The Art of Earthing The Spirit In Trying Times

1140-mother-earth-nick-wongThere are occasions when you are not able to escape into nature perhaps because you live in a dense city or a cookie cutter wide spread suburb, or maybe all the nature that you do have around you is a tree in a concrete made pothole or a kid’s playground where there is a lot of traffic surrounding it.

Maybe you are driving or a passenger in some vehicle with others that trigger you and it feels like there is no escape and the only place you stop at is a petrol station or some takeaway roadside drive in.

Maybe you have to stay at some relative’s house and sleep in the spare room, which you feel alien to and there is a blizzard outside or it’s just somewhere that seems to have no life.

Maybe you are near a forest but it has been burnt or cut down due to corporate greed and there isn’t an animal to be seen.

Maybe you live in the middle of a city and even taking off your shoes to walk on the grass in a park looms the risk of stepping on a syringe.

Many people refer to ‘Earthing’ as taking off your shoes and connecting your feet with the earth in someway. Sometimes that doesn’t feel possible. Like the person who lives in a high-rise apartment and the only Earthing thing they have is a pot plant on the windowsill. I guess you could fill a kitty litter tray with dirt and stand in it, but hey its not really the same.

So let’s look at another way you can earth yourself no matter where you are or what environment you are in.

Your body (what I refer to as your ‘Earth suit’) is made uvastu-shastra-5-elementsp of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and Space.


Bones, nails, teeth, muscles, cartilage, tendons, skin, and hair.


Plasma, blood, saliva, nasal secretion, digestive juice, eye secretion, mucus, cytoplasm, cerebrospinal fluid and liquid inside the cell.


Body temperature and responsible for digestion, absorption, assimilation and regulate metabolism.


Movement include muscular movement, lungs contraction, intestines movement and movement in every cell.


Mouth, nostrils, thorax, abdomen, respiratory tract, and cells.

MotherEarth2The mother earth which we reside on has all these elements just as we do. So we are indeed connected to the earth vibrationaly and physically…. one with the earth. The thing that keeps us separate is our monkey mind, full of worries, judgments, opinions, resistances etc.

So just for a moment, I want to imagine that you in your sensory being-ness, the being residing in the EARTH suit body you chose for this life, has the same core elements of the earth.

You can be volcanic and passionate (fire), you can deeply emotional and adaptable (water), you can be present and grounded (earth), you can communicate through a number of ways (air) and within all of these elements that you are….. there is SPACE to BE.

Now take that being-ness and breathe it in all the way down to your belly (the core of the earth that you are) Feel your fire that can transform and bring action, feel your water, strong yet gentle and mutable when need be. Feel your air and listen to what your spirit and your inner child is trying to communicate to you. Feel your spirit coming into your EARTH suit and filling up the space.

Mother-EarthGround and earth yourself within your own being. Hold space for yourself.

This is another way of Earthing that is beyond this ordinary reality.

Take a little time out, wherever you are and consciously breath your spirit into your earth suit which is in resonant alignment with the cosmic Mother Earth that if free of any suffering and just BE for a little while regardless of the environment that you find yourself in.

If you are able to be in the woods or on a beach or somewhere in nature… Go ahead, take your shoes off. But if you can’t you can still be earthed.

Blessings to all


PS: This is a video that can wrap you up in the space of connection and earth you at the same time. The area that it is filmed is where I did my training. It is to me, a sacred space and Satish offers a sacred way of viewing things. One of my favorite Videos! Enjoy













3 thoughts on “The Art of Earthing The Spirit In Trying Times

  1. Thank you for this. Living in the middle of Alaska and also in a town with paved streets I have often wondered how to Earth with it being -30f in the winter or having streets in the summer that might have broken glass etc. This is very peaceful to consider and gives me hope. Of course I’ll enjoy taking ny shoes off when I can, too. Thank you!

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