Extraterrestrials. (Out There and Down Here)

Before I begin on this rather huge subject, allow me to clarify a few things. The word ‘Alien’ has been misused.

The actually definition of an Alien is someone who is a foreigner from another country.


An Extraterrestrial is a being that originates outside the earths atmosphere, from space or from another planet.

In the majority of movies that include the word ‘Alien’ the story has been about horrible creatures from another planet doing horrible things. To the general public the word ‘Alien’ and the word ‘Extraterrestrial’ have been totally muddled, an alien only appears to be relegated to the nasty ones.  In America, if you are not born there you are classified and stamped as an illegal alien. An unwelcome foreigner. Hmmmmm……

Well over 60% of Americans believe in extraterrestrials and many more worldwide believe in the reality of their existence. Some cynics, and there are a good many , laugh it off as vivid imagination (dreams or hallucinations); make believe on a hoax scale (crop circles) or a conspiracy theory given way too much time (anything outside the box of perceived normality).  From a statistical point of view there are more believers than non-believers worldwide.

Part of the problems lies in the question of what is REAL, and that depends on your ability to see beyond your own one-dimensional understanding of life and the universe. How can you possibly learn anything when your mind has already judged something as pure imagination without having experienced it yourself or at the very least read and researched widely? I don’t just mean the research within your sphere of acceptance but outside that bubble as well.


People have reported and documented both pleasant and unpleasant experiences of their encounters with extraterrestrials. The unpleasant encounters are challenging to understand. There is the view amongst psychologists that the terror people experience is created within their unconscious fears. Others truly believe ‘Greys’ who are seen as the shadow extraterrestrials, indeed do exist. I myself have not experienced any ‘Greys’ but have known others that have.  On this I keep an open mind.

Below is a link that may assist you in looking at the fearful encounters differently. The interviewers drive me a bit potty on Project Camelot but some of the information that comes through is worth pondering. If you are reading this, my guess is you are open minded enough and want to investigate more for your own understanding.  Take a look at the link below after you have read through the blog post and see what rings true for you.



My father served as the head of military intelligence at one time. He was incredibly well read and experienced many different cultures, customs and viewpoints. He had very fixed views in some regards however; in this particular subject he was to my surprise quite open minded.

When I asked him one day about the existence of extraterrestrials. He said

‘One would be ignorant to assume there wasn’t.’  This is coming from a man that was incredibly logical, a royalist, as well as huge reader and researcher, however he also had a inquiring mind into magic, mystery and mysticism, which in my opinion helped to keep his mind open in regards to the unknown.

The statement he made all those years ago, rings clear like bell of truth in my being to this day. Im in agreement, that it’s incredibly ignorant to just assume we are the only race in the universe. Rather narcissistic methinks. The unknown is a scary place for many. Its much easier to say ‘No, its rubbish!’ than to look at things that are, as yet beyond your own personal understanding. Fear of losing control of your beliefs traps many people in cages of their own making.

There are so many indicators of evidence in ancient cave paintings to suggest that there were indeed visitors from the skies in skins different to those here on earth. Extraterrestrials are part of earth’s natural history and there are so many disclosure projects out there  showing more and more secrets uncovered regarding our relationship with them.


There are numerous quotes in this regard. Her are just a few examples  


“In my mind, there is no question that they’re out there. My Career is well established. My texts books are required reading in all the major capitals on planet earth. If you want to become a physicist to learn about the unified field theory-you read my books. Therefore, I’m in a position to say: Yes- Most likely they’re out their, perhaps even visited, perhaps on our moon”. – ABC News Quote — 
— Professor Macho Kaku Author of Theoretical Physics UNY


I believe, and I scientifically am certain, that there are endless other living forms out there, including intelligent sentient beings. I do know that there are entire universes of living forms out there.

–Dr.Story Musgrave NASA scientist-astronaut


“At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs.” 
–NASA’s Scott Carpenter


“The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that site. We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from, and what do they want?”
–Capt. Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut


“We have contact with alien cultures.” 
–Astronaut Dr. Brian O’leary


The Media.


The film close encounters of the third kind was implanted into my memory from my youth. I felt a huge connection to the film and the experience of the characters, the pull to connect. Like many I was rather obsessed with the hand movements in line with the sounds from the ship. The urge for contact. Its like I have a photographic memory of that film and its forever living in the inner library of my consciousness. Interesting that the man that worked with Spielberg was one of the most well informed people on extra terrestrial encounters and did numerous interviews and research to find the common similarities in what people who had E.T encounters experienced. Without him the film may never have been so powerful and relevant to so many.I refused multiple times to watch the movie E.T when I was young as I was sure   I wouldn’t like it. I waited till I was way into adulthood to give it a chance. Being an adult didn’t help at all. Being highly sensitive was worse. I felt traumatized.

