Contemporary Soul Retrieval Training April 18/19

b7f9db572db4079db8e82f8773b15703This training is important in these current times. Many feel fragmented due to trauma, abuse and grief.

Contemporary Soul Retrieval is a powerful shamanic tool for practitioners and those that want to learn the technique, which can assist in traveling through time and space to return fragmented parts (Life Force) of self back home and re-establish more wholeness.

This practice needs to be done with safety, care and mindful inner world navigation. The drum is not used specifically in this work but can be added into your own recipe of practice as you see fit after the training.

This two day training seeks to guide you in the fundamental tools for therapeutic safe travel in the practice of ‘Soul Retrieval’ and the guidelines of inner world navigation with tips and tools to use when challenges may appear in returning lost fragments.

The training outlined.

  • Theory, Medicine And Storytelling
  • Building A Stable Bridge To The World Of Non Ordinary Reality
  • Establishing Safety And Containment.
  • Totems, Helpers, Guidelines And Tricksters
  • Negotiation And Closure
  • Returning Home
  • The Art And Practice Of Contemporary Soul Retrieval.

The training will be 20 mins north of Byron Bay NSW Australia

For further information please contact me @ my website.










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