Are We Visitors Here?

the-shaman245977-printsWhen my brother made fun of the lack of photos of me as a child I was for the first time, delighted. Not because there were a lack of photos as such (third child, no iPhones in those days) or what he implied in jest, it was how he phrased it.

He talked about how I must have gone back to my planet during a chunk of my childhood. From that moment I was nick named the family ALIEN and he even went further and made a comical T shirt refereeing to it, which I loved. I felt the smile stretch across my face. On some unconscious level I finally felt seen as I had always felt like an alien in comparison not only humanity but my family and even close friends. A sense of knowing that I was a total stranger visiting an unknown planet.

I have had several strong experiences in my life that have become part of my core knowing that I originally am from somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of lives on earth which I have experience via shamanic other life journeys and no longer seek to leave the planet as such like I did when I was younger. I often felt like E.T trying desperately to phone home but no one came to pick me up. I think there are many that can relate to this.

One of the experiences was a lucid dream of such strength I still see it clearly in my minds eye as I write, like it was just yesterday.

The dream…

I am waiting in a very, very long line. I see a huge spaceship that everyone is getting on. I know in the dream that this spaceship is heading to the Pleiades (otherwise known as the seven sisters) and I feel odd standing in the line but I don’t move. Within a blink of an eye and old Native American medicine woman appears beside me pulling at my sleeve to get my attention. She is ancient, small and robust. I bend down to hear what she wants to say to me.

“ You don’t come from there. You come from the Circle Of Chiefs.”
Her hot breath is so warm in my ear. The sensation and the words fill me and I step out of the line.

With that I awoke with a sharp clap as I do when spirit really wants me to remember the dreaming. I was so curious as I had never heard of the Circle of Chiefs so onto google I went. What I found was its latin name, The ‘Corona Borealis’. The Greeks said it represented the crown of Ariadne, daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur and get out of the Labyrinth.

In Celtic Mythology its known the place where the Celtic star goddess Lady Arianrhod, Arianrhod4joannapowellcolbertlives. And then as I researched further I found to my delight how the Pawnee tribe saw it as a chiefs lodge in the stars calling it “The Circle of Chiefs”. The photos of the Pawnee elder women clicked inside me. The ancient medicine woman in the dream was dressed the same. I felt a definite resonance of what I dreamed was my soul truth and that has not changed over the years. It’s not a belief, it’s a knowing.

I KNOW that is my constellation home in the stars. Does it make me want to leave here. Absolutely not. No need at all, I KNOW I still have much to do learn, share and experience.

Within the path of shamanism we travel with ease beyond the body so we are not stuck anywhere other than our self-created mindset which is why shamanism is so wonderful in accessing beyond your mind and into your souls experience on a multidimensional level.

keep-your-eyes-on-the-stars-and-your-feet-on-the-groundWether you feel your from somewhere else or not, your soul chose to be here on this planet at this time in history, in an earth suit and with the lessons that your wiser self chose to come down and grow through.

Yes, earth is a giant school room. Some are in kindergarten, some in primary, some in high school and others are at university and some are learning along other different stream lines. This is different to the institution mentality here on earth run by the masculine principe. Its not about who is better, who has more, who has achieved more (the climbing a ladder principle) Its more about learning where you are personally at in your own development and supporting others/being of service along the way.  In some areas you might still feel like you’re in kindergarten and in others you might be doing your masters or being a teacher sharing the knowledge of a specialised subject.

Beware of the ego thinking you are superior due to what you BELIEVE  If thats one of your lessons you may well need to repeat it with a massive dose of humbleness and thats ok, we are all learning so be kind and patient with yourself. Don’t worry about the time it takes. Just be mindfuly present within your journey here on earth as much as you can and time will take care of itself

The beauty of shamanism is its not earthbound in anyway.  It honours the mother earth and what she offers and knows the importance of respecting her and learning how to stay grounded, however shamanism sees beyond the third dimension without losing ground so to speak. We are part of a multidimensional universe where other beingss exist both on the level of ordinary reality and beyond. Look at how many indigenous tribes refer to ‘star people’ and what they have left as markers in caves and other places to let us know of other beings from other realms having been here.

In the shamanic path we know there are other beings on other dimensions and on other we-are-stardustlevels of reality, so the idea of other beings on other planets is a no brainer. We know that we are part of the universe and the universe (Great Mystery) is made up of multiple galaxies and worlds that we can access, however we are here on earth to GROUND the knowledge that comes through us to assist us in really BEING HERE. We will not be any help to ourselves or anyone else if we are busy flying out of our bodies and fragmenting as we desperately try to escape.

Sa6d25badceff41e6f6891355baa16ee6o regardless of where you feel you come from, here you are on this wonderful planet in these crazy times with a mission, a mission to simply BE HERE. What comes from being here is then up to you and how you live it, experience it, learn from it and plant seeds of what you want to share while you are here.

We are all made of stardust so get out there and twinkle your own inner light with a smile.




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2 thoughts on “Are We Visitors Here?

  1. Thank you Odette!
    I don’t know where i am originally from,, but I have a clear image of being with a large circle of other beings, being fully aware of the gravity of what we were committing to, and jumping off into time and space so that what we carried would be woven into the fabric of this time and place.
    Meaning woven in over much time, so the number that comes to me is 10,000 lifetimes. But that is just on this journey, and I have been around far longer. Not that any of that makes any difference, I am just aware in this lifetime of all of this, and may not have been in others. The whole point I think, is that whatever it is I am carrying (up under my heart) needs to be here now. For this time. And I think that after so much earlier difficulty I asked that I not be aware unless there was a really good chance of success. So there we are.
    Thank you for your true hearted sharing!

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