Therapy for the Soul (finding a good therapist)

There are many wonderful avenues of healing now available in the world today. There is a therapist/guide out there for everyone. however, having so much to choose from, can seem a little overwhelming. If you’re not quite sure what you need, you may have to sift through quite a number of charlatans and or performers to find what suits you best. 

Acutely Sensitive souls are very susceptible to other people’s vibrations. Hence, if your looking for a good therapist to guide you, you will need to choose one that has a healthy relationship to the spirit world and this 3rd dimensional earth world as we know it. You may need a healer who has looked deeply into their own shadow and knows what it is like to live in both worlds. A helpful tool when choosing a therapist is to offer them an initial consultation payment so you can meet them and discuss what it is they feel they can offer you……meet them face to face. A true soul healer will understand.

Be aware that many people in the New Age therapy profession may not have a grounded understanding of working with these type of sensitive issues. So trust your gut instinct.

If you feel that they are a person whom you can share your inner most fears with, no matter how far fetched they may seem, it’s a good indication that they may be right for you long term.

What to look for in your Therapist

Remember Acute Sensitivity is not cured by a quick fix it’s a way of living that needs to be brought into balance.


  • The cost is reasonable to your income


  • Their eyes are clear and healthy…. Do they look healthy? Or do they appear drained and grey?


  • Give them an example of an encounter you’ve had and see what their response is, does it sit comfortably with you?


  • Ask them what they think the darkness is, if they say the devil, forget it! Because you may be in for a battle against right and wrong… There is no right or wrong, it just is.


  • Ask them if they are available to talk with on the phone at certain times that suit them if you feel you’re freaking out due to what was brought up in a session?


  • Do you feel safe in their presence?


  • Do they want to do anything you feel deeply uncomfortable about?


  • Is this someone you feel you can trust with your secrets?


  • Do you feel better (not higher) after having a session with them


  • What can they offer that may make a difference to your life?


This is an excerpt from “The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans view of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity”

 Copyright. Odette Nightsky




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