Psychic Purging

shaman8_origWriting on this particular subject, what comes to mind is a memory from years back when I wasn’t fully owning my sensitivity or my abilities.

I have never been comfortable at large parties and am still that way.  Parties to me are a bit of a nightmare. The reason being is I feel I have no purpose and I am generally crap with superficial chatting unless its to a little old lady at a bus stop. At a party there are often lots of people I don’t know and although I am very comfortable training, teaching and speaking I am at a loss on a big superficial social scale. Especially without anything to do.

I am often the first person to offer help or serve as it gives me something to focus on. So this party was one of those. I hardly knew a soul and my inner shyness was evident if not to them, to me. I have been known to make people feel uncomfortable as I dive deep quickly into subjects which is not a good party trick! I had something to drink which is usually not my friend, but needed something to do. I sipped on a glass of red wine.

You see I am a natural absorber of people’s energy. I am an empath to a massive degree, always have been, always will be. Back in those days I didn’t see it as a gift because I didn’t know how to manage it.

So after picking up on many people’s energy, attempting to be upbeat casual and friendly, it didn’t take long before I started to feel alone and lonely in the midst of it all.  I walked out onto a lovely balcony under the stars, put down my glass and leaned over the balcony rim, breathing in nature and the starry night sky (no pun intended).

Within minutes I felt a darkness invade me and I had no idea where from. A few people had arrived at the party who I knew better and came out to chat to me. I felt comforted that they were more familiar. The friend that I attended the party with who was a natural social butterfly, joined us.

As we chatted I could feel the unsettling feeling get stronger. I felt like my body wanted to vomit it out but at the same time I was at a party, its just not the thing to do. I was not a bogan late night drunken vomiter that took pride in it, I hated vomiting. I asked someone to grab me some water as I was feeling light headed. (I know your thinking someone spiked the wine but I had taken two sips and others were drinking the same with no effect)

Anyway after drinking the water, I felt insticively to lean over the balcony. I let out a long screaming sound like a banshee on steroids. My whole being wanted to get it out of my system, whatever it was. The party was in high swing and the music quite loud, thank goodness. When that was done I vomited over the balcony into the bushes and it was like a projectile purge. At this point my shyness wasn’t even present. My soul took over, it had to be 079bba7d2e0ab10974ff19b5df10ecaa--purge-trippypurged. I knew when I was screaming it out and vomiting it was a person at the party that I had tapped into energetically.

How do I know? Because he came into my vision as it was happening. He was male of dubious character that had messed with lots of things both substances and practices. (This was what came through for me, not what I knew for a fact)

After I released it. I felt myself in my body and crystal clear in my thinking. The people around me asked if I was sick, was I ok? Did I need to lie down? I was honest and told them I absorbed something from someone and I had to get it out. I got that look of yep she is eccentric. Half humoured smile and half ‘Shit, don’t get on the wrong side of her, she is mad!’ look in their eyes.

There were many more times this happened in different situations until I got a handle on what I needed to do and become more aware of. One time I think I have shared before, I came from a workshop that I was invited to and it was full of shadow energy. Spirit literally hassled me to go up to a hillock during a wet ragging lightening storm and I became the willing banshee and let it happen. No vomiting at that particular time, but thinking back most of the times I have vomited have had to do with other people’s shadow energy invading me and me absorbing it.

In the old days I may have had a hole driven into my head to let the demons be purged out of my opened skull, burned to extinguish the devil or maybe a good dose of blood letting or a horrific punishing cruel exorcism.

In shamanic lore purging is more akin to ‘transforming’ the energy of imbalance. 
The traditional shaman ingests the imbalance/entity, then by ritual and ceremony it is transformed within them (negotiation/confrontation) and then purged out (expelled). This can be anything from vomiting, spitting, burping, screaming, speaking in betwixed world langauge etc. I must say I have come across a few scammers in my time that did a lot of burping, but really to me it was digestion issues, not medicinal releasing.

Vomiting is a vey common way of purging psychically. But as my path and my medicine has grown stronger I tend not to vomit any more, I don’t feel I need to. I have found much kinder ways to deal with energy attachments and I can grok someones energy pretty fast nowadays. I am not saying I wont every again, but I have other ways to purge and clear now.

Know yourself and what you resonate with.

Firstly it’s important that you know you’re particular sensitive areas. Like me it’s a big party. I generally don’t go to them because I don’t actually like them for multiple reasons. I am all for a smaller gang of people in a room or around a fire discussing deeper things and getting up and dancing together, or a jam session with multiple people… that suits me well. I have learned to back out of big party invitations politely for my own wellbeing.

Know how to clean yourself energetically.

There are multiple ways to cleanse/purge yourself psychically. Anything from salt water baths, screaming under the ocean, drumming your body, rattling your body, putting a black obsidian stone at the base of your bed while sleeping and burying it the next day to cleanse it, burning sage and listening to frequency sounds that clear your energy field.

Know how to release and purge deeper and more stubborn attachments.

This is my speciality. As a soul, I came here to go through these experiences so I can be a guide for others. I created The Meditation For Sensitives during the biggest entity invasion in my life and it has stood the test of time, Inner House Cleaning is so practical to understand what the body holds and how to work with what manifests energetically. Recapitulation, a traditionally shamanic breathing restorative practice is such a handy every day tool, along with other tools I teach to remove cellular imprints of energetic connections with others like, Generational Clearing, Distant Personality Release and Projection release.

All the above are ways of purging that which you have absorbed which is interfearing in the natural balance of your energy bodies.

It’s really not about blaming the other person that you absorbed the yucky energy from. Sure you may learn that they are not someone you want in your life as a friend, parent teacher, lover, co-worker, boss etc, but the lesson here is about what you do with it now you have absorbed it.  If you absorb it, it has become a part of you energetically and it’s up to you to release it.

Although Soul Retrieval is not seen as a purging as such on deeper reflection I think it definity is.  In the contemporary version I do, the fragment must be cleansed before returning and if there is an abuser or energetic invader in the story then they are conscously purged from the clients energy field.

I remember my teacher back in the day giving me a wonderful tip. ‘You may not always be able to protect yourself but you can be an impeccable cleaner.’ Its one of my all time favourite sayings and I will keep saying it because its gold, especially for natural empaths and sensitives

1200.-Tone-9-Solar-JAGUAR-SHAMAN-web-1I am happy to say that I can purge just about anything that comes my way ( I am aware that in writing that sentence a new challenge may come! Ha!).

If you want to learn more techniques find me at my website for one on one trainings.


(c) Odette Nightsky

5 thoughts on “Psychic Purging

  1. Dearest Odette:
    As always, you tend to hit right onto whatever goes on into shamans’ lives all over the world, at specific and given times. And this includes myself, as well as so many hundreds of others, I’m sure. I could have written this article! That’s how true is resonates within my memory and within my core. I hope and pray you keep on writing for a very long time. You are most helpful and always have just the exact right timing! Thank you so very much! May your kind soul be blessed over all the times to come!

  2. Nga mihi o te tau hou e Odette – greetings to the new year for you Odette! Many thanks for this sharing – I appreciated the forthrightness of your experience and your understandings of sensitivity. You have validated so much for me over the years through your sharings. Nga whakamanawa – Many blessings.

  3. Did a search on distant personality release and found your blog, really loved reading about your adventures, feels like it would be good on one of those small meaningful parties, kind of like it would be good to read your book when it comes out
    Best wishes Franush

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