3 thoughts on “Online Training

  1. HI there,
    i feel i am being nugged toward shamanism and enjoy your website. I would like to know more about your training, online. I am in mexico. My name is Leslie. My money is small but the awakening is large.
    thank you

    • Hi Leslie.
      I would suggest the best way to begin is with an introductory session to find out what is the best path to take to train you depending on what you already know and what you feel you have a resonance for in this work. This gives you the opportunity for me to answer any questions you have in how I work, and what we could arrange due you your finances, and of course, you get to feel me out to see if I resonate with you as a guide in this path of learning. So if you go through the contact page on my official website, you can email me there and we can look at setting up the initial session. Blessings and looking forward to hearing from you. Odette

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