them all out, gratitude to the people that come and rescue the horses who will die otherwise, gratitude to the fire chiefs that are doing an amazing job in leadership, gratitude for the app called ‘Fires near me’ that keeps me posted on how close the fires are, gratitude to people giving up their caravans or a room for others who have lost everything, gratitude for water, the air-conditioning that others do not have on the burning days of over 40-degree temperature’s which are becoming more common, gratitude to my friend who paid the firefighter’s lunch bill yesterday, gratitude for our neighbours that have put my elder mother who I care for, and myself into their fire plan.

I could go on and on. Every day I see or read acts of kindness. Terrible times can bring out many feelings…. Grief, anxiety, fear, anger and hopelessness. It can also bring out the best in people, often those on the ground facing things front on, who ask for nothing in return. I myself am donating to the care of injured animals. as I am so deeply grateful to those caring for animals that have been burnt as I just can’t do that, my heart would shatter into a million pieces. Gratitude to those who can and do.

I sit here in deep gratitude for everyone doing their bit to help.

I am not one who relates to the concept of prayer, so if you would like to help, please donate where you can and envision good consistent rainfall that nourishes the land.

In gratitude

5 thoughts on “Gratitude In The Face Of Unimaginable Devastation

  1. Odette: Will definitely work with my rainstick for your home Australia. Also, will hold a vision of the fires ending.The pictures are horrendous.  I hope you will come out of this OK. All Blessings,


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  2. My heart breaks for all of you! I can not imagine what you all are going through. I was so glad to see our firefighters going to help all of you here from the USA. we are all in this together. I pray rain comes soon for all of you!

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