The Difference Between ‘Hypnotic Past Life Regression’ & ‘Healing Other Lives.’


Artist: Caroline Maniere

I have often listened to clients who have said they have experienced past lives through either a psychic telling them, a flash in a meditation or on a drug induced trip, or a regression into a life with a regression therapist.

I often ask about that life and what they experienced in it. What I found is that there is not much healing of the life included in their experience. It’s a visit to a life, a look around at patterns perhaps that are similar to this life and then that seems to be it.

After years of exploring, having sessions in  past life and hypnotic regression and experiencing other lives during rebirthing training I still felt that knowing I was an American Indian or a Witch who was hung was not enough. I saw a pattern of standing up for those that cannot speak but no healing came from it. I was killed lifetime after life time for speaking out against those that were untrustworthy.

Before I left Australia for the UK. I had a past life regression session with someone and I was left carrying the grief of that life around for a good while until I found my soul training in ‘Contemporary Shamanism’ in Devon England.

You see I was trained differently and that has made all the difference to my calling.

My training was so much deeper than just a visiting exploration. What I learned was that journeying into other lives has little point unless one can heal the wounds from that life and access the gifts.

Let me share with you a real life story as an example.

I once journeyed a young priest in the making. (I know! Who would have thought that a young priest would be interested in Other Life journeys!) He came to see me due to being deeply conflicted whether to continue on the path of priesthood or to seek having a partner and a family. He arrived wearing the collar that a priest would wear. I thought how interesting at the time that a collar covered the throat chakra perhaps even blocked it. Anyway, I sat beside him guiding him through into non-ordinary reality till he found himself in another life. This life was of a Tibetan monk. He had arrived there as a child and been there for many years. Never knowing any other way of living or being. He was accepting of his life but felt like it wasn’t necessarily his choosing. As we moved through the life towards and through significant events it became clearer to him and more real. He felt deeply connected to the life more and more.

I then asked him to move to the time of his death. He saw himself being beheaded by a soldier in the Chinese army, along with many other monks who stood nearby. He remembers knowing and accepting he was going to die, feeling the metal sword moving through his throat and then quickly leaving his body.

af79caaa4cf4b34b37cded1ef6887130This is where there is significant difference is between Regression and Other Life Healing.

I asked him a few questions in reflecting back on his life and then we moved the whole of the spirit body to a neutral healing place of his choice.

There I asked him to look within the body and tell me what he saw. He saw parts of the sword embedded in his throat and his head was hanging on by a few veins or similar as it had not been fully cut off.

We called in spirit assistance and did what resonated with him in how to remove the metal fragments, re-attach the head and then deal with scaring. The metal went into a bucket of light (source), as did the broken scar tissue and bits of rust. His neck and head became naturally aligned and back into place. I guided him to look into the spirit body of that life and to see what feelings still resided, e.g. feelings of hopelessness and guilt at seeing other friends be killed and doing nothing to stop it etc. Which were willing cleared out of the body through a technique I use.

Then we looked at a very important aspect of the life in Tibet. What symbolized being a monk for him personally? It was his weathered robe and his Mala beads strewn around his wrist and hand. I asked him would it be Ok to now let go of that symbolism so he could have free will to choose his calling in this life rather than feel duty bound to it?

He was more than willing to let them go into the bucket of light. And as a Buddhist in that life, he understood that, attachment was not necessary.

What was left after some more clearing was a glowing light body without the wounding and the vows and promises embedded in it.

The light body then dissolved naturally into the source and he returned to this life, this body 703b05d31620bd157ff60d5907a29ae4(earth suit), and this current life soul journey.

He shared how much more peaceful and lighter he felt. How he felt free, really free to make the choice now rather than to feel if he didn’t somehow he would fail at what he thought he ‘must’ do.

I heard back and he had decided to take a year off from his studies and work part-time in a place connected with his faith but without the ‘program’ that had walked with him from that lifetime. I knew that whatever decision he made after that year would come naturally to him. My gut instinct feels he chose faith and family without the monastic celibate contract.

Other life work can be enjoyable, fascinating and healing. I do not consider myself a healer. I am a spiritual midwife and wound tracker who guides people to their own inner healing…. which if you really want to you, are capable of doing.

Why carry the burdens from another life? That may indeed lead to repeating the same lesson again and again without growth. When one cleanses the wounds, vows, and beliefs of other lives then one is completely free to choose what path one takes in this present one, gifts and all.






14 thoughts on “The Difference Between ‘Hypnotic Past Life Regression’ & ‘Healing Other Lives.’

  1. Odette,
    This is such a beautiful sharing, so powerful and moving. To know one can receive a healing and not just visit a past life, to know that people like yourself are out there to have others experience closure and wholeness, to move forward and be free to live life without the chain of such past wounds, is more than wonderful. Thank you for sharing, for being willing to be an instrument and witness to such healing. I look forward to participating in such sessions with you. I also hope you will offer again the training for others like myself to not only experience such inner healing but to help others experience the same.



  2. hey Odette,

    thank you for shinning your light so beautifully!

    you truly are an inspiration! I so enjoy reading about you and your work!

    Is there a way you can work with someone remotely? I mean “travelling” and healing parts and bits and pieces just like you describe here with the priest who came to see you?! Like Skype or Hangouts?..

    I once saw an astrologist who recommended (that some years ago!) to do a past life regression and see what`s my story with commitment and love and marriage and all that jazz 🙂 he said there`s something fishy there.

    Plus reading your story above something in me resonated with past life trauma (I know I`ve drowned for sure) and yet I have such a huge calling for the open water and sea and sailors and stripey shirts. I dream of learning to swim and overcoming my fear of open water (I`m ok with pools, its the ocean that scares me or bridges across big rivers) and rather sooner than later buying a boat/ yacht where I can take vacations with my family and sail from harbor to harbor and of course learning how to sail first 🙂

    Always a pleasure to read your articles!

    Lots of love, Ileana.

    On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Contemporary Shaman wrote:

    > contemporaryshaman posted: “I have often listened to clients who have said > they have experienced past lives through either a psychic telling them, a > flash in a meditation or on a drug induced trip, or a regression into a > life with a regression therapist. I often ask about that li” >

    • Thanks for the lovely feedback Ileana. I feel it is possible on skype if one can set the technology up so one can be fully relaxed. It does take some time though to journey depending on how the person travels. Blessings.

  3. There are those of us who when training in Past Life Regression received training in the therapeutic side of it too Odette. This is called Past Life Regression Therapy and the healing aspect is a vital component. Good to have the difference explained so clearly 🙂

  4. Kia ora Odette,

    I’m echoing Jerry’s comment – I too felt deeply moved by your compassion towards this fellow and by your commitment to caring for those wishing to heal so to move on. Australia is so fortunate to have you!

  5. I have too been dissatisfied with people talking of past lives without actually doing the work to heal, learn or grow through it, it has almost become trendy or prestigious to talk of past lives…but to me the value in past lives comes in the ability to understand what part of it is still echoing in our lives and changing it so that this lifetime is unencumbered by the echoes of the past. I have done this for my family and changed the way in which they connect with each other this lifetime. It is important work to do, but simply identifying a past life is not enough.
    Thank-you so much for your post and discussing the limitations of exploring past lives without dealing and healing through them.

  6. What a lovely story. Thank you for outlining the differences between past life regression and healing other lives. It is nice to see people finding happiness and peace in their present paths through searching for and healing the burdens they carried in another life. I agree with R Congues, it is important to work through the burdens of our past lives, not just discover them. Thanks for sharing!

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