Seven Tools For Tense Times

new-drum-sunWe are very fortunate in comparison to our ancestors in that we have access to many more tools to help us keep balance. There is so much available now to access ones particular needs in this regard. The challenge that we face in this era is the pace, the extremely fast pace of everything and the energetic overwhelm of the collective crisis that comes with it. Here are some tools of resilience that may assist you.


  1. Fill a glass jar with rock salt or sea salt (not crap table salt) put it in the coolest spot in your bathroom. After a long day where you feel drained hop into the shower and lightly scrub your body with the salt. Rub it between your palms and move your hands over your crown chakra in a circular swirling motion. Make sure you rub salt on where your neck meets your back and on your belly. Rinse off and do some deep relaxing breathing in the shower as it washes away, then continue to do what ever you do cleansing wise. (This helps to clear your aura and clear dense build up energetically)
  1. Recapitulation: (look to the blog post titled thus) Recapitulation helps in breathing your energy back and letting go of others energies you have absorbed.


  1. Unplug: Turn off all media electronics from the wall. No Wi-Fi, No TV, No mobiles, Nada. If you can do this every night before you go to sleep you will find your energy more restored in the morning. Even do it for one night a week it will make a difference. Choose a day to be totally not in the electronic TV, Radio, Mobile field both for you and your family. Go out into nature or do other things like drum, rattle, sing, play games with each other, read books (not macabre murders or dark things) play musical instruments etc. Take your shoes off and put your feet on the earth. If that is too cold just stand out there for a while intentionally breathing the cold cleanse through you from your crown out through your feet. This helps to restore your natural vibration devoid of the grid. If you live in an apartment nowhere near nature, imagine a tree growing right through the center of your living room or bedroom. See it strong and sturdy and connect with the essence of its strength in non-ordinary reality.
  1. Journal all your dreaming. When you journal you will find that realizations and insights occur more than they do by just remembering what happened. These times are powerful so look primarily at what the symbols of the dreaming has to do with your life. Look at them  from an archetypal viewpoint and even more importantly: What is your response and/ or reaction to what is happening? This will tell you where you are at on an unconscious deeper level.
  1. Go within to your sanctuary. Ask for nourishment from your totems. Sit with them, play with them and invite your inner child to come closer to you if they are not already in your lap. Choose to be in your heart in this sacred place. Always give thanks to those that have helped you. burning-sage
  1. Use your medicine tools, your drum, your rattle, your voice, your feet, your body. As you are singing them up, close your eyes for a while. Then open them look out for a few moments and close them again. Do this three times or more. Moving from non ordinary reality to ordinary reality.
  1. Take a moment of silence and mindfully pull your spirit into your body when you awaken before you get out of bed. This may mean you need to wake up a few minutes earlier just to literally join both your spirit and your body to align to take you into the day.

Odette NightskyDuring these times its very important that we all show our gratitude to Mother Earth for all she has provided. Find loving ways to thank her. Even putting your hands on the earth or intentionally walking on the earth in gratitude and intent. Without her none of us would be here. Make sure you do all you can to protect and honor her sacred self be that in action, word and deed.


Blessings on your journey within and without

Remember that your beaming resonant heart is your greatest ally

We are in this together

Much love



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