The Divers and Surfers Of Emotion

underwater_shutterstock_98001155Many people who I refer to as ‘deep divers’ find it challenging to be around people who are ‘surfers’.  When observing the surfer, they seems to have the easiest ride as they lightly skim over the tops of the waves (emotions) and ride them back to shore.

To the observer it’s much like a beautiful moving meditation in line with the ocean.

Now lets really look at the easygoing surfer for a moment. On a practical level learning to surf takes quite a lot of skill and many many times they will fall off the board both as learners and when experienced.

They can get stuck in a rip, get slammed against sharp rocks, be stung by a blue bottle or box jellyfish, get hit with another board and get  knocked out, attacked by a shark, be pushed under by the ocean waves to the point that they feel as if they will never get out from under and sometimes hurt themselves so badly as to be left with great injuries.

So yes surfing does look easy from the shore, but the reality is it takes great skill 4069f7a237396b8d42e1b93b8f3c9bb0and a some courage to deal with all those possible fast occurring factors.

Deep divers in difference tend to see things from deep  under the ocean. They can feel bogged down, encounter sharks and other predators and get stung from pretty but nasty things hiding in among the nooks of the coral. If they find themselves pulled into going deeper, it gets really dark and isolating and they can come across some beings that are quite frightening and ones that create nightmares. The divers can feel overwhelmed and waterlogged due to the pressure of the water (emotions) surrounding them and at times feel so overcome with emotion that they can lose direction.

Whether you are a diver or a surfer. Both are fraught with challenges. Both offer great beauty and learning.

The surfer riding a good wave and barreling into an ice blue water tube to come out the other end still standing, is beyond elated and feels somewhat at one with nature.

c1477833480df73cae65906ddcb3ab15The diver who ‘knows’ how to breath under water with their gills open can swim with ease through the beautiful corals, be tickled by the colorful fish, enjoy watching the seahorses swim by, catch a slip stream to another adventure and be part of the incredible and brilliant wonders of the big blue.

Both the surfer and the diver are innate swimmers. Both have challenges to overcome when moving through the waters (emotions).

If you are looking for guidance in navigating the oceans of feelings, you might like to call upon some ocean medicine.

As a surfer you may like to call in a totem like the Dolphin, a being who is great at surfing and who can teach you how to navigate the waves of life and let stress go with the holding and then the popping of the breath as it comes to the surface.

As a diver you might like to call in the Whale totem who is a deep being of wisdom and dolphin-07is known for its gentleness, connectedness and the keeper of ancient knowledge. The whale’s tail can help direct you as sometimes under the sea its hard to know which way is up. They can burst through the surface of the ocean as well to gain some perspective and to have some fun. This being is great for support when one is diving into deep soul issues.

You may now say ‘Well I feel I am a bit of a diver and a bit of a surfer!’ Great! That’s good that you know that. So you can work with both totems and both perspectives depending on how you feel you are traveling.

5671efb00cfe320e01f89ba3437c442fI myself have always been a diver even when I was a child. I loved the feeling of diving in deep and the peace and quite of the blue. I always looked at things very deeply, probably too deep for some surfers I hung out with. But that’s my natural bent so to speak.

The dolphin medicine is beautiful and I have used its breathing techniques but when I feel into my soul it’s the Whale that comes forward.

You may find that a totem of a totally different ilk comes forward to be of assistance. This is your adventure, your journey, and your emotions. Whatever resonates let it be a support to you when you are being confronted with strong feelings. It may just give you that edge and offer a little more insight and support when you are feeling there is none.

Happy swimming!

Next post will be about the upcoming Online Shamanic Training due to begin Oct/November 2016



(c) Odette Nightsky 2016

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