The Astral Planet Travel Guide.

If you go into a bookshop or library and head to the travel section there are loads of travel books with hundreds of destinations in the world to choose from. The lonely planet guide is the most well read. It’s like a well read bible for most travellers on a shoe string. Within the guide it has maps, suggested destinations accommodation, tourist information, what to do while you are there, important phone numbers and addresses if something goes wrong, visa restrictions, suggestions of what to do when you are visiting, customs to adhere to, and warnings about certain areas or places that may not be wise for travel to be aware of very possible danger.

When we work or travel in the realm of the multidimensional astral world we need the same type of guidance. Sure you can travel without a guide and sometimes its ok and nothing goes awry however if you have ever been on a bad trip, whether that be ordinary travel or a psychedelic trip you will know that some good guidance may have made things a lot easier to deal with and you may well have avoided the bad part of the trip.

In regards to those who suffer from mental health issues (Acute Sensitivity) travelling the astral world is well, its normal. This is the common realm were sensitive folk get lost and some get so deeply lost on the journey they end up in hospital freaking out because they get to a place where they are unable to define if they are walking the astral path or the path of ordinary reality.

So it’s so very important that those who are connected strongly to the multidimensional astral world and all that it includes have some good thought out travel guidance to how to traverse the lands in safety.

This is what I teach. The reason is because I travelled alone in the astral for some time without guidance and ended up being terrorized by astral energies to the point I felt completely lost an isolated in fear….lost in the madness. Over time with good guidance both from teachers her on earth and those in spirit I have found ways to travel these frontiers in safety.

In my workbook there are many (not all) of the tools I use to learn to discern what I have been confronted by.  I have learned many different modalities over the years (mainly from Shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist and Wyrd pathways) and now I have my own backpack/medicine bag of tools that work for me very well. That’s not to say that I am not open to more tools that may be of assistance, but the ones I have now keep me safe enough to deal with astral encounters of all different kinds as well as the clients I work with.

Those who are acutely sensitive tend to feel that the astral world is more real than this one we have chosen to incarnate into. In some respects they are right.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.  ~Albert Einstein

However the great danger is that if your spirit is not grounded, you may believe any trickster or salesman that you meet on the path. Tricksters can be very convincing and initially feel your ego to the point of encouraging you to believe you are a prophet, a saviour, a chosen one, a great seer, a great leader incarnated, God…a great ego.  Think about a time when you have been scammed by someone. A salesman, a medium, a con man.  They wear the coat of Glamour. They are very good at buttering you up and showing you what you could gain before they take what they want.

They are very good at feeding this adoration to the point that you have lost your ground completely and then they turn and start to gnaw at your spirit, feed of the life force, and prey on you in the most terrifying ways. These trickster are shadow teachers, they are offering you a way to learn you how easily you can be lead of the path in your own ego’s hunger.  Once recognised for what they are and using spirit tools to move them out of your aura you can then move on the path to more adventures.

In any loving spiritual encounter you never feel full of yourself, you feel humbled by the encounter, deeply moved and unconditionally loved.

I imagine someone about to set off on a journey and filling their backpack/medicine bag full of necessities for their journey. You will need a spiritual bag full of useful tools to work in the astral and not come to danger on the path. Think about what should go in your backpack/medicine bag, that suits you and what you experience.

Many people on medication for mental health issues very commonly jump off their meds. Initially they feel connected again to the astral in a light and harmonious way, they feel aligned with spirit again more fully and that is often what they miss. However after the medication (which takes time to move out of the body) wears out, the astral world becomes more of a reality and that which they did not deal with before in this regard will come flying back with a horrifying vengeance and inevitably many find themselves back in hospital on a massive dose of meds because they can’t find ground and have totally lost insight.

You see having insight, what the path of mediation teaches is one of the most important things in your spiritual first aid kit that must always be in your backpack/medicine bag, where ever you go and how ever far you travel.

Without insight, you will be lost between worlds and that my friend is what can take people to kill themselves either by accident or by choice. I have seen too many of these losses and it’s heartbreaking for those that love them.  So if you are sensitive or acutely sensitive start by practicing simple non-dogmatic meditation: Mindfulness. It is what you will need, it’s what we all need to help us survive these challenging times we have chosen to live in.

Another great tool in your backpack is: Compassion.

Throughout history, religion has taught people, that the devil and demons needed to be sent back to hell, from whence they came.  In dealing with shadow tricksters, negative thought forms, archetypes, entities…whatever you like to call them, doing a religious exorcism and sending them to hell….NEVER EVER WORKS! (See my article on mental health and exorcism at my website. You can download it for free)

What I have found is the best tool is compassion. These beings/energies are as lost as you on the path and they need to be negotiated with, listened to and then moved onto the light with thanks. They are teaching us about our own fears and shadow worlds and in working with them and moving them on in this way, well lets just say that I didn’t end up in hospital and I think other than being very very lucky….this way of working with what I was encountering helped so much more than any other battle I had thought would.

There are quite a few more tools in my medicine bag like recapitulation, Quantum Dynamics, Inner House Cleaning, Meditation For Sensitive Souls….and more.

I wish you well on your Journey. Remember before you set off…..

Get good grounded guidance and pack for all types of weather

so you can enjoy the adventures of this multidimensional Universe.



© Odette Nightsky (copyright Title and writings)

The Astral Planet Travel Guide.

One thought on “The Astral Planet Travel Guide.

  1. Thanks for this post, Odette. It never ceases to amaze me that compassion is like an all-weather cloak that can be worn to protect us and those we engage with, no matter when, no matter where. Always great to be reminded of this.

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