Sessions with Odette in Contemporary Shamanism

safe-practicesDear Kin I have been asked to share what I do in sessions of service so I thought to take a few moments and offer some insight into my ways.

Before each session I clear space both on a practical level and an energetic level.

I then become quiet and invite spirit and my spirit kin to sit with me.

I ask Great Spirit-Earth Mother and all my inner kin (this includes guides and power animals that have chosen to be of service in my medicine practice) for assistance in helping me get out of my own way so I may be of service to whom I will be having a session with.

I then focus on the energies of the client to come. I drop in and receive both statements and images.

When a client has confirmed their booking via payment for a Skype session, I ask them to take some space beforehand to write down any questions or queries they may want clarity on. Often things don’t arise in the moment and its frustrating to come away thinking that they wished they would have asked something that they forgot. This can be anything from being unable to cope with grief, otherworldly experiences, blocks, mental health challenges, inner child healing, death, guilt, fear, child abuse, trauma, feeling possessed, issues with addiction and how to deal with it from a spirit point of view, entity attachment, feeling haunted navigating, learning safe practices in contemporary shamanism, how to be a more authentic practitioner….the list goes on.

When we begin the session I invite you to share with me your most prominent issues/questions and ask a little about your cultural background as its important to me that I don’t offend where you are coming from, nor what your beliefs are. In saying that if you have come to me to talk about sinners, condemning others or the relevance of the so called devil, I am not sure I can be much help unless those are beliefs you want to move away from.

In this sharing I listen within and feel you and what you vibrate. What you put out energetically can be quite different to what you say and I usually receive images of contemporary shamanic tools, images, other lives, blocks and more than anything, the primary wounding that lies underneath all that is shared.

At times spirit will stop me and want to speak (this is not any one spirit so much as a collective of those of the medicine way that have chosen to be of assistance). At these times I generally close my eyes and translate what comes into my consciousness. This does not happen all the time, as I am now able to work hand in hand with spirit, my own experience and intuition to bring things forward that need to be heard. But when spirit does want to send a strong message they keep nudging me until I go quiet. In one Skype session I could not stop coughing. This was spirit trying to come through and I needed to drop in and share, as it was a very powerful insight to the story that needed to be told of that person’s other life and the relevance to their current life. The coughing stopped instantly as soon as I moved over to let them through. These messages can come through with a strong vibration but always with a sense of loving compassion, which is totally beyond judgment.

I am not a healer or fixer as such. Primarily I have been asked to be of service as an educator in safe contemporary medicine practices and my natural talent of wound tracking with a gentle touch is what I am known for.

In face-to-face personal sessions I tend to move into doing much more shamanic journeywork. It’s like you have a midwife with you supporting and guiding and leading you in a state of deep relaxation as you move throughout it all. Knowing what to do when you get scared and offering your supportive strength to take the next step. There is no force here in any way. You will never be forced to do anything that does not feel right. Your being and your pace is to be respected at all times

With strong trauma I make it a priority to assist you in establishing a safe place within so you can access what safety actually feels like and be moved to create a state of sanctuary within you.

I do not see myself as someone to put on a pedestal nor would I ever want to. I was fortunate enough to come across ways to bring light and repair to the shadow wounds in our lives. To embrace, love and find understanding. The more I trusted in my own unique way of doing things which at times can seem somewhat eccentric the more spirit assists me.

Through my own trauma I sought out practical, yes practical ways to honor and embrace that which we run away, suppress and hide from. I am not a traditional shaman by any means. I am more akin to being a midwife and a wound tracker with a grounded shamanic approach.

My tools and knowing comes from many cultures that I have lived, experienced and studied through many lifetimes. They all have a shamanic flavor.

tumblr_ng1zoxvy281tdmwb4o8_1280I am often called Witch. True translation a wise person by both adults and children yet my path of service is deeply based in shamanic practices. There are people who are very good gardeners with their hands, I am more of a soul gardener with my intuition, assisting you to pull out the weeds, and tend your inner garden so you can find the medicine that you need to nourish you on your own individual medicine path. (Re: weeds. They can be great as tonics once you have pulled them up!)

Depending on what your needs may be you might need more than one session. Trust and safety is often not built within one session but in saying that I have a reputation for supporting others to feel safe very quickly and my aim is to offer and teach you the tools so you no longer need me to guide you, or not as much as you initially did.

When I was first initiated into this work over more than 15 years ago now, the practice of Soul Retrieval was like a multidimensional door opening into what my spirit came her to really do. Soul Retrieval is a path of healing deep wounds. In the traditional way a shaman travels through non-ordinary reality to seek out lost fragments that split off due to trauma. I was trained to travel along with my client to where they have fragmented. My teacher offered impeccable guidance and held space so brilliantly that it was actually easy to do.

This pathway of learning was so empowering and self affirming. There has never been a client who I have guided in Soul Retrieval who has not willingly retrieved that which was lost. Which says a great deal about the way in which I was taught both by my teacher and by spirit.

I have also trained small groups of those in the path of service of Soul Retrieval and it is something that I totally love doing. Nothing gives my more joy than to offer the seeds of experience and knowledge that I have learned in this practice and other lifetimes, to others who want to be of service in alternative pathways.

Sessions with me are pretty grounded, practical, often times humorous but above all they are steeped in honoring and caring for those I am helping. It’s my calling to be of service on the path of assisting you in finding the best recipe of wellness for your unique path to balance.

My blog posts, my Facebook page post and my path of medicine service are a way of being of service to those in need. I do not do this alone. Spirit kin is behind me all the way with each person I encounter. And I am so very grateful to be able to be of some service to those in need especially in these challenging times than we have chosen to live through.

I am taking some time out from Skype sessions for the next six weeks or so to be in nature and offer some face-to-face personal sessions. I will be back in the new year, so if you wish to make a Skype booking in advance you can find me through my website or inquire about a group training or sharing’s in the basics, of building inner sanctuary, working with power animals, other lives, or soul retrieval and we shall see what we can co-ordinate.



Be gentle with yourself.

You deserve it.









One thought on “Sessions with Odette in Contemporary Shamanism

  1. You are a Treasure Odette.

    I love your posts.

    My therapist and me do family constellations (by Bert Hellinger). It feels related to your work.

    Be blessed. 😊💓

    24. nov. 2016 12:25 PM je oseba “Contemporary Shaman” napisala:

    > contemporaryshaman posted: “Dear Kin I have been asked to share what I do > in sessions of service so I thought to take a few moments and offer some > insight into my ways. Before each session I clear space both on a practical > level and an energetic level. I then become quiet and ” >

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