The Power of a Curse


Recently quite a few people have ask me if I believe in curses or do I think they are cursed? So I am taking this opportunity to write and share my views on curses and their power. I will share my own view, so please just take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. One could easily write a book on it! So please excuse the length but I think each aspect is relevant.


 A solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to

inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.


A contagious power that has an independent life of its own.

Otherwise known as a curse.

The First Time I Heard The Word Curse.

 The first time I actually heard the word ‘ curse’ was when my mother shared the different names used for when a woman has her moon time (menstruation). In my mothers time they said ‘Harry had come to visit’ but in my grandmothers time and before it was referred to as ‘The Curse’. I wondered why such a name was given as I was a very late bloomer and was so grateful to be a woman, but as there was no shame around my bleeding time I thought little of the deeper meaning.

As time went on I was often told and still am that I have a look in my eye that makes people very scared when I am angry. This I have heard mostly from men. I guess I have that don’t mess with me vibe. Little kids have always referred to me as a witch and even asked me to do spells for them. My wild curly hair and ice blue eyes probably don’t help to squash that theory.  I have been known to be so angry at injustice that what comes out of my mouth is total curse worthy.

However I do have a strong knowing and always have had since I was little, that I am not allowed to do that kind of deliberate cursing, I have been held back gently by spirit and I’m glad of it. I have seen my potential in this regard, especially if I add ritual to the curse.  I know without doubt, I have done it before.

History of Cursing

The most well known curses are those from gods or goddesses. A well known depicted curse from a messenger of god, is the one Moses put on the Pharaoh of Egypt. (They even have an animated film for children of it)

In the depiction Moses says if you don’t let my people go, you and your country are damned and here is how the curse will unfold…


Your water will turn to blood, frogs will take over the place, you will be infested by lice and flies, your livestock will be full of disease, you will be covered in boils, locusts will eat everything in sight, darkness will take over all the land and all firstborn will die. (Whew!) Now that is one heck of a curse!!

I don’t disagree that those or any slaves for that matter should be free but killing and torturing other innocents in revenge is not much better is it?

 That old fire and brimstone god we have heard about has sealed his reputation as having a cruel and ruthless form of justice. However the female goddess was seen as the most dangerous of all, the most formidable and most powerful in regards to sending curses. The fear of the feminine was extreme and to a point still is. The ill treatment of women throughout the world shows that.

When human sacrifices were made during the time of superstition, they almost always chose young girls at pre moon time. Virgins. Why? Women have the power of life and death within their bodies.

The moon time blood represents life, but also the bringer of death.

Blood is so very potent. So very powerful.

This blood of life was referred to as “ The Curse” and women were and are the only ones who carried this life giving force. Every man is incased within the woman’s blood, as he grows in utero. Every man was born from this life giving power that is unique to a woman.


This was something that ‘terrified’ men and maybe on a deeper unconscious level today it still does for many men. There is a memory in the collective of both women and men that is still in a cursing battle. Many couples find this playing out within the dynamics of a relationship, even for those who are very aware. The collective history rises to the surface.  Eve took the apple, Adam didn’t. That collective archetypal story is still playing out in many relationships today

Throughout history the most intimidating of women were called ‘Witches’.

Elder women or single mothers (often through death or illness of their husband) were often seen as a threat especially if they did not conform and play the role that was ordered for women by the church or the man lead village.

Not being married was not a good sign; even a widow was looked on as an easy target for the devil to play with. Independence in a woman was not respected. That was not her acceptable role in society. Even today single women are still seen as a threat to others. They often hear the questions: ‘Are you married?’ ‘Do you have any children?’ this is still seen as what a woman ‘should’ do in many social circles today.

If someone insulted a woman who was strong in her life force she may turn and say words or throw glances that were heavy with dread and that would be enough to unnerve a man or a man ruled woman.

A woman in her own right walking alone was seen as trouble, meddlesome and dangerous… and rather intriguing.

Priests believed that the Christian faith was strong enough to overcome a

Mothers curse’, the most powerful curse known to man.

Many mothers might well agree.

A mother’s wrath when someone has harmed their child is like no other.

Eastern sages also feared the power of woman and her ability to curse but they thought it best to honor the feminine as best they could and treat them well so they would not be cursed.


This was manifested in the worship of the goddess Kali. Her role was to cut though all the debris and remove the darkness and evil forces. She is like the angry mother who will kill to protect her child and leave nothing in her wake.

Methinks Kali would be rightfully pissed at all those Hindu women who are born into situations where they are deemed ‘untouchable’ and are damned into poverty. This is now outlawed in India officially but all these old ways still exists, as does the belief that bleeding is dirty and a woman cannot go to sacred places because she is ‘dirty’.  Sexual Mutilation is also a way of shaming a woman and her innate power. Honor killings are another example. Even if the woman is raped she is the one to be killed.

