Your Core Truth


It can be very difficult at times to define your core truth in the midst of the search for it.

There are many pathways in the world of alternative modalities and just as many pot holes. A new type of healing is advertised and you head that way. You meet a friend that comes back from a wonderful retreat (that suited them) and you head that way. Someone advertises themselves as a ‘master’ and a ‘Healer. And you get pulled in that direction thinking ‘will someone just fix me please!!’

When one calls himself or herself a ‘master’ or a ‘healer’ they better have proof to back it up! I have rarely if ever met someone I would give that title to. I have met incredibly wise beings, teachers, and those that can help to move your trauma out of the way so you’re being can naturally heal itself, yes. But the former is incredibly rare.

The want to heal is deep and it can take a person to a place of desperation and some to a place of giving over their core truth in the hope of being saved. This is what happens to people who are drawn into fanatical cults. There is a slow eroding of the inner self to the point that the so called ‘Master Healer’ has you harnessed by the spirit and you look to them for ‘their’ knowledge and truth.

You know ‘your’ truth better than anyone no matter how stormy or fragmented it looks.the-head-in-a-cloud-1382391574_b The core of your being knows the truth that resonates with you the best. Of course that core can feel damaged, split, torn. But it’s usually the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that have manifested due to trauma that makes it seem hard to source.

In all that I have learned and encountered over the years. I tend to dive into thing fully and as I swim through it I feel a nudge from within that is my core self calling me to listen. What I have learned adds to my ways and expands my mind but my core stays stable. Not blocked. Not stubborn. Not rigid. Stable and grounded with flexibility.

A little practice in getting to know your core truth.

  1. What if anything brings me a sense of calm? (Feel free to use your imagination.)
  2. When I sense this little moment of calm, where in my body do I feel it?
  3. Now put your hand on that place, take your breath into that spot on your body and that feeling of calm and add the picture of calm to it.
  4. Now ask yourself ‘ If I go in this direction how does my soul feel?’
  5. What happens to your sensation? What happens to your breath? What happens to your feeling of calm?

Your core truth has a sense of feeling like a settled place when something fits like a glove and your body is at ease and your mind is quiet. Sure it can also feel excited and passionate too, but underneath all that there is a calm surety about it.

You are the best healer you know. You are the best inner teacher you know. Sure there is guidance out there to help you find your way and there are lots of detours on the journey so its great to have a guide.

Much like you’re in a country you have never been to and don’t speak the language and a_85199721_c0177669-black_hole,_artwork-spl guide is very handy so if you do get lost it’s more like an adventure! (I like to think of myself much like one of those types of guides)

So please don’t let anyone rob you of your core truth even if you are still trying to find it. A good warning sign is :If they harm or manipulation or make you feel small, or shame you, they are not a good guide. They may be talented, gifted etc. but that doesn’t mean they are a good guide for your wellbeing. Healthy guidance comes with love. Sure it can be tough love in times when something needs to be gotten to the bottom of, but it is always done in a compassionate way and not with any personal agenda or harm intended.

Your core truth is who you are beyond the trauma’s, beyond the patterning, beyond the dysfunctional behavior, beyond the undermining, and beyond your low self worth.



Ask to speak to your inner child.

Ask to speak to your wise self.


Your wise self is not arrogant and your inner child will tell you what you need via what he/she needs.

In connecting with them both on a regular basis your core truth will become more visible and you will enjoy the journey much, much more.


Odette Nightsky



© Nightsky March 2017



8 thoughts on “Your Core Truth

  1. I found this to be helpful. I plan on incorporating this lesson into my daily life by going or staying in my peaceful place as to be more one with my true self knowing . Thank you for taking time to write this.

  2. Hello Contemporary Shaman,

    Amazing that I was thinking this very thing yesterday – and you confirmed it beautifully. I came to the conclusion (to do with trying to lose weight – whether to fast or go completely raw or just vegan – one meal a day etc) that there are SOOOOOooooo many ways and soooo many answers. I said to myself. Now that you have heard and researched a lot of what is being said – Now you must listen to yourself and decide which one is best for you now.

    Your ‘Core Truth’ arrived in a timely manner and I am so very grateful for the reinforcement.

    Sincerely, Janet

  3. Thank you Odette – your posts always resonate with wisdom, compassion and humility. I did the exercise suggested in this article, and found that my ‘calm place’ was swimming in a blue sea around my solar plexus! Blessings x

  4. I deeply resonated with this. I have been drawn to helping others and have been having a hard time calling myself a healer. I know that true healing occurs within as my own healing occurred for me. I love how you use the term guide.. I will use this!! I will cherish this article. Thank you for sharing this. Love and light

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