Illness, Intuition & Frequency

psychedelic-spiritualityI recently became very ill during my time out from caring for my elderly mother which left me bed ridden and feeling like I was poisoned. It was nothing I ate nor any signs it was coming. It slammed me flat on my back for days. Being that ill tends to bring back memories of when I was a young girl. I suffered from high fevers until it was found that I was going into renal failure so I had a mountain of tests and truckloads of medication until finally they removed my right kidney which effected my adrenal function long-term. Since then I have had a fairly strong intuitive relationship with my body consciousness and do the best to take care of myself but still being really sick, it’s a vulnerable place to be in, like I am sure many others can relate to especially if you are the one that is generally of good health and is often looking after others in some way. Lettingo into the illness is a challenge!

This time, the pain in my stomach was so bad I had a few paranoid fearful thoughts of things that it could be, horrible things. When these little fear bubbles arise about my health I tend to lean into a righteous self made contract that I created with the universe. Due to being my mothers carer I cannot go before my mother, she wont be able to cope, she has already lost my brother and is just not on, so I literally tell the universe ‘Its not happening do you hear me!’. Yeah I know….but strangely it empowers me.

I awoke on the forth morning still feeling horrid and a word literally popped into my head silence_by_cestica-d85982s‘Arsenic’. Arsenic is of course a poison but used homoeopathically it meets the poison where its at.

I know the difference between my intuition and my fears and I asked a dear friend to get some for me and within a day I started to improve. When I recovered to a degree I went and got some acupuncture and Chinese herbs as that is my go to medicine when things get rough. It makes sense to me that illness clogs up the meridians and natural healing channels and makes it hard for the body to bounce back.

Finally my mind started to clear enough to write. Yippee! As while ill I kept thinking well if I am down for the count I should spend my time writing but my creative channels were completely blocked and tired, just like my body. I had to surrender to sleep and movies as my attention span was crap and couldn’t even read nor could I hardly eat.

Due to a huge chunk of my childhood being under the medical system I generally feel that doctors cannot help much other than specialist surgeons who do life saving surgery (which I am grateful for). I am not anti doctors so much as I really don’t think they have a lot to offer. Their blood tests are quite basic and they don’t pick up many things that live blood analysis can and tend to just recommend medication that my body doesn’t want. So most of my life I have gone the natural pathway to healing as I feel its in line with my bodies needs.

My mother who is very open to alternative pathways but has that old way of trusting in doctors as authority, asked me over the phone if I had gone to a doctor. I as always am honest and said, I didn’t feel they could do much, but if I felt the need I would. It’s not having my head in the sand at all. It’s following my intuition and my gut instinct about my own body and what it needs. Honestly if I felt like I needed to see a doc, I would.

I was slowly getting my energy back but it was still only in short bursts. I went down to the coast to visit a spirit sister. She wanted me to come along to experience something called a ‘Biocharger’. This is a mixture of frequencies from electrical engineer Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife. Both men were slammed by the system due to their findings and died lonely deaths without credit. Jim Girardbut brought the Bio Electric Stimulator to life but was also deceived by a corporate money maker who took his idea. He went on to create the Biocharger with Colin Bester which was even more advance and this machine has had a massive resurgence in recent times due to it healing capabilities.

I didn’t really bio-charger-energytuneup-600x600know any of this before I went but me being me and open to new experiences in general, I thought, sure, what the heck, I will give it a go. What could it hurt? After a short introduction to it, we sat in a room close to what looked like the inside workings of the Tardis. Its colourful flashing lights went off and it made sounds like the Tardis revving up to maximum voltage. It was set to all over universal earth healing frequency and one other that we chose to do with digestion. I sat there and just let it flow through me. I had no real judgement one way or the other. I get that we all vibrate at a certain frequency and thought if there is a higher frequency that can help my body, why not!

After we left I didn’t notice much but through the day it was clear I had way more energy than I did when I walked in. You see, I am very sensitive to what I experience, I need to experience things myself to truly know them. Was it a placebo effect? Well, my mind wasn’t focused on thinking that it would make much difference, I was curious more than anything else. Regardless, I felt significantly energised. I posted the pic that the owner of the Biocharger took of me and my friend and put it on my FB personal page. Some were fascinated, and a few cynics were telling me (lecturing really) not to go for this snake oil salesmen thing, judging me like I was naive as a lamb. I didn’t react or go into a debate. I just knew that my experience was my proof.

Two mornings later I awoke with a nudge from within ‘Sound frequency’. You see the mornings are when spirit wakes me up with little one statement tips. Some of them are to do with my writings, my posts, what I need to open myself up to etc. When these inner nudges pop up I listen. I didn’t always, I used to brush them away or postpone them, but nowadays I know better.

It makes total logical sense to me that our bodies respond to higher frequencies. We are a mass of sub atomic particles and thats a fact. The bodies natural frequency is gauged between 62 and 68 Hz (Hz = a unit of frequency). The Shamanic drum beat vibrates at 741 Hz. The earth frequency vibrates at 7.83hz (this has changed though due to humanities interference). The meditation frequency as is the chant of OM is at 7.83Hz.

The Universal Earth frequency is 432Hz. Now thats a high vibrational frequency!hqdefault

In these fast paced times we are being slammed by all sorts of vibrational waves from our computers, TV’s, WiFi currents and goodness knows what else. And autoimmune diseases are on the rise everywhere. Our natural vibration is being messed with. That I know from experience.

As a spiritual being I can tell if something otherworldly has been messing with me as I feel a change in my mood, my attitude and my natural vibration. So I need to go within and clear it, which I am very experienced at.

So now due to being slammed down with whatever it was and other body issues arising in the last few years, spirit is nudging me to share my experience in order to show the importance of HARMONISING our natural vibration in a world full of cross counter frequencies.

So, currently I am meditating with a few frequencies but the main one is the 432 Frequency, The Universal Earth Frequency. I am doing it in the morning and the meditation frequency before sleep.

I am experiencing it and journeying with it as that is the shamanic pathway, to experience in order to know. I invite you to do the same if it calls you and let me know of your experience.

I am not a scientist or someone who wants to read lots of technical stuff. I like to take something complicated and make basic sense of it and then transform it into language that people can understand. When I began researching and taking nots for this blog, I kept getting nudged by spirit to just tell them what you are experiencing, your story.

Yep, right, got it, done, thanks.

tumblr_mhifdoEbnH1rtzgumo1_500When we die the body will soon stop vibrating. The life force, the frequency of the spirit is no longer attached to the earth suit. While we are alive we are vibrating energy. We have a frequency that we emanate. We are residing on a living frequency called mother earth and we are part of a universal frequency I call ‘Great Mystery’.

I like the feeling that each day I move into a space to connect with the Universal Earth Frequency. How about you?



(c) O. Nightsky 2018

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