Recapitulation Reminder

600_451159830Dear Kin

Many of you ask me about recapitulation over and over again. I have posted it before so this time please copy it and keep it. It’s an essential tool to survive in this busy chaotic climate. It is a very old shamanic technique that is easy to do and you can really go deep with it in your own time.

Look and see if the outbreath or inbreath is deeper, fuller, longer when you practice. This lets you know if you are more likely to give your power away or that you absorb too much of others debri’s.

Recapitulation is akin to a mini soul retrieval and can get you through challenging time until you find a good practitioner to work with to do deeper work. You can also find it and other tools and journey tips in my workbook at my website.



Recapitulation is going back in time to recover energy that has been lost. In the past chapters we have been looking at clearing the energy in your home and cutting cords to prevent people draining your energy. Now we are going to go back in time and reclaim lost energy and give back energy that is not yours.

It is obvious why we have to get back lost energy, but maybe not so obvious why we have to give back energy that is not ours. It is a shamanic law that energy can only be used by the person who originally owned it. If energy is given to us, or we inadvertently take energy from another person or even if we try to steal energy from someone else, we cannot use it if it is not ours. If we cannot use it what use is it to us? It has no use at all except to become a burden to carry around. Anything that has no use becomes a burden in time, and burdens drain energy, make us tired and weaken us physically. The reason we are doing this shamanic work is to find out what is really ours, and if something belongs to someone else we need to either give it back or simply let it go and hopefully it will find its way back to where it belongs.

Recapitulation can be an enormous task that takes years for the ‘serious shaman’ or it can be an activity that is done everyday in just a few minutes. We will start off by explaining the easy way first.


Daily Recapitulation

At some time during the day, possibly before you go to bed at night, take some quite time and go over the events of the day. Maybe you would like to write a list in your journal of everyone you had contact with on this day. Then start at the top of the list and focus you mind on all of the interactions you had with this person. Remember with as much detail as you can: the situation; what happened with this person; how you felt at this time and any thought or decisions you made about yourself or that person or life itself.


The interaction doesn’t have to be unpleasant for you to lose energy. A caring and loving friend may give you their energy and call it compassion or healing, but remember you can’t use other people’s energy and no matter how well meaning they are you need to give it back. You can even pick up energy from people in the street who you are not even aware of.


There are very fine filaments between you and a person and a situation you were in together, like cords only much more subtle. The process of remembering strengthens these filaments and allows you to take back any energy you have lost. Also it enables you to give back through the same filaments any negative energy that came to you during that time. For example: eating at a busy restaurant. There are lots of energies of different people who possibly have never been cleared from the space. That’s not to say its negative or bad is just wasn’t cleared, and that’s the energy you may walk away with.


How much energy do you pick up in a normal day? How much energy do you lose in a normal day? It’s a wonder we have any usable energy at all with this mixing and mingling so it’s very important to sort out and recapitulate to recover that which is ours and to clear out that which does not belong to us.

Recapitulation With Important People And Situations In Your Life

If you can do the daily process regularly that is great. Now you have gained some of your lost energy and feel you would like to take the next step, set aside an hour or so and begin recovering some of your lost energy, and giving back inappropriate energy from others from your past. Of course you will not be able to recapitulate all of the people and situations that follow, just do as much as you have energy and concentration for each time.

SET YOUR SCENE: find some time for yourself when you wont be interrupted, clear your space and light a candle to make this process sacred. Take a few minutes to be quiet and to focus you mind.

WHO IS THE PERSON WHO HAD THE MOST IMPACT UPON YOU IN THE PAST? It maybe your mother, your father, a sibling, a lover, or an ex-lover, husband or wife, teacher or student, just accept the first person that comes to mind. Don’t try to analyse your choice, trust that your subconscious is in contact with you conscious mind and is helping with this decision. Start with who ever comes in to your memory now.

Go through the RECAPITULATION process, getting the memory as clear as you can, turning your head and breathing. It is important to take you time and go over each scene with this person thoroughly, it is much better than whizzing though quickly so you are finished and can get on to the next person. This recapitulation make take you months or even years, and it is much more effective if you take your time with each step.

Suggested areas for clearing

If you feel the need for making your list one day and coming back to RECAPITULATE it at a later date when you have more inclination for the full process, that’s great too. Just start wherever you like and do whatever you like, whenever you like. Its all part of the process, the main thing is just to start and do it because you want to not because you think you should.

Recapitulation With Important People In Your Life

Mothers and Fathers



Other family members

Lovers, ex lovers, present lover(s)

School, university, teacher, students

Work, workmates, bosses

Holidays, places, people, sports, games.



Make a list of times when you may have lost energy to your mother. She may have put out negative energy by way of feelings, thoughts or beliefs that you picked up. Don’t judge the energy exchange, the process will do that for you, just remember times in your life when there have been “memorable” situations with your mother, from as early as you can remember up to the present. Take your time and go over each scene carefully and thoroughly, turning your head and breathing. RECAPITULATING your energy all the time.

NOTE: Have your journal handy and write every emotion you are feeling and every thought or decision you make about her or yourself at that time. Later when you have learnt Quantum Dynamics you can set to and clear the charge on the feelings.


When you have finished clearing as much as you can at this time with your mother (and that could be a mammoth task) you can begin with your father. Make a list of all the times you were with him or not with him, which may have made more of an impact on a little person. Write on you list as many scenes as you can remember. When you have done that, start with the first scene and bring it to mind as clearly as you can, remembering the situation, where it was, other people involved in this scene, how it came about, and how you were feeling at the time.


Turn you head and breathe, recovering your energy and sending back energy that you picked up at the time. Send back thoughts and decisions that were not yours, letting go of imprinting from your father or others at that time. Remember to write in your journal emotions, feelings, thoughts and decisions you made at that time that are not really in your best interest to keep. The clearing will happen later with QD.


Siblings possibly had quite an influence on you, as would grandparents and other members of an extended family. Recapitulate each one separately taking your time and going over each person and situations that come to mind concerning these people. You may be quite surprised just what memories you uncover in this process.




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