Prophecies. Predictions. Paranoia and Practical tips. 2012. 21st-23rd


Depending on who you are listening to there are many theories about walking towards the end of this year.  Even some leaders have spoken out about the end of the Mayan Calendar and other prophesies as the subject is so huge world-wide. There is also a great deal of fantasy and fear based theories flying around. These seem to be some of the options regarding what will happen.

  • Armageddon (payment of all the sinners)
  • Ascension  (moving into the fifth dimension)
  • End of the world (Mother Earth has had enough)
  • End of a particular calendar (just one Mayan calendar ending as it’s the end of that calendars particular cycle)
  • Shift in global consciousness (an opportunity to focus on what we can do as a global community for the good of all beings)

As we all have our own views as individuals, I will share mine. Please only take that which  resonates with your own inner truth and leave the rest behind. I am not her to insult any ones beliefs I am simply sharing my personal viewpoint.

Armageddon:  The decent into darkens and hell. Fear based threats coming from a religious doctrine that shames those who do not live up to its credo. The old testament of a cruel God who punishes all but the high church. You will only go to heaven upon approval by the masculine.

The church is clearly having its own inner Armageddon. With so many priest being exposed for child sexual abuse and here in Australia we are finally having a Royal Commission Investigation into all institutions, one of the primary ones being the church.  The so-called sins of the church are being cleaned out. For those that are happy in their faith but unhappy with the church this may herald a healthy transformation.

Ascension: This word gives me an allergic reaction. The simple version is a ‘Shift In Conciousness’ which I have no issue with, what I have the issue with is the many people on the path of spirituality ‘rising up’ out of their bodies rather than going deeper within to a more aware state. If you look up the word by its definition,  it’s about rising up,  ascending to go up a ladder from a lower station. Looki430281_399288010086816_1432453736_nng at the symbolism within the history of religion we see the ‘Rising Up’ to heaven if you are deemed worthy. Just be aware that some new age movements are a form of the old religion in disguise. We have been told even by  elder masters before they passed that the time of the masters is over and the energy was to be spread throughout all people. The  ascended masters and the ascension program is one that I am wary of. I have no issue with these great teachers as elders or symbols of wisdom but be careful that you are not replacing one religion for another in a more cosmic costume. And whatever you do during this time of change. STAY IN YOUR BODY. STAY IN THE MOMENT. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, not a disembodied hungry ghost floating around hunting for bliss.

End of the World. Mother Nature has had enough. Mother nature doesn’t need a specific day to tell us what we need to know. If we look at the years gone by there have been plenty of messages from her about how we take care of the earth. Fish are dying, bee’s are dying, animals that keep the balance of the eco system are being killed. The weather is becoming more extreme. Man is playing with elements (HAARP)and the reactions are incredibly strong. Natural disasters are becoming more common. And the corporate big brother is willingly raping her for resources that will damage the land in the short and long-term. The stupidity of man to think that they can control nature is being more clearly debunked. I personally feel that humanity will listen to nothing else. All the money and riches in the world mean nothing when mother nature comes knocking at your door. Mother nature will be constantly showing us the damage we are doing however I don’t think she zero’s in on a particular date. However there is a mayan sharing that there will be shadow humans trying to dabble with frequencies during this time and some of the Mayans are looking to counter act this interference and balance out the vibration. If you are interested in this go to Again each to their own but I found Atah’s pathway of service helpful.

End of a particular Calender. Simply the end of a calendar. When you come to the end of this year you buy a new calendar and a new diary to begin again.


Shift in Global Consciousness: The majority of insights from the indigenous people talk about a transition from one world age into another. We have all heard about the Age of Aquarius since the hippie revolution in the 60’s and this is what we are finally moving into. The age of the ‘Global Community’ . The Aquarian age is moving beyond self-satisfaction, self interest, and self promoting. It is the time for us as a world-wide community to start thinking and working ‘together’ for the planet as a whole. We are currently in a state of acute transition. Much like Rome in its time of decadence. The rich are getting richer and the poor are in deep poverty even in countries where the riches and resources abound. The indigenous people are still treated as a minority that knows little and are still told what to do and how to live. Ask many of the young people what they want when they grow up and its money and fame. These self serving needs are choking the rest of humanity and we have an opportunity to come together in a positive way and be of service as a whole. There are indications of this in the revolutions happening around the world. There will be more revolutions to come but not with rage and petrol bombs but with peaceful and emotionally intelligent protesting.  When the public is more informed than the politicians and corporations and we stand strong together,  then will be able to see the power of the global community.  We have already witnessed a huge amount of secrets being exposed, and the pus is literally coming to the surface to be seen and cleaned no matter how many band aids the corporate world stick on it.

The age of Aquarius is about caring rather than control and its up to each and every one of us to choose the latter.

During the 21-23 Tips.

  • Have a journal with you and write down all that comes through your inner channel.
  • Walk down from your head into your heart and breathe from there. Keep your spirit connected to the Earth Mother..
  • Meditate on the community as a whole rather than you own desires and be there for others in a calm and peaceful way.
  • Send the planet and its beings all the unconditional love you can summon. Whatever works for you, visualise, dance, sing, intuitive body movements, group meditation. etc
  • If you feel a strong shift within you, be still, take a moment out of time and breathe and allow.
  • If you are concerned about picking up energies that you don’t want. Simply ask that whatever you receive is for the good of the whole.
  • Acknowledge and give thanks you inner spirit family, guides, allies, E.Ts. etc.
  • Don’t get too caught up in the right time and the right place. Your body is the compass and the place you need to be. Just simply be in a state of awareness and follow your inner intuition as guidance. Open to receive and you will be doing exactly what you are meant to do.


 metamorphosis-of-butterflies7It is a transition much like the worm into a butterfly. The worm works hard within and then is blessed by the freedom when it transforms into a butterfly. The transition itself can be uncomfortable and awkward but it is a natural progression which is what we are moving through. The transition of the worm into the butterfly and the beauty and freedom that can come from this transformation is a sight to behold. Nothing happens overnight but the gradual transformation is happening right now and will increase from the 21st onward.

We all chose to be here for this time of change. It will not be easy and we are being confronted daily. However we are the egg crackers and we are here to be witness and more importantly to plant seeds for a future community model that will be of support to all the beings on the planet and the planet herself.



Bright Blessings on your walk into the Age of Aquarius.

May all beings be happy.






6 thoughts on “Prophecies. Predictions. Paranoia and Practical tips. 2012. 21st-23rd

  1. Great tips, Odette. A really useful post to have all the theories laid out like that. Hope you are making a good recovery from the virus you had (or more accurately: it had you) when I saw you last Friday.
    Best to you for the season,

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