I knew it was all acted (I spent many years treading the boards as an actress in my early life) I knew no E.T was getting hurt during the filming and it was a prosthetic model. Regardless, I cried and cried and could hardly even see through my overflowing tears. My friend said to me ‘its ok; it’s a happy ending, he is going home’. My upset became more dramatic and I said ‘No, no its not a happy ending at all, its awful’. Needless to say E.T is not a favorite of mine and never will be. There was something in me that felt like an E. T myself, not coping with humanity and all its density.


Many cults have created a formula for that sense of loss and desperation, for the time when the spaceship will come and pick everyone up or the need to have you programmed/brainwashed correctly to deal with the adjustments

Unfortunately many of these stories end up in abuse, fragmentation, mental illness, mass suicide, disconnecting from family or partners who are not in agreement and usually lead by a charismatic manipulative person endowed with a vivid imagination who has clearly lost the plot and is following their own ego’s hunger. E.g. The Raliens, Certain Ascension groups, Scientology and other similar cults. I’m not saying if you’re a Ralien, or an Ascension devotee or even a Scientologist that you’re completely deluded. I’m just saying that these are programs that have been set up to gain followers and can be very dangerous to someone who is sensitive and vulnerable. They are religions just dressed in different costumes . I have counseled people from these cults/religions and it takes a lot of work to clear up the damage.

I keep thinking of the movie ‘Independence Day’ when the flower power hippies (I do slightly resent the labeling that we are all dumb and easily lead) stood up on top of that building waiting in joy to be taken, and then within minutes they were zappedd by some parasitical ugly creature. Terror of the unknown is something the media and film industry is brilliant at creating.

Looking at the level of cruelty her on earth. I couldn’t even begin to stomach the atrocities done throughout human history, the bloodshed, the torture, and the invasions of smaller countries just to steal their resources in the name of peace or economic need. Like the movie’‘Avatar”, so many people loved it…  all I saw was another film about colonization. Raping the natural resources in the name of development. The earth had been sucked dry so it seemed totally justified to go to another planet and start again. The film enraged me so much. It showed me that humanity has learnt very little in this regard.

If you look at the collective world of films about other planetary beings is often the subject of invasion and a battle with the earth. You are programmed through these films to fear the ugly aliens that will eat you for breakfast.  The book War of the Worlds by H.G Wells was one of the first to get the public outraged and paranoid. Orson Wells was acting in the radio version live in 1938 and many people thought it was actually occurring as he was telling it.

Fewer films have been made to show otherwise, but some of them are gems. Stephen Spielberg offered such hope in his two films as have light hearted shows like ‘Mork and Mindy’ or the black and white TV day of ‘My favorite Martian’.  Then there is K.Pax with Kevin Spacey, Cocoon, Starman’ with Jeff Bridges, that clearly show the sensitivity and the difficulty in adjusting to the harshness of humancocoon
behaviour. Of course there is Dr Who (who shows you both sides) and Star Trek (which in my opinion could be much more educational in this regard) and Star Wars, but no-one really relates the latter to our earths challenges. The whole alien invades and kills theme is paramount in the way the global media and those that own it would have you view visitors from another planet. Be aware of how movies are programming the general public to view things in a certain way. The blessings of the Internet is that you can cross reference and see things that the general media wont show.

Many freak out about the creatures from space coming and taking over the world, killing and raping the land of all its nutrients. It’s happening already and its humans who are behind the signatures to allow it go ahead. Coal Seam Gas is just one example of the rape of the land even though the communities themselves are dead against it. For good reason. It’s poisoning the land, animals, water and people. Who are the Aliens? the unwelcome visitors?

To be honest if there were horrid creatures out there in space and way beyond our technology, we would have been wiped out without even a thought years ago.

Here is a link to Stephen Fry how Aliens/E.T.s would see our use of language.


charles frizzell 



Shamanic Viewpoint:

To ask a Shaman about extraterrestrials is asking in their language about the ‘Star People’. Not a foreign subject or one that is full of terror. It is a benevolent connection. One that offers insight and understanding. The relationship has existed from the beginning of humanity at the very least. Its not about coming to save the planet its about helping to support how the planet and humanity will choose to evolve.

