The Little Deaths In Life

nielsen_eastofthesun13The shamanic path is sprinkled with what is referred to as ‘Little Deaths’. In traditional shamanism this would come by taking a plant medicine like Ayauasca named “ The Little Death”. This is due to going through an initiated rebirth of sorts where you transform, transcend and release.

However even without the plant medicine we face little deaths of sorts all throughout our lives.

Losing people we love through death, grieving for a broken relationship, seeing your child grow up and move away, losing ones home through natural disaster…. Just to name a few.

We also can experience ‘Little Deaths’ each time we confront and move through a great learning experience. Wounds tend to rise to the surface to be healed when we least expect it. Overcome by the loss we may have felt as a child that reapers when we are triggered by something similar in the present day can freeze us to the spot and leave us feeling like we are on thin ice while it is cracking under our feet. We want to run but are afraid.

Little deaths are part of life. Little deaths help us prepare for the main event of transcending our earth suits and moving into Great Mystery for whatever journey ones soul is destined to take.

Death is not the opposite of life. It is an intrinsic part of life. Such a pity thePat_Presley_06a western model of understanding did not prepare people for these experiences. The eastern model of understanding teaches this from the get go and although sorrow and grief can come, it is accepted as ‘part of’ the great journey of life. Something the western mindset would benefit from embodying. Not easy though when the program has been ingrained for so long, through out many generations, but important to imbue bit by bit if you are able.

In this way acceptance of deeper losses ‘Little Deaths’ can be greeted with less of a battle and less denial.

Now this may sound way too simple…. but humor me for a moment.

Stand in front of the mirror. Take a deep breath out and say for example:

“I feel really sad today”


“I feel really lost today”


“I feel it’s too much to handle”

And then take another deep breath out while looking into your eyes. Stay there and focus on your eyes for a good long moment.

Now take your left or right hand (which ever feels comfortable for you) and start tapping your thymus chakra. This is the point between your throat chakra and your heart chakra. (You will know when you tap the right spot, as it feels comforting)

Start tapping it repetitively with your fingers, nice and firmly while consciously breathing deeply and slowly in and out (emphasis on the out breath).

Let go of the struggle in ‘trying’ to cope for a few minutes.

If tears come, let them flow.

If fear surfaces, allow it space to be seen.

If anger comes let it be accepted as a natural reaction.

Inner-Child-healing-If you are hard on yourself via your patterning, think of how you would comfort a child when they are feeling deep sadness or anger in reaction to loss.

One need not say ‘its going to be ok’ because that statement is a false promise. But one can VALIDATE the feelings that arise. ‘Yes you do seem sad’. ‘It’s ok to be sad’. Acceptance of ‘what is’ can be hugely comforting.

The great struggle in death is not death itself it is ‘the struggle’ in avoiding it.

Its natural to feel the emotions that ‘Little Death’ times can bring. Really it is.

In the Medicine Wheel the west is the direction of letting go and the bear is a known totem toLg063 call upon when needing comfort and support, as the bear knows how to self heal.

Little deaths are important and have value. They are little transformers of life. The transformation may be really uncomfortable but in accepting it as it is it will lighten the load and make the transition easier to move through.

Note for taking care of the earth suit nervous system: There are some things that assist in regulating the nervous system and general well being for women (I cant speak for men) Shatavari root: otherwise known as the Queens herb is wonderful for hormonal balance. Vitamin B6 and 12, rescue remedy and recommended herbs for the adrenals.

May your little deaths be viewed as part of the journey of your soul here on earth.

May you learn to be more gentle with what arises, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.

We are all on the same journey.







7 thoughts on “The Little Deaths In Life

  1. How beautiful and how true. I have come to this realization, this knowing. It is not that the “little deaths” we are given, are not tough sometimes to get to the other side. But this know is such a great peace filled place to be. I find it difficult to explain to others and your words do this so beautifully

  2. Thank you Odette! Once again, your enlightened writing comes at the right time and falls into the right place. Thank you for being such a great friend on this path to evolution that we all must walk upon, each at our own pace. As a Shaman, you are most inspiring!

  3. Thank you for your words Oddette – I am experiencing Autumn for the first time in a couple of years (due to travel) and listening deeply to the messages of the Earth now; release, let go, & let your self decompose 😉 Sat Nam ❤

  4. Mihi nui – Many greetings from across the oceans tides. I was in the thick of many processes that were leading to a transformational exchange when you wrote this entry Odette. I gained confidence in my ability to know what was needed to help lessen the pain from the torrid winds and hail that were searing across my naked body. I felt better able to manage the weight of the storm both within me and around me after reading this entry more than once and I waited until an inner Spring time arrived before coming to acknowledge and validate your existence in all worlds.

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