Other Lives, Other Dimensions. The Contemporary Shamanic Pathways To Reclaiming This Life.

Past-Life-Regression-Therapy-w270If you are reading this its probable that you believe you have lived a life other than the present one you’re in. I don’t know where I learnt the concept that I had experienced other lives, I just always felt it made perfect sense regardless of other peers belief systems. I just always assumed it was so.

My parents did not indoctrinate me into any specific religious belief system. They were happy to support me to find what suited me best. In that I feel very fortunate.

The first ever past life regression session left me quite fascinated. It was like a dip into place of familiarity. Then after many years of dabbling in all sorts of modalities I found my training ground in contemporary shamanism and it fit like a glove. Still does after all these years.

Not long before my training I did do a regression as I was ending a relationship. I went to someone who was known for this work.  Within the regression the guide/therapist was pushing me to forgive and act of cruelty even though I was not ready to do so. I came out of the session quite locked in upset. I talked to the therapist the following day and said I felt something wasn’t quite right. I was still there somewhat fragmented in that life. She did not offer another session or give me any tools to deal with it. She seemed to think that was normal. At that time, to be honest I was fairly naïve at what else could be done, but intuitively I knew I was left hanging. A few months later after moving overseas and having nightmares every single night (I was living in an area where many witches were burnt and hung). Through blessed synchronicity I found my way to my medicine path and my guide/teacher.

Past LivesIn the very first session, dealing with what was then refered to as a ‘Past life’(I now refer to them simply as ‘Other lives or Parallel lives’ ) I found myself smack bang in the life I had been stuck in. I did not plan on it, I did not think about it, but to be honest I was not surprised. It made sense as I clearly had unfinished business. What was so different in the Contemporary Shamanic Training was that we worked differently with the feelings, the beliefs systems and the vows that were part of that life. When we moved to that familiar place of forgiveness I was instead left to feel and be validated in my feelings. Then after leaving that life ( we move through the death of that life as well) I was taken to a healing place to remove anything my spirit being/body was carrying that I no longer wanted to carry. My guide did not push me, she wolf-eyesnegotiated and in that I was freed of not only the rage but of the sadness and the vows I had made. Forgiveness then came easily.

We are here in this present life to live it to its fullness. Sure you have influences of other lifetimes, sure you may be attracted to certain costumes, architecture, lifestyles, belief systems, prejudices, etc even if you’re not sure where they came from. Within the contemporary shamanistic pathway you can bring in all the talents from that life whilst healing and dissolving the burdens and wounds .

Your spirit chose this life. Your spirit chose the family you grew up in. Your spirit chose the culture and country and planet that you were born into even if you are adopted, a walk in or was a foster child…. Your spirit chose that too. That’s not to say sometimes we don’t feel a strong desire to return to some of those memories but with ‘Other life Journeys’ we can return, make amends if need be, reclaim that which was arrested in that life and be free to live in this life willingly.

I have cleared some pretty full on lives and some of them admittedly, I was rather shocked by. But each experience taught me so much and I enjoyed the adventure of delving in and clearing those issues with gusto. Maybe that’s why my teacher was happy for me to take on the work after she passed over.  She knew I was going to make my own recipe out of what she guided me in, but the core of the teachings are still there and when I see what clients get from this kind of journeywork it warms my heart that I am continuing the work that was and still is an incredible gift of service.

0The path in this journeywork is towards reclaiming lost fragments, reuniting you with your innate gifts and releasing past vows whilst understanding more about your multidimensional self. Its a wonderful adventure if your prepared to walk it.




I am available for ‘Other life Journeywork’ and more in the Far North Coast NSW. Australia. The workbook on my website is based on some of the training in Contemporary Shamanism.

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