Befriending The Dark

 From earliest times people have believed that the dead can return from the grave to visit their loved ones. Certainly an evil criminal or someone, who has been the victim of such a one, can return after death as a ghost. These tormented souls can haunt the world of the living until someone helps them to find peace. – Molly Perham (ghouls & monsters)

 As children, we often remember our elders telling us that there was no such thing as a ghost, and the thing hiding under our bed scaring us silly is simply not real.  Our parents would tuck us in and reassure us that we were completely safe, we felt protected from the bogeyman (momentarily).

 As adults many of us have grown out of being afraid of the dark. The fears of today are ones we all seem to have in common, war, physical attack, bankruptcy, relationships breaking down, our children being abducted or disease and death of a loved one. In general humans fight what they fear. This may seem to work in the physical dimension. However as many sensitive people know, when you fight what you fear, you are doubling the chances of its manifestation. You are feeding your fear, instead of acknowledging and embracing it.


Do you remember the Star Wars trilogy? While studying philosophy at university, we were given an example of the battle between good and evil. The darkness of Vader and the emperor, against Luke Sky-Walker, the Jedi Knight. In the final confrontation the emperor encouraged Luke to hate him and feed his anger so that he would join them in the darkness. The Jedi replaced his hatred with compassion for his father. As the darkness was attempting to finally destroy what light was left, Darth Vader found a glimmer of light beneath the darkness that had consumed him and chose compassion as his friend once more…. Hence he was released from the torment of the darkness. There is an old saying, you can take a candle of light into the darkness, but you can’t take the darkness into the light.


I have realised that hating what is tormenting us leads to greater torment. We can choose to be a warrior of light as Luke did, but he only became a true Jedi when he acknowledged and accepted both qualities inside him…only then was he free. All of us are born with both the qualities of light and dark. Each person will experience his or her darkness in this lifetime. It is just dressed in many different clothes, but it comes down to the same thing. Feeling a separation from the source of love. A feeling of disconnection.

The tormented entities that dwell in the astral plane are like Darth Vader; they are simply lost in the world of the darkness, just as you may be. These energies are trapped. However malevolent they seem, they only know the ways of imbalanced living. Having left this plane of consciousness, these beings and fragments are living in the world of the astral and have not moved on for various reasons. They have no idea how to free themselves and believe that there is no escape.

 These entities become so used to the existence of imbalance that they appear to not want to be anywhere else but in the world of limbo. The Acute Sensitive needs to work on befriending these spirits/energies and setting them free everyday, until they are at a point of inner core strength where a simple clearing meditation can be a part of daily practice.

 Embracing the darkness does not mean becoming the darkness yourself. It means loving it as Jesus, Buddha, the Divine Mother would a child that is lost in the forest of the dark. You are not without these qualities, no one is. If you feel you must fight the darkness with fear and anger, then you will be the one to lose, you will find yourself drained and exhausted by the battle. I suggest you see yourself as a warrior of love, fight with the sword of justice, compassion and light.

Let them know that you know who they are, and why they are here. Indirectly, they have come to you to be set free. Send them back to the source of light with compassion and love, they are here to teach you to be strong inside yourself.

 One of the main challenges in relationship to the darkness is, when we are in the midst of it, we are certain it will never end. We think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The more we believe that the darkness will continue, the more the darkness stays with us. When we can smile at the darkness and say, ‘ hello my friend what have you come to teach’ we will be on the road to freedom from suffering. The darkness will then become a signpost not a hole that we fall into all the time…



Excerpt from The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity. Copyright Odette Nightsky. (Please ask permission to share)

4 thoughts on “Befriending The Dark

  1. “Hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk too you again.” Simon and Garfunkel. I have a category on Dark Night of Soul on my blog. I also posted “There’s a Hole in my Sidewalk” by Portia Nelson

    Enjoyed your writing.,

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