The Cleansing Ways to Growth

kristinfoley_2When you decided to walk the path to be more consciousness and spiritually in touch, you may not have known that it would include times where you not exactly beaming with happiness. Growth can feel painful at times and leave us feeling quite exhausted. However this is what we came for and subconsciously called out for.


This is the giant earth schoolroom and these are some of the growth and cleansing lessons that many of us will journey through.

Growth and cleansing ways appear in all sorts of different forms.

Spiritual Emergence.

End of a Relationship

Loss of a job

Physical illness



Just to name a few.

Often these experiences can seem like indicators that we have failed in some way. To this there are more heavy layers added which may be comparing our own path to other people or having others worry or show deep concern or indicate that what you are doing is wrong.

These are rites of passage and they are sending us messages on a much deeper level. They are telling us that we need to bring change and or a deeper shift in attitude to some area of our life.

Something is knocking on the inner door trying to tell us about what we need, but it’s up to us to open the door.the_door_by_machiavellicro-d606f1w

Here is my viewpoint (this does not mean its right, it’s just how from my experience I see it)

Spiritual Emergence: Its it literally a cosmic wake up call that comes after many indications and warning signals. It is something that will rock you to the core of your being on many dimensions so as to realign you with your authentic pathway. It is much like a snake shedding its skin to be renewed.

Spiritual Emergence knocks to say: Rebirth is here. Let go, be gentle with yourself, stay grounded and roll with the adventure that is here. Your inner compass will lead you in the right direction.

If you do not open the door you may find yourself confronted by a multitude of mental health issues, medication and times in institutionalization that could have been brought to balance earlier on.

End of a Relationship: This can be an opportunity to open and clear patterns of behaviour that you attract in your life and play out. This can be an indicator of where in your life needs healing and more insight. The grief one goes through is a cleansing of a dream that no longer may befit you with that person.

End of a Relationship knocks to say: What programs or patterns of relating have you ascribed to that no longer serve your soul.

In not opening the door you could find yourself in a very toxic relationship, addicted to the wrong kind of attention and at worst create a violent outcome. All of this will drain your of your unique life force and a sense of self esteem.

Loss of a job: This can be an opportunity to realign yourself with an occupation or path that resonates with your soul better. It may well throw you into a spin as it will affect other areas of you life, but this can prioritize what is really important to you as opposed to you identity being caught up with what you do instead of who you are.

Loss of a job knocks to say: Are your values inline with who you are and what you do?

If you don’t open the door: you may well drag everything else that you have in your life down the black hole of failure with you and find yourself even worse off and your vibration will lend others to not wanting to employ you.

Physical Illness: Illness has a way of stopping us in our tracks. It tends to move our attention inward to ourselves due to pain or discomfort. Illness can also be a way of telling us to stop heading in a certain direction and come back to a sense of self-nurturing and to learn to receive from others with humbleness.

Physical illness: Knocks to say: In what ways do you need to nurture yourself better?

If you don’t open the door: The illness could become all-consuming and gain strength and then the illness becomes who you are and you become the victim of it mentally and emotionally. This will lead to your immune system becoming weaker and weaker.

Depression is more often than not a resistance to change of some sort joined with deep inward feelings of self loathing and anger that one cannot bring about the change to be able to shift out of that which does not serve.

Depression knocks to say: Begin to self-nurture and befriend (different to indulge) the negative inner voice of hate and self-loathing.

If you don’t open the door: The self-loathing and hatred will push everything away and your perspective of the world will grow to be an isolated dark shadow of misery and spiritual and emotional exhaustion.

Anxiety: To me this indicates too much time in the worrying recesses of the mind and definitely not at home in the earth suit (body). When people have anxiety attacks the spirit is outside of the body in stress and they have disconnected in a state of fear. There is often an element of feeling trapped. The only place that can trap us is our mind.

09c7843ab80a728dd202367ffe167255Anxiety knocks to say: Begin in cleansing and managing the mind better as well as the energetic debri’s it creates.

If you don’t open the door: This may well lead to greater issues of fear in your life and will prevent you from participating and saying ‘yes’ to opportunities. You may stop making decisions all together for fear of making mistakes and this will leave you frozen in fear and worry.

Each of these experiences offers us an opportunity to look on it as an uninvited guest or a friend who is knocking at the door. We can open it up and ask it

What are you doing here?

How long have you been around?

What do you want?

From these questions you will get some indication of the teaching. You may well feel a negative response as that is a mirror of where your head is. So look for the reflection lesson. E.g.: You ask ‘what are you doing here?’ The answer comes to you ‘Cause you don’t listen’. So that can lead you on to what you may have been ignoring for a while that needs attention.

There are of course deeper soul and other life stories connected with these growth times and one can diver deeper as they unravel more of what the pattern is with a good practitioner.

Now if you choose to not open the door the energy of the cleansing and growing ways will build up energetically. If you don’t want to open the door fully, that fine. Choose to open it just a bit with a big rock to block the door from opening too much. Do what ever feels safe for you, just do it with loving INTENT.

Don’t be under the impression that you have to be in a continual state of happiness. We are all here learning the nooks and crannies of human life and all these growing and cleansing times are vital important to our souls passage here on earth.

Shamanism teaches that we are part of the whole. This includes the behaviors, the thoughts, the beliefs and parts of us that we struggle against.

58720_118237204897824_116949758359902_98523_7980238_n1The shamanic way is to welcome the energy that is opposing you. Ingest it, transform it and then let it go onward to the source.

This is the cleansing way to growth.





Regarding Contemporary Training: Due to re-prioritizing my life and finding balance I have made the decision to postpone the training until next year in order to offer the best of what I have.  My apologies to those waiting. I am still always available for one on one skype teachings and guidance.





6 thoughts on “The Cleansing Ways to Growth

  1. Really blessed i have found this ,appeared at the right time ..i guess what we find on google is up to what we type on the search box ….i feel the power ,just need to master myself and find out what i really want from the universe …best site i have found all this years …thanks for writing such lovely wisdom words ..this is when i start to believe words are powerful u said on other topics …wider perspective …jeffrey from south africa

    kind regards.

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