Protection And Foil Hats In A World Gone Mad

671b1851e295afb1861b83590cdfed30--paper-hats-foil-artHave you ever felt bombarded by so much discordant collective noise within and without that you had a thought that maybe if you were to wear a foil hat you may be able to reflect all that discord and it will bounce right off you? No? Well there are people who do. This foil hat tends to show up most commonly in some that have become homeless and who are overwhelmed by the collective invasive white noise. They are attempting to feel a little safer in a world that feels riddled with danger and intrusion.

Odd you say? Cray Cray you say? Well maybe not socially acceptable but personally I don’t find it that odd at all. Have I donned the aluminium paper hat myself? Well no I haven’t (and in saying that I may well experiment one day) but weirdly I can see that in some way it has a kind of logic to it. It’s a need to go under the radar so to speak, to avoid the collision with the collective barrage that seems to seep into acutely sensitive folk. The belief is that the reflection of the foil may help to bounce and reflect what’s invasive. This has been studied and it does help with radio waves but apparently not a lot else, however it seems it’s a symbolic act of trying to protect oneself from feeling invaded. And that is indeed very common with acutely sensitive people.

You see many, acutely sensitive people experience trouble finding themselves in the midst of all the noise. Whether that be auditory or energetically. There are people who have felt a desperate need to protect themselves to the point that they ‘believe’ and feel safer with the concept of a protective, reflective foil hat.

A Jew wears a Kippah, a Muslim wears a Hijab, a nun may wear a habit, the Pope wears a hat called a ‘Papal tiara’ (ok that made me chuckle when I looked that up!) and the list of hats go on. Some say the wearing of a symbolic spiritual hat is about keeping the crown chakra covered (not that the may use that terminology) so there is a clear connection to their god/ the presence above.

So maybe the unwell homeless person wants to protect their crown chakra too and tin foil seems a better protection than a used plastic bag. Fair enough I say! Whatever works. I mean there is a group of seemingly san people who have legalized wearing spaghetti strainers! (Pastafarians/ Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). They are legal to the point of being able to wear their strainers in a driver’s license photo. Fortunately they have a sense of humour about it. Maybe they evolved from the foil gang! Who knows!homeless-tin-foil-man

I remember wearing a pair of sunglasses once and thinking how protective they felt. Like I was out in the world but no-one could see my eyes. I have talked to people with sunglasses on and found it irritating that I couldn’t get a deeper sense of them because their eyes were protected. The eyes show so much. I think sunglasses have become modern day protector wear. I don’t wear them myself as I feel disconnected with them on. Like the block my full seeing and sensing range.

The acutely sensitive person feels invaded through all of the energy bodies that surround the human/earthsuit form.


The Physical Body: How it effects their body memory

The Etheric Body: The spiritual skin of the body

The Mental Body: The mind feeling invaded with collective unwelcome invasive negative thoughts

The Spiritual Body: Psychically feeling beset by invasive entities and drained of life force

The Emotional Body: How you respond or react to the invasion and how it makes you feel about yourself and your place in the world.

The sensitive person is like an open portal that has difficulty in closing themselves down to the collective overwhelm. If they don’t find a way to close off then they tend to lose their sense of self. And in that they lose insight.

One of the most common ways of self protection in todays time is ‘Anger’. We are in the rawness of the fight or flight battle. It seems as if anger has taken a major seat in how things are dealt with in the word today and it often comes out of feeling completely helpless.

There can be a great sense of power in being and acting angry and many people are feeling powerless in todays times that they are feeling that anger is a better protector. Its not really, its just more armour that gets heavier and heavier to carry.

It all comes down to not feeling safe within the self.

The person wearing the foil hat is hoping all that shit is going to bounce off their hat and leave them be. Who’s to say a foil hat is any worse than a pair of sunglasses where no-one can see your eyes. Sure you may be more acceptable in the latter, but maybe it’s the top of your head where you can feel it all coming through. You know that soft part at the top of your head that was open when you were born?

In my experience safety is built from within. As you can be in a safe environment but if you have a great deal of fear inside, it will keep you awake, keep your worrying, fearing and no matter what the outside seems like, there is a threat from within.

crown-chakraThat soft part of the top of the head is still energetically open, much like a lotus flower and if its open 24/7 and you are a sensitive being you are going to feel drained.

Medicine Tool Tip.

When in sacred space.

Close your eyes and call in your kin and see a lotus blossom at the top of your head. See it opening wide and flat. See the yellow stamens at the centre, like natural antenna. Rest and connect in this OPEN space and do any medicine work eg: Auric clearing of debri’s. Gently close the lotus when you are done. Not too tight or you will get a headache.

Before going out.

Practice closing your eyes and mindfully visualizing the lotus in gentle closed position. img_7708

In doing this practice mindfully, you will become more alert to when you are being open and being at safe rest energetically.

The intention of this tool is not to close yourself off from feeling connected. In an ideal inner health state we want to always be connected. The intention is to have insight into when you are too open to the point of feeling like you are being overwhelmed with too much energy that is not in harmony with where you are at.

See the lotus at your crown open and close and open and close and open and close….


Practice with intention.



Artwork: Universal Energy Painting

Artwork: Universal Energy Painting. I am the artist.






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