Shifting the Energetic Density

The Web CoverThe following is a partial excerpt for an new book coming out in 2019

The Web Between Worlds
Navigating Other Worldly Sensitivities

It is an update from my original book

‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity’ and so much more.

It will be valuable to anyone crossing the bridge to non ordinary reality and offer many more tools and ways to view this wonderful inter-dimensional shamanic journey on earth.
(It will be available in paperback)

                                                                *     *     *    *     *

I used to think that people deliberately drained my energy with conscious intention. However through experience I have realised that in general the majority of people who do suck energy from others or leak energy are not fully aware of what they are doing.

Drainers and Leakers

The first are those who appear to be ‘overly’ up beat happy people who tend to talk a lot without listening well.

These people are not big on conversation. They tend to like to tell their story more in a lecture format. So you get slammed with a tsunami overflow and feel like you are their audience. Many of these people have been labelled with a complex personality disorders, acute narcissistic traits or people suffering the high peaks of mania.

An analogy:  The top part of the ocean is coming in full pelt while the bottom level is pulling out and sucking away from the shore.

When they leave you are completely drained and exhausted. These peole have little insight that they are draining as they have so much energy flowing through them they don’t see that they are drawing anything from anyone.

They vibrationally have an empty hole, much like a vortex inside their core that cannot be filled no matter how much information goes in. That’s why they never seem to tire of needing more, be that listening to themselves or getting their energy fix. This hole needs filling from within. Its like there is a rip in the energetic field that needs to be sewn up.

The second is the very depressed person. If you have been around people who suffer from depression for a good while, you may have found that its hard to keep your level of positivity up especially if you are highly sensitive and or empathetic.

The depressed person isn’t draining so much as leaking out what they cannot process. On of the biggest components of depression is anger and self loathing towards ones self.

If you find yourself getting angry which is out of character, it may be due to picking up on what is being leaked or because you yourself are frustrated that you cannot save them from the swamp.

If you are close to to someone suffering depression you really need to take regular time out for space especially if you live with them. Go and do things that boost your life force. They are not consciously leaking, they are just trying to stop themselves from drowning and dont know how to manage what the feel, so it leaks out.

You can also be drained by walking the street and having a great deal of sympathy for others. You see a child wailing and its parent more preoccupied with their phone, a homeless person on their knees in abject misery with nothing in their hat, watching and elderly person forgetting themselves and nobody caring

254dde9bf70db05b24d4bbee13bb0cd9These things can all be emotionally draining and none of them is deliberately aimed at you personally. Not the manic talker, not the depressed family member, not the person your heart goes out to on the street. They are just trying to survive the only way they know how. Its an energetic behaviour that is based on a pattern of survival.

(There will be other chapters to assist those that want to stop leaking and or draining, all in the mode of no blame)


In regards to abuse, energy can be lost, stolen and or leaked. But to be very clear here, Your energy cannot be used by another.

It can be held (stolen) via the abusers invasion in relationship to the victim experiencing a robbing of their sense of self which can manifest into PTSD amongst other things.

The person that is the drainer/abuser cannot really benefit in anyway other than their ego thinking that he/she has rightous control over the one who was abused. They cannot use your stolen energy. It’s actually useless to them.

The energy/fragment is in wait,  available to be resorted if you really want it back.

I know that by experience, both via my own story and in working with clients.

It absolutely can be reclaimed.

If I have felt I have lost a part of myself in someones story, anger, issue or agenda, by being too empathetic or to absorbent or even too gullible. I often find that I have leaked and/or I have been unconsciously drained.

So the next step is to look to see how I can personally replenish myself from that experience

Acknowledge that this is a draining issue

  • If anger is rising, write it all out and let it flow, so it doesn’t stagnate or ruminate within.
  • Before you can cleanse yourself you need to check what or who has been draining you. Go inside and move through the day and take yourself to just before you felt zapped. Trust in what comes up.
  • Acknowledge it and then move deeper to see why you chose, yes ‘chose’ to be drained. Find a positive reason, teaching you what about yourself?
  • If there is anything attached to you in any way that you are unable to shake off, use Inner House Cleaning method  or The DPR healing method in this book.
  • Thank the spirit of the messenger (No matter who they are) for the teaching.
  • Now, find the best way to create life force within yourself. For some this can be going for a run in the sun or rain, lying on the earth and breathing her in, meditation (passive or active), yoga, having a salt scrub or bath, burning sage, dancing your butt off to music that makes your heart sing, recapitulation, placing hands on belly and or on the top of spine before neck and emitting some Reiki or life force
  • Thank yourself, nurture yourself in some way and give thanks to any spirit kin you included at any time for assistance.
  • If it’s a bigger issue then you will need to find a down to earth, well-trained gentle practitioner experienced in Soul Retrieval. The reason I say dont do it on your own, is when you have a trigger its hard to see straight and its good to have someone to pick up what you might miss.

the-tree-of-life-series-2-dhananjay-mukherjeeWhen we stop the blame game towards others and ourselves and take up the tools we need, we can clear things so much more easily and that makes for less draining and leaking of life force.

We can then learn to self nourish engergetically

(c) O. Nightsky 2018 both writings and cover photo of  The Web Between Worlds.

5 thoughts on “Shifting the Energetic Density

  1. Once again practical teachings for navigating through experiences we mayhaps will encounter in the ups and downs o life Odette! Excited to read more, knowing it will expand de ol toolbox needed when one walks betwixt.

  2. I have been living a shamanistic life for many years and enjoy your posts !! Sometimes it feels like you are watching over my shoulder.

    I am also an English teacher and noticed some errors in the writing. I would like to offer some editing assistance – just for the joy of it. Publishing a book is such a challenge but exciting as well. If you are interested please let me know and if you are interested I can guide you to my blog so you can get a sense of whether I am capable in lending you a hand.

    All they best,

    • Hi Sam. Thanks so much. I do get blind in that way sometimes and have just gone back and corrected what I saw was out. I have quite a few people offering to edit for different prices and will make a choice when closer to that time. And of course please link me up to your blog. Blessings Odette

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