Women are not to attend Church, Temple or Mosque when bleeding.

It’s a said to be a dirty curse!

In a world still mostly run by masculine based religions women are seen as dirty and men simply hungry and easily bewitched. This is subliminally taught in schools, on television, and in the home.

There is still collective thinking that it is right to be wary and mistrustful of the power of woman. The power of ‘The Curse.’

Maybe that’s the real reason women are being prevented from being allowed any high position in the monotheist faiths. Can you imagine the outcry of the church that was founded by the word of man being handed over to a female Pope?

There has been one Pope in history but she disguised herself as a man till the day she bled in giving birth and then she was killed for being a woman. Pope Joan (not Joan of Arc) has not been remembered in church records because of one main fact. She was a woman. A powerful woman. The only women well remembered with respect are those of subservient nature or are written as such. Or like Joan of Arc, they condemned her, tortured her, were so threatened by her power and her innate intuitive gifts and then burnt her to death – only later by public pressure made her a saint ….bit late fella’s.

The power of the woman is either to be used or abused.


Tribal Curses

If we look back into indigenous cultures curses were often sent due to conflict between tribes and very often it would occur from a member of one tribe falling in love with a member of another tribe but neither tribe is happy. Shamans were often called in to send curses to other tribal members. The other tribe would know of the curse via dead animals hanging or bones placed ritualistically near the village. If this medicine were known as truth as in those days it often was, the receiver of the curse would become ill.

This would also occur if one tribe stole from the other.

Believing in the curse adds to it power.

Belief Is A Curse In Itself

My brother is a travel photographer. In the early days of his career he told me about an experience he had in Haiti. I think it’s worth sharing.

He is not one to be hoodwinked easily and was invited to observe and shoot a trance based animal sacrifice (again the potency of blood being so revered) the shaman went into trance and came to my brother marking his forehead with blood. The shaman didn’t look a cheery chap and my brother was the only white fella, so he thought to himself, shit maybe he cursed me.

He tried to get it out of his mind but could hardly sleep all night, he felt sick to his stomach and his guide would not be back till later the next day. All day as he tried to shoot photos he felt shocking with fever, chills and blinding headache.  His thoughts became more fearful. When his guide finally returned he told him about the experience. The guide burst out laughing and said ‘He blessed you!!’

All the symptoms disappeared within a very short time.

Keeping The Curse Alive

I have created a curse in my life due to a huge learning within my family lineage. I had no idea what I was doing and I took little responsibility for my actions.

I paid a huge price. I did finally take responsibility and apologized. But only years later did I realize that in not really forgiving myself for the ancestral pattern I was carrying, I could not be released from the curse. I would not let myself be released. Forgiveness is a very challenging lesson for us all.

Cursing And The Bottom Line

In looking at the curses in history whether they are on a grand or small scale, within the nature of the cursing itself one word comes up every single time

242c19520cf1a82e2772cbd2ada4d65e Dis-respect.

And I do think that is the bottom line.

  •  When you harm an elderly wise woman or mother or harm those she cares for (witch) –you are disrespecting her. If she curses you for your abuse and your ill manner, then you should apologies and do all you can to make emends via good deeds returned.
  • If you dig into a tomb or the place of the undead without respect or regard for their relations or ancestors… for the purpose of fame, gain and power – you are disrespecting the dead. If something happens to you then maybe that’s what you get from being disrespectful.
  •  If you walk across a sacred site that is especially for a particular and do not ask permission from the elder spirits before you enter you may well feel somewhat sick, due to being disrespectful.
  • If you invade a country and rape its woman and steal its resources then maybe you will carry such trauma from your actions that you will not recover.
  • Women who cruelly slander other women and run them down as a way of making themselves feel better. If you are doing this to the sisterhood then you are disrespecting the power that has been given you. You are worse than any man!

Where Do All The Records Of These Curses Reside?4393358830f703db7719f5050efa5a65

Within the multidimensional universe there is a place in time called

‘The Akashic Records’. This is the great astral library of the universal mind that contains all the knowledge of every individual human experience. This can be visited through contemporary shamanic journeywork. My own experience of visiting this place showed me what type of service I have been doing her through many lifetimes. Regardless of curses, it’s a fascinating place to visit for all sorts of information.

Clearing Curses: How?

Only when you forgive both the curser and the curse can the door be opened to freedom.

Ancestral Curses

Going to the location (best if in ordinary reality if possible) where they lived and calling them up in spirit. Making amends with any descendants by apologizing in the name of your ancestors for any harm they may have been involved in.

