Transforming Negative Lies

shaman-1What is it that makes one resistant to doing things that fill the soul?

What is the part of one that insists and says I will do it tomorrow rather than today?

Why is tapping into the source, something that one tends to keep on putting off?

As I have mentioned before the mind is a powerful tool full of wonderful knowledge and experience but it is also filled with a great deal of behavior based programming that one has learned from the beginning of human life.

Those that you grew up with, including family, peers, role models etc, shaped how your mind is programmed to a degree. If you grew up with parents that ignored, suppressed and or did more distracting behavior than facing issues when they arose, its likely that there is a learned behavior, a learned patterning in your mind that says ‘distract, suppress, ignore.’  Then you learn  that distracting yourself from issues you face rather than facing them right between the third eye, is more preferable.

The way you overcome programming is much like a computer virus. One needs to get tranquilnet-The-Danger-of-Contracting-Computer-Viruses-bloginto the hard drive and defrag and delete the program. Some viruses keep coming back because something hooked them in again. So one needs to be vigilant in keeping the virus program out.

Actually acknowledging that you have a program going is vitally important. You might like to take a journal and write down all the programs you think you may have absorbed from your early years. These programs you can call ‘Negative Lies’ that you have come to believe about yourself, beliefs that get in the way of you creating your own spiritual mission statement of well being


You wake up in the morning and rather than spending ten minutes consciously breathing and being grateful for what you have, you turn on the morning television or radio and say to yourself “later, I will do it later today”. This distraction starts of a theme for the day and by night fall you feel you can’t be bothered and watch your favorite series and a movie and by that time you are too tired to bother and just go to sleep. As you are falling into sleep you feel guilty and shame yourself for not doing what you said you would. Then a negative lie surfaces which is perhaps one of your parents voice saying ‘You can never stick with anything can you?’ Your inner child hangs its head, in shame and so do you. You awaken the next morning running late for work and again you bypass the ten minutes of turning within, add to that the echo of ‘I can never stick with anything’ and off you go to work where for some reason you feel really irritable with your co worker who has just finished the project you both were working on without you as he says that you seemed to distracted to put the focus into it and getting in on time. Then another negative lie floats to the surface and it says ‘See I told you, you are a 1428540failure’. You then go home and toss the 10-minute self-nurturing into the garbage bin because you are resentful of your smart arse co worker and on top of that deep within, you don’t believe you’re worth caring about at all.

So how do you delete such a strong program from the inner hard drive of negative lies?

  • Acknowledge and write about the negative lie and how it manifests. Whose voice is this that is bringing you down?
  • Give this negative program a visual and begin to draw (you do not have to be an artists, stick figures, bubble heads or whatever you create is fine).
  • If it was a being or person, what would it look like, what would it wear, what does it carry if anything, how long has it been with you? What does it want? What does it say?
  • Take a moment and visualize what you have drawn through your third eye and see how much power you give it by doing what it says.
  • Then with a full heart say ‘Thank you for the teaching, however I no longer need to learn this way’. I now chose to dissolve this negative lie about me, moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month etc. until my own well being mission statement about myself is fully embraced.’
  • You can then choose to see that created being moving through a doorway of light easily and keep or rip up the picture, its up to you. (I keep mine as its a good reminder to pull out sometimes to see how far I have come)
  • Then take that precious ten minutes or more and nurture your spirit, your inner child, and your wonderful being that is growing and learning.

If the program reappears again the impact will be less the more you embrace that it is an OLD negative lie that you no longer need to feed.c03b4982b137fea10e0391fc15050db5

See it

Thank it


Let it fly out the light door with ease and begin to manifest and write you mission statement for your health and wellbeing.

Blessings on your journey within and without.


2 thoughts on “Transforming Negative Lies

  1. Thank U for taking the time to explain how the negative lies work. This will surely help me to understand and I will know how to better focus my energy to a much more positive way for my healing. Xx

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