New Age Narcissism


An excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance.

Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

As evolving conscious beings each and every one of us is learning to walk our talk. If we are here on this earth at this so called earth school of developing consciousness, we are still learning and each at our own pace.

Walking ones talk comes down to being in alignment through your actions with what you say. Part of learning to become conscious is to grow from our errors, develop insight enough to see where we need to change our behavior and to develop better skills and tools to be in alignment with our beliefs or knowing’s, so we can feel our actions meet our words.

There is a growing fashionable New Age narcissism that preaches love, light and all shirley_floating_2254things sugar and sweet. Those under this particular banner tend to wear it as a cloak to present themselves as evolved beings, goddesses, gods, and guru’s to those that in their view have yet to climb the ladder of enlightenment.

They usually are the most fashionable, have the biggest crystals, talk about themselves beyond all others and crave to be seen as specially chosen.

They choose to live on a pedestal of their own making and you will not see them for who they really are until they accidentally slip off or you poke them from behind when they are busy being important, or don’t do something that they want. Only then will you notice that they have been hiding a small sharp knife under their robe of rainbow colors ready to use at a moments notice.

npd-elizabeth-bowenThis is because underneath this technicolor rainbow dreaming costume, they are very insecure and emotionally immature.

Narcissism is a protection for the deeply damaged personality underneath and they don’t know any other way to survive other than to wear the fabulous rainbow costume.

They have a deep need to be ‘ extra special’ and this is their driving force. They can come across as be incredibly charming, wise, intelligent and caring and know how to work a room better than most. But you will notice if you listen not just with your ears but with your whole being, that everything they offer is centered on themselves and their own ego. They get the pay off gratification…. not the one in need. Maybe  the pay off is being a savior of the fallen for example.

They tend to unconsciously drain people of life force and if that person does not give them what they want they will show their true colors and the small sharp knife will appear.

If you challenge them they tend to use patronising phrases like

“Oh that’s your projection.”

“You clearly have issues with trust.”

“You have mental problems ”

They tend to mix up a package of loving words with a few good stabs at you at the same time which tends to leave you feeling totally confused. What this does is slowly eat away at your sense of self.

You will know them when you come across them as they will never ever apologies or take responsibility for what they have said or done. They will always ‘flip the shit’ back in your face. Always.

We are in a world full of narcissism. We are drowning in reality shows that teach young people to admire narcissistic personalities and unfortunately this self-focused virus that is spreading also influences the conscious movement.narcissisticsong

The conscious path is primarily a path of  service through the heart. To assist in creating a more conscious community whether that is one person at a time or a group. This is for the benefit of all of humanity, not just a few.

To walk ones talk one needs to be real with oneself, warts and all.

I have great respect for those that want to be more compassionate yet admit it is a struggle at times in their life to find that capacity.

I have great respect for those that have grown up in abusive homes and are working through their pain to find a place where anger doesn’t rule them in their relationships.

389224_414674518566501_1573728604_nI have great respect for those that are brave enough to say they suffer from mental health issue (what I refer to as acute sensitivity) and are working their way to managing their emotions for the benefit of themselves and others.

What I do not respect is those that preach enlightenment and compassion when they themselves are cruel, manipulative, do great harm to others yet have no insight into their own actions.

I myself am still learning to have compassion for them. As I am protective of those that come under their sugar coated acid attack.

I write this to perhaps help in navigating the conscious movement a little more to really assess the teacher or leader or guide that you choose to follow or be inspired by. I write this to perhaps help save you a little money before you blow it all on a course with a person like this or share too much of yourself so they can use it against you when they feel its useful.

navel+gazing+cartoonNew Age narcissists do not see that they are off the track as everything is an extension of them and if it is not, they will cut it off  rather painfully without blinking. Much of what they do is from an unconscious state that was arrested in childhood, and they don’t know any other way to live.

In that regard (towards their broken inner child) I do have compassion, however I have more a protective mother bear feeling for those that have been harmed by them, hence this post.

We are all a work in progress, as is the narcissist

Compassion is sympathetic loving with a level of healthy detachment.

The best way for me to summon compassion for a new age narcissist is to step right away from their inner circle of self-gratification and manipulation. Keep my feet firmly on the ground and my values and integrity close to my heart and send them compassion from a healthy distance.

walkMay your talk be your walk……..



(c) O. Nightsky 2015

9 thoughts on “New Age Narcissism

  1. Thank you for this post and sharing your views. I’ve met quite a few people along my path of discovery that you’ve described to a perfect “T”. I make a concentrated effort to listen with all of my senses, otherwise I find situations can quickly get out of control.

    I greatly respect your work here and over at FB. You have a wonderful way of posting something important for me, right when I really need the insight or alternate point of view.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

  2. I think we live in a world where people are trained out of loving themselves by a lot of institutions. A lot of new age focusses on restoring self worth, which is very valuable but obviously people can shoot form hating themselves into loving themselves at the cost of others. As with anything trying to find your balance often requires shooting over in a certain direction for a while to see that you have gone a bit to far.

    I think that if people learn to appreciate themselves and in the meanwhile respect the free will and freedom to make their own choices of all parties involved there isn’t that much that can go horribly wrong.

    Harmonious alignment with yourself and your surrounding seems like a nice thing to aim for from my point of view at least.

  3. One thing that I have noticed in walking my talk, is that the glory comes internally. While many I have observed seek the glory externally from others around them or the above them. What I enjoyed about this post Odette, is that you gave me cause to rethink a few of my own motives of late.

  4. I was whammied by a literal “evil stepmother” who came within a hair’s breath from collapsing my heart into such a monster. I found my own inner source through discovering lucid dreaming which helped me to overcome her pressure but I spent the next three decade attracting lesser monsters to help me learn to be safe from them without closing my heart. In the middle of the journey I began to express love unconditionally to these monsters and everything began to change. As I came out of this journey, that unconditional love reached many also ready to heal.

    Unconditional love is the answer but we have to admit there are blameless incurablet monsters we can never pity to make unconditional love a real solution. It becomes easy to stand up to demons when there is nothing within for them to pull. It is hope to their victims when they see you are a normal person like them standanding up for them.

  5. thankyou Odette – have shared this blog on facebook – I studied narcissism as part of my psychotherapeutic training and have encountered the condition in clients and amongst people I have met outside of practice – I appreciate your take on it – you have a way with words that is lucid and clear xx

  6. Wow. Yes. I know two Reiki masters who are exactly like this. I had thought it must be me doing things wrong as I always seemed to get it wrong no matter if I was apparently doing the same as everyone else. I was fine until they realised I could do/see more than them – then they became unkind and superior. I was a dancing teacher most of my life and in my mind, your only aim in life is for the student to exceed the skills of the master. I never realised what I was capable of till I got away from those controlling people and began to grow into myself. Humility is so important when you have such powerful gifts to help others. If we are to evolve, then the students must always exceed the skills of the masters.

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