If this cannot be done physically then one can do it in non-ordinary reality as best they can in full respect of all ancestors. Sometimes all you need do is go to the land or area of the conflict stand on the earth and give your apologies with strong intent. I have done this with my ancestors in Scotland at Glencoe and Culloden where bloody battles were fought. It was powerful. I still feel it to this day.

When dealing with curses that involve indigenous cultures e.g.: Aboriginal. You might like to seek out and elder and ask them what is the most appropriate way to be respectful to that tribe in clearing in the name of your ancestors.

Psychic Attack Curses

This can be done in shamanic journeywork and going back to the origins of the family curse or what curses the ancestors may have carried. If you are dealing with someone you know who is cursing you e.g. a past lover etc. The most powerful medicine is first recognizing that you are receiving the energy of the curse then dealing with it like any entity energy through

1. Recognizing it

2. What the lesson is for you.

3. Offering the best medicine. Unconditional love.

4. Thank it for the teaching and then will full heart move it to into the source

5. Forgive yourself.

6. Give thanks.

This has a way of penetrating and protecting you better than any counter curse.  You can do your own little ritual, write a letter in acknowledgement of the upset, take responsibility for the part you played in enabling the story to occur and then burn the note and send them love not so much from yourself as that may be challenging but from Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Great Mother…. so they are forgiven and you no longer have to carry it.

Curse of Humanity.

The greatest self – created curse is that of greed and neglect of what is important upon this earth. As a planet those in authority are cursing humanity via their destruction of the earth, its animals and its original people. That is the greatest of all curses and everyone pays a price. Mother earth (The Great Mother) will transform herself, lets hope humanity, and those that survive will seek to learn that ‘Respect’ is needed to heal.

Curse or Karma?

Karma and Curses are a little like twin siblings who hang out. There are consequences in all actions we take and at some point these actions need to be balanced out. You can say the reasons for some things are because you are cursed or because that’s your karma. -What you are here to balance out. Either way how you respond or react to the situation that is brought before you is what matters.

We must remember regardless of our gender or our ancestry to do as much as we can to take responsibility for our actions, do what we can to make amends and know that we have the power to change how we respond to this concept of being cursed.

  • Make amends as best you can
  • Forgive the curser as best you can
  • Forgive yourself as best you can
  • Speak with intent

Ho’oponopono mantra (Hawaiian)

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

There are also Utubes and books on ‘Akashic Record Clearing’.

You might like to browse them and find the language that suits you best.

I hope this helps some in coming to understand the origins of the action of cursing and what we today can do to balance said actions out.

Blessings on your journey within and without.

And remember, don’t disrespect your mother! 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Power of a Curse

  1. I had a strange experience many years ago when I lived alone in the country with my 2 small children in a very isolated farmhouse, Odette. It sort of relates to what you’re saying about curses. Late one night a drunken neighbour drove up to my house, and as I stood on the porch in the glare of his headlights, he abused me and cursed me and my dog – who must’ve been the cause, I think, of the problem
    I should’ve been terrified; instead I experienced the feeling of a transparent wall coming down between myself and the person. This wall was like a mirror with the reflective surface facing out. To cut a long story short, a few weeks later, everything the man had said he would do to me and my dog happened to him and his dog. The experience left me very respectful of the power of curses, and the danger one puts oneself in when uttering them.

  2. Don’t you think this is misleading? Forgiving someone for attacking you when they attacked you with no provocation? How does this protect anyone? How does this undo a darkness cast upon you? How does this ensure any sort of safety except allowing the person or entity that cursed you authority over you that it shouldn’t have? If you want to undo a curse, you break it. You confront the attacker. You defend yourself. If someone has put a curse on you unprovoked, you dont forgive the other person for doing so and you dont have to have forgive yourself because you’ve done nothing wrong. This person has wronged you for nothing and you’re only allowing them to hold power over you because you think some outdated, Christian-based doctrine of revenge and forgiveness applies. This is Magick. YOU are your power and you can’t just let someone walk all over you, especially when you’ve done nothing to offend or upset them. Don’t speak of curses like you can just wipe them away with a pitiful “I’m sorry” and don’t trick people into saying “I’m sorry for existing.” Love your enemy doesn’t help you. Defending yourself does.

    • No I feel that you have been mislead. The heart is always stronger than the sword. This does not mean that anger is not present, that pain or revengeful thoughts do not occur. But when you finally forgive it is not so much a gift to them its a gift to yourself. Love is more powerful in breaking curses than any revenge could ever be. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. You have taken my words out of context and picked at what you want to battle rather than looking at it as a whole. I have dealt with this issue in life and with others that have been abused and harmed… and it can be overcome. So please before you judge and assume you know another or better in your want to seek revenge…. look into your own heart. Blessings.

  3. Someone has burgled my house two times under two weeks and stole my valuable properties. i want to curse him. What is your advice?

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