Facing The Darkness

Dryad_by_super_sheepThe most common guidance I am asked for is how to deal with entities and things that come through what people perceive as a place of evil.

Let me be clear. I am not fond of the word ‘Evil’. It does not resonate with me. I agree that some actions are abhorrent and sickening and bring up my righteous ire, but the word ‘Evil’ creates a barrier that is a bit like ‘us against them’. In the world of spirit I find that to be a fearful block to resolving challenges. So hence I do not use the word ‘Evil’ as it’s akin to the word ‘Devil’ which I think is again a black and white battlefield with no chance of peace.

Now lets continue on. All of my books have exercises in them and perspectives on dealing with the scary and unseen worlds that lurk in the darkness of the astral dimension. The reason being is because that was my greatest fear as a child. I was petrified of the dark. I would beg my mother to stand outside on the verandah if I had to go down to the garage fridge for the ice cream at night. I would say ‘keep talking, keep talking’ and bolt back feeling a rush of terror run up my back. Vampire movies probably didn’t help either (I would lurk in the hallway watching them from afar when I was meant to be in bed or tell my dad around the age of ten that I could handle them when I clearly couldn’t) nor did my acute sensitivity for feeling things that were not necessarily seen. I can also see death coming in people. Not the nicest gift.

At age three I was left (no fault of my parents) in an old hospital in Asia over night and besieged energetically by malevolent entities (my first memory). I didn’t see ghosts so much as felt them. I felt everything and as soon as things went dark, it all began.

As a child I would run onto my bed and skip past gutters imagining hands would grab my ankles. When I became unwell in my late 20’s all my terrors were realized and I had to face them. Not only could I feel the beings from the astral dimension, I could hear them too and sometimes see them. Why me?? Why not someone else?? Someone more brave??

Well the reason is because I needed to learn about this pathway of understanding. I had to face the fear that was deep within me. When people hear my story they say ‘You are so courageous’. No I don’t agree. I was terrified. But what I did have, was a stubborn determination to work things out however long it took. And this seemed to be the area where I kept going till I got the tools that I needed. I have since seen that this has been my talent in other lives but the price I had to pay for life time after life time it was pretty horrific, so re-remembering was not easy due to all the wounds around it.

I have had people consulting me on the ‘how to’ and most find great benefit in the practice of working with7da99fe07537be5b769abf324f84e596 the tools and attitudes that are offered. Some are not ready, some want it to be easy and for me to fix it and just make it go away. It doesn’t necessarily work like that. The soul has an agreement with what it attracts and like natural medicine, it may take longer but it will keep the immunity stronger rather than a quick Band-Aid like pill to make it go away (It will return and the immunity will be weaker).

I was asked the other day by a beloved client who I did a one on one strong entity clearance journey with, if it was challenging for me. I responded, “No not at all, I rather enjoy it, this is my element, this is what I like to do.” I heard myself and thought, isn’t it interesting that I actually said I enjoy it. But it’s true. I do.

I honestly believe that those entities that are inflicting harm are desperate to be released from the pain that they are also in. They may not come across that way. They may sound cruel, fixed, abusive, controlling, manipulative etc., however I have never met and entity that I didn’t like! Ha! Ok maybe one or two but in general I can see what the underlying issue is. Why they were there and the bond that was made with the person who they were attaching themselves to.

I am not the healer shaman that goes into trance and takes the dark spirits away. I am the shamanic educator that works in harmony with spirit and teaches how to work with and take responsibility for what you have called in through your own souls learning and choosing. I am about empowering you to meet any challenge that come your way not just for today but for in years to come when I may not be around to be of guidance.

On another track, in the days when I had a TV and the reality programs started to kick in (that’s pretty much when I decided to chuck it out),  I saw a few of those shows where psychic detectives go to haunted places with a film crew. I found myself disgusted by what they were doing. I found it was all for show and to promote their ego rather than really assist the lost beings to find peace. I am sure there are honorable ones; I just have yet to witness any.

305501fd5f6bd4dcc4a310acc201ab7dPeople have asked me to come to their houses and see what is there. I need to stay over night, as I tend to feel it all as soon as I put my head on the pillow heading towards sleep (that’s me slipping between the worlds). They are lost and attached to the people or the home or land due to wounding, high sensitivity or just simply needing life force to draw from. When they don’t go it’s often due to the persons not facing and taking responsibility for what is happening or being ready to face them in the dark and say ‘Hello, who are you?, What are you doing here? How can I help you move on?’ This can be similar to working with depression as an archetypal entity, as depression attracts a lot of low-lying vibrations that are looking for something that feels dense and familiar.

(In regards to indigenous lands and wounding of clans etc. I would specifically recommend someone indigenous to that land and culture to assist as there is a strong spirit blood kinship and this also is respectful to the culture and spirit ways of said culture)

Of course the entity/ghost/ thought form, whatever you see it as, might not want to go at all. So you need to be consistent in your approach to it, so it knows that it has been recognized and you do not want to play the victim any longer. I used to get very tired when I attempted to move them on and fall asleep but I just kept at it day by day and in time they would give up. I did not send them back to where they came from because they are lost. I used my imagination, my medicine kin, my shamanic knowledge and my determined open-hearted will to get them back to the source of light. Sometimes strong determined, no-nonsense compassion, but always compassion. I called in help when I need it (it always comes), I used child like humor and saw them as smaller versions of themselves and was even cheeky if need be to relieve the density…. but all with a sense of compassion in order set them free from their torment.

Hence to this day this work is my specialty; you might say.

The eBook. ‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shaman’s View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity was written during my recovery and shamanic rite of passage. It’s not just for those that suffer from what I term as Acute Sensitivity. (We all have levels of sensitivity and sometimes they can become acute) It’s for anyone that wants to know how to deal with the darker aspects of working in the astral realm. A dear friend who was acutely sensitive once wrote back that he was kind of  fearful to read it and when he finally did, found it surprisingly refreshing and not scary at all.

I think that in general is my attitude towards dealing with what scares us. It’s only as terrifying as your imagination allows it’s to be.

Oneness-225Once I learned the tools to working within the Astral realms I have always been able to deal with the shadow spirit world as long as my back is against the wall and my hand is over my heart and the other over my belly, both of them meeting over my solar plexus. I now understand why my back felt so unsafe as a child. There is a point at the base of the back of the neck which is like an open psychic doorway. On some people it is more porous and vulnerable to energies attaching themselves. People like me. So I am very mindful of protecting it, cleansing it with salt and using sage to clear it, and when I have my back against a wall, tree or whatever I can work with the shadow world and clear it. In saying that I will probably get another challenge to amp up my skills! Ha!.

As we all know the learning never ends and I would never want to become complacent. I am always eager to learn more skills in this area.

So I hope this may have helped you a little to understand some more about dealing with the dark and how we can face it regardless of the fears than take hold.

When in doubt, walk the road of compassion with a strong backup and presence of totems and spirit kin that you can trust.

“You might be afraid of the dark, but the dark is not afraid of you. That’s why the dark is always close by.” Lemony Snicket, The Dark







3 thoughts on “Facing The Darkness

  1. Hi Odette,

    I think this has to be the most powerful piece you have written that I have read. Thank you so much for sharing.



  2. I found this post helpful since I’m still working through an entity attachment that I acquired since childhood. I’m finally at the point of embracing my spirits to communicate with the spirit world but still need help in the healing process. Is it possible to schedule an consolation?

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