The Glamour of Cults an their Leaders

cult-1By definition a cult is:

A system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a

Particular figure or object.

A group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.

A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing.

“The cult of the pursuit of money as an end in itself”.

Obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for worship of, veneration of,

A person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or  section of society


We live in a world built on cults. The word is often used to target groups such as Scientology, The Moonies, The Manson family, Children of god, The family, Hillsong Church, Satanists, Raelians, Sanyasins etc.

What is not made clear is that all the well-known prominent religions in the world are by definition….CULTS.

The three monotheist religions (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) fit into the category with ease.

*   *    *    *

I tend to chuckle when I hear religious people calling out other paths as cults. A bit like the pot calling the kettle black!

On my medicine path of service I have come across many people who’s spirit has been crushed due to being a member of a cult of some sort. Each sharing has a similar echo.

That of a leader and or followers who misuses their power in some way.


This has been both men and women misusing their gifts. I myself got caught like a fly in a web for a short time till spirit called me out.

There is often an automatic admiration of the leader and the qualities they seem to possess. The inner hunger to belong or advance from where on is is strong. There is as craving to find some sense of home a sense of belonging finally. This is much like a somewhat desperate unconscious addiction for many who have come from challenging childhoods and looking for healing of their wounds.


There is an aspiring need to be close to the teacher or leaders magnificence, hoping some of that confidence and peace may rub off.

This is ‘romantic love’ with all the projections included. What you are often seeing is the energetic glamour coat that the leader wears. Many people have been physically, psychologically and psychically abused at this point. The seeker literally hands over their power (thinking they had none to begin with) to the leader willingly. This can often be the beginning of madness and fragmentation for some.  I have seen too many clients with this story. Not all teachers actually know what harm they are doing. They are so locked into their own perspective of reality that they actually think they are doing good.

There are today new age groups that fall into this category of misguided cultish behavior. There is a pseudo religious format to the recipe of belonging. In order to belong you must be a willing sheep. If you walk the path of the wolf you may well be chased out, ostracized, coolly dismissed, turned on or just never asked to an event again.  You must adhere to the cults customs, dress codes, path, food, attitude and credo. Walking your own path is being a wolf amongst the sheep and its dangerous for the sheep to be around you, as they might tend to start thinking their wolves. Many of these groups do not like to talk about anything but ‘the light’. They avoid deeper, more shadow stuff (that we all have), like an allergy.

We are fully immersed in the Aquarian age now.  The politics of religion and guru’s are NOT for these times. This is not about changing your faith or your beliefs in any way. If you feel a connection to Jesus, Mohammed, Yahweh or whatever suits you…that’s your personal choice but the path of the ‘cult’ is now obsolete

People are grabbing on to the ‘New Age Religious Movements’ (another phrase for ‘cult’ to replace that lack of religious belonging) but unless you are very good at taking what you need and building your own recipe or backpack of your own inner spirituality, its easy to get sucked into the ‘cult’ programming even today.

cultBeing part of a movement for change can be a wonderful thing, but losing yourself in a programmed way of thinking can be a shredder to your spirit. Do not lose yourself in the movement that you want to investigate or explore. Taste it, if you feel too, and then take time to digest and do some research. Do not commit to any emotional contract too soon or ever if possible and be aware of how much they want from you financially (the bigger the cost the bigger the scam).

If there is an attitude in the group of ‘us’ and ‘them’, speaking of others who have missed the boat to so called enlightenment, be aware as that is cult talk and its excluding people as unworthy.  Yoga movements and Goddess movements are on the rise at the moment. Tread carefully. Goddesses are just replacing ‘gods’ and both of them are part of the old religions and both of them had a lot of blood sacrifice (symbolic) in their name. So take what resonates (all symbols have teachings) but make sure you stay connected to your own knowing and values in life.


Spirituality shouldn’t break your bank account. Look to the reasons why you’re attracted to it. Self investigate your inner motivation before you make any commitment.

There are some tantric leaders, who have abused their role to the point of raping the seeker in order to prove their power, or fulfilling their own egos hunger and needs through the seeker. This is not acceptable in any way shape or form, for any reason whatsoever.

Some have said to me ‘well that person needed that experience’. This gets me feisty. No! As a guide or teacher they have a credo to the student to guide them well and keep them safe as best they can. If a teacher/guide is abusing that role, and the gifts that they have been given, they should no longer be allowed to be a guide at all. The student is seeking help not abuse!

Teachers and guides will always be important both in ordinary reality and in non-ordinary reality. But the teachers need to be balanced enough to be more of service and empowerment than their own profit or ego gratification fest.

 When someone writes that they have been gifted great powers and they can heal you of anything, be aware!! Very few people here on earth are true healers in that respect. The ones that often are true healers are not bragging about themselves all over town. They are not shining the light of ‘look at me’ all over them. Indeed those true healers will say that you are part of that healing process and you have to want to heal and take responsibility for your own healing path as well.  Many of those are found through word of mouth or by synchronicity rather than the biggest ego ad in the paper or most expensive New Age magazine.

db1e719ea5e53490a43553a1d5fe7331 Not all cults are all bad. Like not all people are all bad, but its important to go into these newer pseudo religious movements with your eyes wide open rather than closed.

 If you are looking for guidance in this respect you might like to call on the coyote or the dragonfly. Both totems assist in revealing the truth behind the illusion. Also you might call on the wisdom of the owl or a big cat to assist you see through the darkness.

Whatever path you take, just be mindful of not romancing it all into an illusion of your inner cravings. There are teachings on every path one takes but the path should be one of empowerment, safety and connection. This path should be given and shared freely without mind manipulation or you having to give up your values, beliefs and your own personal spiritual relationship with Great Mystery.

 Keep your third eye wide open, take time out if you are not sure and trust your gut instinct.



2 thoughts on “The Glamour of Cults an their Leaders

  1. Odette, I want to go ‘home’. I dont know where that is but it sure dosent feel like home where I am. I live in a grey, crowded, busy city that has no empathy or sympathy for anyone who isnt in a hurry. I used to be very creative. I have lost my ‘connection’ to creativity. I dont draw or paint anymore. I cant seem to complete stories that I start writing. I am drawn towards learning tarot and reiki but they dont ‘open up’ to me. I feel lost. I’ve been wondering since I was 7 years old, why I was born. I’m 30 now. I have a beautiful baby girl and a caring husband. Money isnt always flowing but I’m not too obsessed with it. But I do feel that if I dont feel ‘at home’ in this life, in this birth soon and dont connect to my creativity again, I will lose all motivation to pull on. What must I do? How do I find why I was born?

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