Navigation, Negotiation and Discernment with Guides and Visiting Energies

phoenixaquuaSo what is the difference between a benevolent guide and a visiting energy that assures you they are there to assist you even if they are bossy and invasive?

Are even the yucky ones guides?

Well yes, in a strange way they are.

They are the lesson givers of the shadow realms.

The word shadow is defined as a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

So a shadow is not completely dark. It is an aspect of the light, shaded.

Shadow energies (also referred to as entities or negative thought forms depending on your viewpoint) tend to mirror your insecurities by reflecting them back to you in a rather back to front manner as they sense you are not able to stand strong within yourself.

They are teaching you through the shadow fears how to hold your own ground, to build your core strength, to know your own mind, to learn to discern between help and hindrance and to see them for who they really are.

Many acute sensitive people (those with intense mental health issues) have a struggle with this concept, as there is a bond with these shadow beings from very early on.

I have come across this issue multiple times when advising about guides and their role and recently more so, hence this post.

There manifests a split within that is unconsciously bound to these energies and at the same time wants rid of them and gain some peace.

A common fear is that if one begins to work with these energies, learn to discern which ones should stay around and which ones need to be moved on, that all of them will leave and then they will be even more alone, abandoned and isolated than they already feel.

Like any relationship it can grow to be deeply toxic if things are left unattended and not dealt with.

This none-ordinary relationship has been manifested for a reason.

There is always a gift, a lesson within the greyness of the shadow.

So if you get stronger, establish clearer energetic boundaries, learn what the messages are really relaying does that mean that you will be left in the empty of non-ordinary reality? No absolutely not.

What happens when one strengthens their core self on all subtle levels is that which Spirit Guides 1does not serve your wise self dissipates and is replaced by guides of a more harmonious vibration who step in to be of support.

Should guides be seen as omnipotent?

No, absolutely not.

They are teaching you to trust your own instincts, face your own fears and make your own wise choices.

They are not gods.

They are not masters.

They are guides.

The word Guide is defined as a person (lets say a being) who advises you and or shows you the way.

The word Master is defined as a man (lets say being) who has people working for him especially servants or slaves.

If it’s a wisdom guide they will offer suggestions to you, and support you in times of great hardship. If it is a shadow guide it will invade you, manipulate you, and test you, adding to your times of great hardship.

It will not be pleasant but the teaching within that hardship is incredibly important to the souls progress.

So what does one do with a shadow guide? How do you know if one is a trickster or not?

It’s simple.

Ask them.

In my work, when I lead people into non-ordinary reality and we meet up with a guide I always insist that the client check on their authenticity.

“Are you truly my spirit guide and are you here for my highest good?”

They may well say, “Yes I am!”

However something in you is a little hesitant, or maybe you see them morph a little or -1maybe somewhere in your body just gets a tad tense or you feel somewhat at unease or not completely sure but your reticent to object due to perhaps feeling a tad unworthy. After all they appeared as a powerful wise druid and who are you to question this great vision of a guide.

Question it. Do not hold back.

The key is that a wisdom guide will stay visually and emotionally stable. They will never be offended by your need to clarify. They emanate a knowing calm and your body will feel it.

A shadow guide will not.

They can be called out by standing strong, breathing into your core (center) and asking them questions. (I often put my hand over my heart and solar plexus n belly to increase the feeling of safety)

You need to be a bit of a detective if they are stubborn which they can tend to be. It’s important to define why they are around you and what they want from you (generally they want your energy to feed off).

They offer a lesson in discernment.

Once they get that your onto them, they may try really hard to get your attention, plump up their performance etc., but if you have their number so to speak they will in time lose strength and you can easily move them into the source of light with love and thanks.

(This can be a regular daily clearing process for those that are Acutely Sensitive.

Please refer to my book The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans view of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity for further tools)

In the book ‘Birth of a Modern Shaman’. By Cynthia Bend & Tayja Wiger.

Tayja, a Native American woman traverses horrific abuse. Many guides surround her and in the early years and through the huge rite of passage to be a Shaman has trouble working out who were helpful and who were disturbing.

Animal Spirit Guides 2-TIn time as she built her core self back (through incredibly persistent inner and outer work) she could then navigate her inner world. Her wisdom guides kept her alive, kept her company, warned her, encouraged her, loved her and offered faith that change would come. The shadow guides/entities became less dominant as her fragmented soul became more integrated. She embodied the title of ‘Shaman’ in its true sense as she had traversed both the shadow realms in ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality and healed the traumas to be of genuine service to the community.

This is why I say to people who write to me or tell me they are shamans. A shaman is not something you can will yourself to be. It’s a hell of rite of passage. It’s not something one willingly chooses, it comes to find you and rattles you to the point of madness.

If you can’t handle the heat then stay the hell away from the kitchen.

Cause it will burn.

It’s not a game.

In saying that guides and totems will assist in making it through the dark times if you really work with them in a grounded and respectful manner.

But without discernment it will be a lot more confusing.

So don’t go making your guides your gods. Know them as your advisors or your way -showers but always, always trust your gut instinct (feel the truth in your body). Your gut instinct is not the fearful worrier, it is the tuned in knowing. If something feels a bit off then stare it down with your integrity, expose it for the lessons that it brings and send it to the source with love.

Definition of ‘Insight’

The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

With insight you can navigate anything in any dimension.


Happy travels within and without



Odette Nightsky

© 2015




4 thoughts on “Navigation, Negotiation and Discernment with Guides and Visiting Energies

  1. Helpful, thank you. Some of my guides are also gods, but none of the three who work with me ever ask me to follow blindly or try to insist that I do anything outside my own moral compass. You are right that the sense of calm that comes with a good guide is the key.

  2. I’ve experienced some weird spiritual shit the past couple of years and I don’t know whether I’m being directed towards something?

    • Hi Sakib. If you are on a path that involves other worldly experience it indicates that your are probably being directed towards something that needs to be seen or own along your inner life journey. Blessings Odette

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