Within the Indigenous tribes of America and around the world there took place a huge gathering in the late 90’s called the ‘Star Knowledge Conference’. For 10 days, the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota 
was a gathering place for indigenous tribal leaders from around the globe 
and hundreds of Native and Euro-American listeners. Many shamans shared their stories of their encounters and their elder’s encounters with the star nations. Below is a link to some of what was shared if you’re interested in reading further. This is not a corporate government based gathering. It’s a gathering of spiritual tribal elders. There have been more since.





E.Ts in Human skins.

It is not unusual that you may souls like me who feel a deep connection to being extraterrestrials at some point in our walk through multi dimensional lives, may they be past, future or parallel.  Its not uncommon this feeling and no its not always a sign that you are mad as a hatter, member of a cult or have been nibbling too many mushrooms, or smoking too much weed, its just a different understanding of our relationship to the universe and its multifaceted life forms. We know we come from a bigger star system. This quote below says it perfectly in my opinion. We come from the stars.

The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand come probably from a different star compared to those your right hand. This is the most poetic thing, which I know of physics: you are stardust.

You could not be here if stars had not exploded, because the elements that concern the evolution – the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron – were not created at the beginning of time. Were created in the nuclear furnace of stars, and the only way because they were in your body, is not if not that the stars were so kind to explode. […] The stars died so you could be here now. “

(Lawrence Krauss – Physicist, cosmologist and astronomer)

We ‘know’ we are originally from somewhere else and have reincarnated here in human bodies to learn about the path of humanity. I feel planet earth is much like a school or university of learning. We are all at different levels of study depending on what is needed for our own development and the development of the human race. I’m not saying we are superior beings in any way. We are much like school students learning ourselves.  Many of us feel as if we are like radio receivers and researchers accumulating information. Sometimes that information can be too overwhelming. We can easily lose the point of why we came here, easily go mad, get lost in addiction etc. and easily forget that we ‘chose’ to be here. Yes chose. Not consciously maybe but subconsciously, definitely.

It can be incredibly hard to integrate into the so-called normal flow of being a practicing human. Some of us feel like we walk this path alone the majority of our lives.  When we find another that feels the same its very comforting.  I have often counseled people who are sure they are visitors here and they feel like they have been left without an earth travel guide or an understanding of how they can survive such a harsh species. They often weep saying that they want to go home. I also felt like this for an incredibly long time, until I worked out what I was here for and now I support others in integrating and finding purpose. I often feel a lot like a research library that specializes in the transitional sensitivities of human behavior and earth living.

I have walked shamanic journeys (drug free) that left me in no doubt that I come from somewhere else. I have woken unable to move whilst watching an inner earth E.T glow before me so brightly in the doorway, bringing no harm whatsoever. It was more a reminder that I was not alone and that they not only come from the sky, they reside in parts of the earth as well.

A woman during my shamanic training experienced such dramatic memory gaps in regard to abduction issues, she would instantly disassociate and become numb when my teacher got close to bringing to light what happened.  I was chosen to journey with her (with her permission and mine) till she could no more and I was asked to see, feel, sense beyond the wall of numbness. That experience went way beyond my imagination of what I thought would happen. It is a private journey of another’s that I will not disclose however, what did surprise me somewhat, was; it felt ‘natural’ to work in this regard.

I have experienced my body morphing into an E.T form in journey session (we had no intent of going into that subject field at all ), to the point I had to open my eyes to look at my earth body to confirm I was still in a human skin. When I look back now the memory is a vivid as this present moment.

I worked with a strong medicine woman with amazing healing and clairvoyant abilities before my training days, (who had be struck by lightning and survived) she backed away from the healing table and wept when she asked to meet my first incarnation. I actually felt my eyes expand out of my skull and at that moment I heard her gasp, shuffle back and weep uncontrollably (she was not scared, she was moved by the connection) and then I felt my body slightly levitate off the table. Something we both were witness too.  You may say this is all my active imagination and that’s your choice. However I know it to be real. (I have had countless dreams of levitation an the art of it)

During the time of the Pleiadean channeling when New age therapy was  booming, I felt like I didn’t connect to philosophy at all. It was not my truth. I stood alone for quite sometime in that regard. Years later  I had a lucid dream. Within the dream I saw lots of people waiting to get onto a spaceship heading to the Pleiades. I was sitting down whilst they all were standing. I felt a bit lost at not going with the crowd and was thinking of maybe moving to stand up. At that moment an ancient medicine woman of Native American origin, whispered with a hot breath into my ear.

‘ You are not from there. You are from The Circle Of Chiefs ‘

I awoke instantly as I do from all powerful dream messages.

