Changes Of The Inner Sanctuary, Guides, Totems And Inner Child Needs.

1489251_10151816676972742_1227156753_nFor most people establishing your own inner sanctuary is not too difficult. Many people create a place that is familiar to them and offers a sense of peace and tranquility.  Then in time there is the meeting with guides, animal totems and otherworldly beings that are connected to our inner development.

As time moves on and one grows and learns, do not be surprised at your sanctuary not being the same as when you first established it.

Your sanctuary is a reflection of your inner world as is everything in it.

You may be going through a huge amount of grief or an inner death and you may find your sanctuary dark with no life and no familiars to be found or you may be so stressed out that you find instead of an abundant forest with a cool refreshing river all you see is a bare, dry and a barren desert.

These are signpost to let you know the state of your inner being.

This is not permanent. This is transformable.

As you created your inner sanctuary you can transform it. Look into what it is needed to bring it back to balance and act on that intuition. As you act on it you will also be acting on your own inner needs and restoring your inner state of balance.

Guides may move into the background so others can come forward. Its ok as it’s a sign you are moving and growing.

Power animals may not be as strong in energy as others come forward to offer medicine. This too is ok, its natural. Just make sure you check that each new guide or totem is there for your highest good. Don’t trust you mind, trust your gut instinct. If they are ‘blow in’s’ seeking some energy just ask them to leave and see them walk into the doorway of light to the source of all that is.

Your sanctuary is transformable just as you are.  Like renovating and cleaning a house you can renovate your sanctuary.

As you grow and heal old wounds you may also notice that your inner child becomes older. The child’s age is an indication70fb50debb371c92027a7cf10c60da53 of the age where you wounds might be most predominant. Seek from your inner child what it needs within the sanctuary and from you. It may have been fine to play in the woods initially, but now it wants to feel more secure. It might want shelter of some sort or companionship in a different form.

Your inner child needs may change as you grow in consciousness.  All you need to do is ask, and your inner child will tell you what they need to nourish them and to feel safer.

They may need to know the boundaries of the sanctuary or create something different for themselves than what you have in mind.

It’s important to understand that giving to your inner child is not the same as a parent looking after your children and finding yourself tired out. The difference is that when you give to your inner child you ARE GIVING TO YOURSELF. You are filling your own cup rather than depleting your energy.

What you learn and experience in your sanctuary has great benefit to ones inner growth.  Spending time there can offer great teachings.

Let your sanctuary be your teacher.




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