Negotiating with Non Ordinary Reality in Different Languages and Cultures

big_thumb_31270cd929cdf378363d53140d327e08Often before I write my monthly blog I wonder what will be written and more often times than not, the subject tends to write itself if not suggested by someone in need of clarity. This blog post came at a gushing flow before I even got out of bed.

My Indonesian friend (much like a sister as our mothers have known each other for many years) was asking me how I dealt with ghosts and entities during our recent holidays together with our elderly mothers. She told me of a dear friend of hers who sees spirits often but never actually goes any further than noticing that they are there, may that be a hotel room, and old house, sitting on someone’s shoulder etc. Both women said they just wanted them gone. As our discussion expanded I mentioned how surprised I was that with such a gift her friend hadn’t been more curious as how to assist ‘them’.

Then a thought occurred to me. I could not recall having to negotiate with a malevolent entity or ghost from a totally different language/culture as yet. I remember being spooked as a child in Indonesia a few times but at that age I was too busy either running to cover my back from the creepy feeling that ran up it, or desperately finding the light switch to make them go away. Aboriginal people have come through to talk to me occasionally, but I always understood in english through emotions or heart communication.

I have very strong connections to guides from other cultures e.g. American Indian (a chief that is very strong paternal figure that died with a black heart of pain and seeks to assist me in reading for people by showing me pictures),  A under the desert African Sangoma (he just laughs his artlimited_img7582300-10toothless laugh and leads me to lie down so he can treat me when I am sick), Tibetan (I go into a chant that I cannot stop and move through the lands of Tibet and Mongolia) to name a few.. They speak to me from through my soul/ heart. At times I seem to channel particular ones strongly but it comes through already translated into English.

However could not recall dealing with an entity that speaks another language that I have had to negotiate with, as such.

And there you have it. A taste of a lesson arrived toot sweet!

It began with a dream that following night.

I dreamed I was a darkened underworld struggling to get out, trying with all my might to levitate but hardly lifting at all. Every thing I did was such a huge struggle and effort. It took, what seemed like ages to get through this swamp dense like energy with dark rocks  which had never seen the sun…it seemed a long journey through the darkened cave like swamp.

My Asian sister was still awake reading and she heard me talking in my sleep and struggling and thrashing around in the bed.

I awoke in the morning feeling quite drained a somewhat discombobulated.

tibetan_rosewood1After breakfast I sat on my bed for a few minutes with my Tibetan Mala and protection amulet (I have come from a strong life in Tibet as a scribe) and firstly did a round of compassion bathed in the light of humbleness then asked what spirit kin might come forward to assist me to clear what was attached.

What surprised me is none of my regulars turned up. I saw Quan Yin (the Buddha of compassion who’s teachings I have great respect for) then Lao Tzu (who had come to me way back in strong dreaming and through fortuitous circumstance many years ago I was invited to be initiated in the Tao) Then the Tiger, a huge what is referred to in Asia as Hari Mau came forward for me to ride upon (I was born in sign of the Chinese water tiger) and a small grass monkey, much like the one we had as children in Indonesia appeared. The Tiger carried me on his back with ease. The monkey jumped the treetops of the jungle as we went hunting for what was troubling my spirit.

First appeared an old begging woman who I had encountered up the darkened stone corridors on the ascent to the biggest Chinese Buddhist temple in Malaysia (with a massive statue of Quan Yin at the top) in the previous days.

During the walk up I felt this beggar woman instantly wanting my energy. On the way down I chose to give my donation to an elderly man with a cat who was sleeping next to him, rather than her and many others who line the way to the temple.

10636270_10153160585517119_8917524299913598159_nI felt her spite and resentful thought forms that came with it. The tiger growled deeply to tell her to back off as the monkey screeched in the branches above.

Quan Yin appeared as did Lao Tzu and they moved all the attached debris’ into the source and doorway of light after I asked them to assist. I soon felt intuitively compelled to bend over and slapped the open chakra at the back of my neck and drew a few circles and a figure of eight three times. That’s where the energy of her spite and resentment became attached

Then the next attachment appeared.

The previous night we were at an Indian restaurant (well visited by locals and tourists alike) the masculine energy of the southern Indian men is very strong. I breathed into my heart and soul and knew instantly that one of the men who served me was a rapist and I felt his eyes upon me. That I cleared instantly.

All things then became calm. I tuned in and felt at ease. I then offered gratitude to those who came to help and for the lesson itself.

Within fifteen minutes my life force had been totally restored and rebooted. I was back to feeling centered.

I am sure my other totems would turn up if I needed them however this was a cultural non ordinary reality learning and its important not to become too dependent if our totems for some reason or another are not there when you expect them to be. I checked that the Tiger, monkey, Quan Yin and Lao Tzu vibes Ok before I allowed them to assist me (always good to double check no matter how benevolent they may seem as tricksters can be pretty tricky)

1237078_10151597528192742_1449596434_nRegardless of culture, the heart is the best19_1265655199 interpreter (or think: Babble fish from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) as is the intuitive gut instinct. They both work together as a very insightful team and they can speak a universal language that all beings can understand.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts on this.



4 thoughts on “Negotiating with Non Ordinary Reality in Different Languages and Cultures

  1. thank you, Odette, for sharing such a personal experience… Many of our journeys seem at times to make little sense but in sharing openly & without conclusion (or judgement) we are, in some way, supporting each other

  2. When travelling, the first thing I pack is my Babel Fish, second is my knitting.
    I had similar fun in Thailand, conversations with the ‘locals’, in particular Hongs Koo, the mythical swan holding the bell atop the Temples. Also with the Ancient Three in New Zealand who were kind enough to talk about me in front of me lol.

  3. Kia ora Odette. I saved this entry to read and re-read. I hear spirits speak in their native tongue. I however have no idea what they’re saying I am bilingual not multilingual – yet – my spirit seems to understand what’s being said and will respond accordingly when I’m working on someone in a healing etc. I find it so hard being a darn human some days. Especially with a spirit like mine that soars so high and seems to understand / comprehend many many things that I do not yet have the human words for. More power to you, more power to us all.

    • Thank you for all your honest sharings and lovely feedback. I have just clicked on to read a little more about you. Your journey is a deep one and good on you for still being here through it all and growing through the things that have harmed you. There is nothing wrong with the spirit soaring like a bird in the sky, it just needs to remember to land and consciously pull the spirit back into the earth body with the breath, otherwise the knowledge gained is useless. Call your spirit home to your body through a waterfall (to cleanse it from any debri’s) see it come in your crown charkra all the way down through your legs, through your feet and into the earth mother and then gently close the crown like a petal closing up at night. Many blessings always. Odette

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