I madly researched to find if this Circle of Chiefs did indeed exist. It does. It is otherwise known as the Corona Borealis, known to the Pawnee Tribe.

I am teased and made fun of in my family as the one that was abducted. There are fewer photos of me when I was young compared to my siblings as I have been told by the time the third child comes the eagerness of the camera has long gone. Admittedly I have few memories of that time (I am sure I was here, well a part of me anyway!) It has become so normal to call me the family E.T these days that I laugh with them in agreement! There is nothing to defend or get angry about; I rather like the reference even in its lighthearted mocking way.

Many of us feel like we don’t come from earth and those that are highly sensitive feel this even more so. Its not necessarily a need to go 001home, wherever that might be, its more like an adjustment that is incredibly uncomfortable to manage and it is important to realise that home is within. I often see my connection to spirit as the universe (Great Mystery) within myself where I am free to travel the multidimensional worlds. What I am referring to is NOT the extraterrestrial religious based cult programs that want you as one of their devoted disciples. It’s a personal connection and one that has no leader, god or icon. I do not have pictures of E.Ts in my home or bow to any particular star.

A beautiful friend of mine, a brother really who has now passed on experienced such a huge inner life that involved both friendly and unfriendly E.T’s His drawings were so telling and he could describe the experiences in so much vivid detail. Some would see these experiences he had as psychotic delusions. I saw them as his personal reality.

It is understood in psychological circles that those who have  been abused as children often replace the abuser with a creature from another planet, as they cannot cope with the truth. I personally feel that this view should not be leveled across the board, nor should it be assumed as such. Each case need to be looked at individually rather than just boxing it into a hallucination to be drugged, numbed and forgotten.

From my perspective it’s not so important whether the abuser was an extraterrestrial, or not, its how the person finds a way to heal the wound in relationship to that occurrence. It’s important to work within the personal reality and through that they may well find their own core self returning.

Another link I would like to share is seen through the eyes of children in a South African School. This helps to understand that every person may see things differently even when they experience the same encounter. This is one of my favorite encounter experiences on Utube.  The little girl at the end says it all.


In the world of the shaman all other dimensional beings are respected. There is not a divide between what is called real and what is called unreal. To put it in contemporary shamanic terms there is ‘Ordinary Reality’ and ‘Non Ordinary Reality’

We are now in the Aquarian Age the veils are becoming thinner and its very important if you are on this pathway to be able to cross between the worlds easily and to navigate the challenges of both. One of the ways to stay stable is working on being earthed. Pulling your spirit into your body, your body that that is here on earth and working and connecting from your heart chakra. Meditate.

My last post was about the significance of the 21st of December 2012 and my message was to write down whatever came through.  This was the message I received on the night of the 21st in very lucid dreaming. (This is why I chose the subject of this post)

I am standing outside amongst green hills with my back to a small village. The green valley below is quite, dappled with little white houses. It is just after dusk  Two sisters (close friends) are with me. One is closer in proximity (We talk most days on the phone) and the other who is further away (she was overseas at the time) as I look up the whole sky and galaxy above me is swirling and changing over many layers of cloud and stars, moving swiftly but unlike movement I have seen before. Then all at once appears the biggest spaceship I have ever seen. The light coming from the undercarriage doors are so brightly shining in gleaming gold and silver. The gleam from the huge undercarriage is so strong I find myself blinking at the stars of gold and sliver that glint in my eyes. I am in awe and rather overwhelmed but not frightened. There is a clear message that comes through me. “We are here”. There was an understanding that this ship came from within the earth (a resting place perhaps) and that I felt an incredibly sense of comfort and strength in hearing this. I awoke instantly to write it down.


I am very comfortable in my knowing. My mind is not closed to what I feel to be true, I am an open vessel to the knowledge that is offered on many multidimensional planes and I look forward to continuing to learn more.
-2012-Cathedral-by-KallistaI want to invite you to keep your mind open, don’t let your fears rule your journey and trust that there is more to life than you know. Go forth and research, allow yourself to explore without getting sucked up into a cult program. Enjoy the adventure that this wonderful earth provides, and do all you can to preserve it.

“You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.”  – Terence McKenna





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    As I continue on this incredible journey, I am finding (& being guided to) so many insights & points of view-
    Every single thing in my life draws me deeper & deeper into the mysterious, the outrageous… and the Truth. My Truth. What resonates to the very core of me; my Soul.
    Shamanism calls me, knowing that a Witch has a similar path has been the bridge…or, connection that has led these 2 separate journeys into 1 …Healing.
    So here is another take on the E. T. material being disclosed…
    Brightest Blessings on your path!

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