When Sensitive Folk Travel

220px-RWS_Tarot_00_FoolWhen we set off on adventures to places we have never been or haven’t been for a long time we tend to forget that we will land on a different vibrational energy to what we are used to.

This is because vibrations differ from country to country, state to state and from one place to the next, on the earths surface. Different locations vibrate at different frequencies. This can be due to multiple reasons, from what has happened on that part of the landscape in early years of history to what is happening upon it in current times as well as how the lay of the land is and its structure.

I remember when I visited Europe many years ago. I was touring all sorts of ancients sites and landscapes but didn’t feel a great deal of difference energetically until I walked into the coliseum in Rome. Suddenly felt faint and it was as if the blood was leaving my body. I could hear the animals screaming inside my core and had to get out of there fast. The person I was with was worried as I looked deathly pale. Once outside and off the grounds I was fine. Now of course we all know that the colosseum is rife with pain and torture from the past but there have been many other instances where I have felt the strong underlying energy of places both enjoyable and confronting without quite knowing why until later.

My first memory of a place that really effected me was at the largest Buddhist Temple in the world, Borobudur in Indonesia. I can still sense the vibration from there to this day. Even as a seven year old climbing up all the steps and putting my hf4024c571e5e09ce5e4049bc181500b1-borobudur-templeands through the holes in the bells to touch the buddhas, there was this incredible sense of deep inner calm.

Flicking the switch to a not so joyous vibration was in Norwich England, years back before my shamanic training. I was staying in a lovely thatched house in a lush country area with friends, with my own room which was delightful due to bunking down in hostels as one does when one is young and exploring. However, every single night was not so delightful. I awoke to horrific heart palpitating terror shredding nightmares. I did everything I could to change the direction of how I slept, move things, cleanse etc (I was an amateur at cleansing in those days). The terrors kept coming night after night, waking me up in lathers of sweat and fear.

The nightmare fragments that I could recall were of women being harmed in some way. The only solace I could find was in the woods where I would fall asleep on the moss-covered tree roots in the warm late spring afternoons. England is wonderful like that. Australia, not so…ticks, spiders, snakes, leeches….yep you get it.

HexenverbrennungAdmittedly, I wasn’t very conscious of my inner psychic abilities and insights in those days and I wasn’t about to insult my hosts by telling them I was freaking out with night terrors in their lovely home especially as the woman I knew who’s place it was, was pregnant. I didn’t find out till I was leaving via some conversation that Norwich had a history in being one of the major places for the trials and extermination of witches. If I was with someone on a spiritual path maybe they would have told me more about it and the internet was not as common as it is now in regards to looking things up.

The thing was I had been travelling and staying in other parts of England and never felt that. Norwich was literally haunting me and hunting me down like a witch hunter would have. I felt somewhat stuck there even though I knew I should go. When I did finally leave I headed straight to Devon to begin what would be my shamanic training and although the shamanic work was very emotionally taxing, I slept like a babe without issue.

I am very sensitive not only to the inner world of people’s issues but also to landscapes and vibrations on the whole. In stone circles I can pick the mother stone without even thinking. On landscapes where battle has happened I can see the blood inside me and flooding through intwined with the pain.

For years I travelled the world looking for where I felt a resonance of belonging. Finally in my late 30’s I arrived upon my fathers birthplace which is included within a huge caldera from a once active volcano. After several months myself and a friend decided to climb up to the top of the volcanoe (now dormant) and sleep up there. Its illegal to do it nowadays but then we could get away with it. That night I awoke to an aboriginal man outside the tent. I can still see him now. He wore very little and sat before a roaring fire. He asked me what I wished and to be honest I can’t remember my answer. I awoke again inside the tent and scrambled to get out whilst waking my friend who was wondering what I was on about. As I came out of the tent all was still and the stars were bright in the night sky. No sign of the aboriginal man. I could have sworn I was wide awake when I encountered him. Later I found out that the volcano is where many earth energy linesmt-warning-caldera-470x264 (song-lines, dreaming tracks, serpent lines) converge. Its considered a holy mountain to mens rituals and has a history of throwing women off it ( they have accidents etc). This being was clearly a spiritual caretaker of the mountain and I felt fully welcome to the land like no other, the land of my fathers birth. The synchronicity’s that happened that day going up and coming down…were uncanny and confirming. When I return to this particular area for my downtime from counselling and being a full time carer, tears fill my eyes when I see the volcano from the plane as there is a sense of deep belonging that I have rarely ever felt anywhere else on this earth. I have been and lived in places I know I have lived before in other lives, but none that feel like home this time around.

Another little story. I was on a train travelling to my homeland caldera from the south and I encountered a very agitated aboriginal grandmother that had three fingers bound up (due to some injury). She was trying to sort out two small children and a baby and was clearly overwhelmed and her patience was thinning. Others on the carriage looked at her with distain. The woman next to me who I didn’t know I stood up at the same time as me and offered to help hold the baby so she could sort herself out. She burst into tears at the kindness. As we chatted and played with the kids she shared that she felt wrong in the area that she got on the train from and couldn’t wait to get home to ‘her country’ (Aboriginal Australians refers to their country as the area their people caretake and come from and this can differ from state to state).

At another stop she asks me to hold the baby again so she could go and get some food and honestly she looked so ill. She shared that the area that we were passing through was a bad place for her people. When we got into ‘her country’ and close to mine she lightened up and her mood shifted. Her face had transformed into a state of peace. You may think that maybe she was just superstitious but I am not one to deny that certain places hold different vibrations for people that can be very disconcerting regardless of their beliefs. I had no idea about Norwich before I stayed there but it effected me deeply.


Artist: Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

I have tones of other tales of different landscapes I have been on and how they have effected me. What is important to remember is to be prepared for the shift in vibration. Even if you forget, which happens to me quite often (you think I would have learned by now! Sheesh!) you can call on some tools from within if need be.

In travelling as a sensitive its important to know that it will take you time to adjust to the vibration of the landscape that you are on. It will be a combination of many factors. Where you are in the world and what is occurring for those that dwell there, currently. What history has gone before that may trigger you. The collective of the indigenous peoples imprint on the land and how they were/ are treated/ honoured. Just to name a few.

So it’s important to take a number of things in your little travelling medicine bag.

  • Sage ointment/oil that you can rub on the back of your lower neck and belly (the lower neck is where stuff gets in and the belly is where you leak out energy)
  • An Amulet of some kind that you can hold onto that represents a peaceful energy
  • A flower essence or rescue remedy to raise your vibration
  • To mindfully call your spirit into your body and pat your heart chakra or solar plexus repeatedly while telling your inner child that its ok, you will look after he/she on this adventure.
  • Take a journal with you (better than typing on a computer as its more personal) and write out how you are feeling. Keeping track your inner journey.
  • Pick up some dirt or leaf or something natural from the ground and honour the ancestors of the place that you are visiting.

Fortunately when I recently went overseas I had many of these tools with me and I didronpippin.com hit an energy bump when I first arrived. I am grateful that I took some basic tools with me and had others inbuilt inside to call on. I trust this gives you a little insight to the importance of what you need to be aware of when you travel to different earth frequencies and to maybe think about how places you have been to or the place you are currently living in vibrates and how you adapt to it.

(c) OdetteNightsky 2019

One thought on “When Sensitive Folk Travel

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is true to my experience too. That is one thing I love about travelling, to “feel” and connect to the history that is held in the grid of energy, and to absorb the ancient mystery of the land and the secrets that have been lost over the centuries of human change. Sometimes it is scary, sometimes it is inspiring, but I feel like its always beautiful and rewarding.

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