Living And loving The Earth Suit You Are In.

6048904_origWe all originate from the same source (whatever you choose to name it) and in my view, far beyond the rights and wrongs of duality.

In my understanding we all chose to come here, maybe not knowing how things would play out exactly, what experiences and challenges we were in for, but on a deeper level a part of us said yes to another adventure on this earth called Gaia.


An adventure in what I refer to as our ‘Earth Suits.’

Our spirit began to incarnate at a certain time during our earth suit development. In some tribes they believe that the spirit of the child does not come in till a certain age, where as others would challenge that and say it is as soon as the spark of fertilization engaged that the soul came in.

Regardless of when the soul actually incarnated inside the earth suit, the baby arrives into this world after being housed in a womb.

Watch an infant as it adjusts to being here in its earth suit. It ‘generally’ sleeps a lot in its first months because the birthing process is usually exhausting and it needs nourishment and growth time to fine-tune inhabiting the vessel it’s in.

220648598-wriggling-0-6-months-hand-raised-cushionIn time it begins to wriggle, use its eyes more, makes noises with its mouth, sucks what part of the body it can, using its mouth to identify things, moves its hands trying to use them, juts out its little legs every which way, bends its back to adjust to the use of its spine etc.

I am always in awe of babies as I view them as souls incarnating into a little body in which it often feels way too big for.

“How on earth do I fit into this thing? Why is it so limiting?”


As the earth suit and the relationship to it develops, the frustration of trying to grab things, learning to crawl, pushing itself to stand, and walk without tumbling soon turns into a thrill when they accomplish what is perceived as a simple task for adults.

The soul is getting a handle on its earth suit and how it works.

Earth suits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some function better than others. Regardless of what earth suit we have we need to make the best of what we are given, what we have incarnated into.

When the earth suit is not all one hoped it would be.

One of my best friends, who left his body to the world of spirit, entered the earth’s atmosphere this time round with a paralyzed body and only a few fingers working on one hand. His diagnosis was Cerebral Palsy. He was put into an institution at an early age as his parents struggled to care for him. He suffered institutional abuse, needed a wheelchair to get him around, sounded as if he was a bit drunk when he spoke and his earth suit seemed to have a jerking life of its own.

However…and this is a big however. When I met him as an adult I met the cheekiest, wittiest, most caring, pioneer in disabilities that one could ever meet. His humorous timing was quick as a whip and he was as smart as they come.

His earth suit was not like everyone else, and didn’t function as well but his heart was huge and what he did for others with disAbilities and in advocacy was inspiring and ground breaking. He achieved well in academia, specializing in his area as well as circumnavigating Australia in an electronic wheelchair!

He admitted there were a few mutinies along the way! As it was a hard journey to fund (Australia is huge and at that time any one with a disability was shunned and or locked up) and he was rather bull headed at times. A determined Taurus to the max! Ha! Through the searing heat and long hours in the wheelchair his earth suit kept hanging in there right to the end.

This was all to promote the cause and understanding of people with ‘disAbilities’. Jacob was never resentful about the earth suit that he incarnated into. Ever. He saw it as a gift. He experienced several sensual loving meaningful relationships and perpetually saw the glass full and life an adventurous opportunity.

A few images I will always remember: His partner clambering into his lap and kissing him affectionately. And the time I was dancing with him on the dance floor while he twirled the handle on his electronic wheelchair with his one good hand and moved his defiant earth suit to the beat. He had wonderful rhythm.

Jacob saw the potential in what he was given and made the most out of it.

I must say that before he passed away he was quite angry at his earth suit for not keeping up with his feisty pioneering soul. Yet he finally found a sense of peace before he left his body and am sure he came back as fast as possible knowing him.

What type of earth suit he incarnated into again….hmmm I wonder? I’m looking forward to catching up with him again in some way.  Such a positive life affirming being was Jacob Baldwin. nma-44066052-001-wm-w685This is one of my favorite photos. I think it sums him up beautifully and I feel deep in my soul that he is more than happy for me to write about him in this way.

Whatever earth suit we get its up to us to utilize it as best we can. I am very grateful for mine that has worked so well for so long. It’s not to say that it hasn’t been challenged. I had an eye operation at three. A kidney removed at thirteen, and more confronting life tests to see if my earth suit could spring back… and I must say it’s done pretty damn well!

However.  I am not my earth suit. I am a being residing in this very functional wondrous human vessel. Sure I may not be the best eater or the best at exercise but I am in good health so far as I know and what does challenge me is up to me to overcome.

The best way I have overcome physical challenges is to look beyond the earth suit and see what else may be blocking its well-being. Then I look at it much like a case manager might. Like a pie chart, each section needs attention. My body, my mind (thoughts), my spirit and my heart (emotions). They all need to work together.

What is my body asking for that I have been ignoring?

What is my heart needing from me that I have been wanting from another?

What is my inner voice (my spirit) telling me to do that I have been ignoring?

The spiritual relationship one has with their body is so very important. It’s not about starving oneself on a lettuce leaf or going to a boot camp to torture yourself each day. (Hey if you really like boot camp go for it, I myself would end up running off in exhaustion or telling the instructor to….)

It’s about ‘caring’ for the self. It’s about respecting, nurturing, nourishing and listening to the needs of your earth suit, and then doing what is indicated a ‘little’ each day. I little loving goes a long long way. My body nudges me to things it needs. I know the differencetenor between the craving (the wanting of sugar for example) and the needing of nourishment now. The nudge does not beg for anything it just gently leans towards what it requires. Like at the moment a few chopped bits of cold pineapple before breakfast (pineapple very good for moving bacteria through the intestines).

In the heat of the Australian summer, my body needs hydration. Not only by drinking plenty of clean filtered water but also by being immersed in it. So in the hotter days to come I am planning to head to a river to give it what it needs: A good deep emersion for a good long while, till I feel happily water-logged.

My earth suit and my spirit self loves to swim in fresh non-chlorinated water!

How about you? What does your earth suit need?

We are all spiritual beings residing in wondrous earth suits.

energy-bodyNurture and nourish the wonderful vessel that you arrived in, no matter what shape or ability it may have. You can’t take it with you when you go, so make the most of it while you have it here and now.



 (c) Odette Nightsky 2017

Ps. give it a hug or a nice caring caress daily or when you remember…it deserves it.



3 thoughts on “Living And loving The Earth Suit You Are In.

  1. Thank you for sharing these loving and encouraging words. I’m reminded how much I enjoyed swimming in the ocean about a year ago. Also, beautiful timing for this article since a family member is expecting, I’m so excited that this little being has chosen to join our family.

  2. I just passed my 40th year with Mas. While not quite as upbeat as your friend, I believe this was my oath though came to that understanding only the last decade or so. Thank you for this.

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